University of Arizona Global Campus Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Well Again with this being an online University and me just attending it for a few months now the only thing I can come up with is the tradition of meeting in the Ashford Cafe for social or academic pleasures.


I am best known for being an optimistic person. I try to make the best of every situation for myself and others. I believe in by spreading positivity it will bring forth a positive outcome.


They care about their online students.


To me, I beleive Ashford University is know for its convinience and its pricing. Also for the way the staff gets together to make sure you have all necessary tools to go forward with your educational journey.


Eventhough my school is very small and people hardly even knows about this school existences; but when you come here you automatically know that's its very culturally diverse. The staff here at Ashford University really know how to make a good first impression of the school because everybody is very happy, friendly, and willing to help anybody who needs help. The University does a good job of showung off the campus. Now academically alot of students are very creative in there art, photography, drama, etc. Students here are able to express themselves and have fun with it.


Ashford University is best known for being an online school that works well with military members.


The Ashford University which was founded in. 1918 is known for many reasons. The university has an acceptance rate of 90{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} while retaining 42{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} percent of those students for advanced education. Ashford also accepts dual-credits meaning, any work realated experience or accdredited certificates earned are applied to the degree sought after. With 66 different majors offered, it is easy to see why Ashford University would be among the top picks for the distance learning experience.


They are known for helping at the military by providing flexibility and convenience.


Easy access to online college


Online learning




Getting students back into college to help them finish getting their degree.


My school is best known for sports


I believe my school is best known for it's online courses and helpful faculty.


This school is best know for it's Academic Integrity and there Honor Code. I believe Ashford University is one of the best colleges I have attended so far, and I will go on to get my Masters degree at this school once I complete my Bachlor's.


I believe they are most known for their online program. They were very helpful and it was easy to enroll and get financial aid. The classes were well organized and the teachers were helpful and attentive.


Business Administration and Sports and Recreation Management Degree Programs.


Its online program and accredation.


Accelerated courses


My school is best known for providing students with the opportunity to learn or be taught on campus or online.


small classrooms


I think my school is best known for being a small but yet very close group if either athletes and friends who share a common goal which is graduate with a worthy Bachelors degree as well as enjoying playing college competitive sports.


Ashford University is noted for helping those who have served in the military, child of an active duty soldier, or the spouse of an active duty soldier. They offer reasonable prices as a way of saying thank you to those who have dedicated their lives to our country or who have supported those who protect and defend the rights and freedoms of all.


Education and excellence.


Ashford University is best known for its high quality and highly affordable onine and on campus programs.


I would say maybe the cost of tuition.


Ashford University is best known for it's versatility both as a traditional liberal arts college and as a cutting edge school while meeting the needs of non-traditional students through their online programs.


I believe my school is best known for their flexibility. Many service members deployed are able to obtain their education online. As a military spouse I do not need to withdrawl from a school because of relocating to another area.


My school is best known for it 's online academics and accessible class rooms. There is a desent student to teacher ratio and there is a great resource center for research on doing classroom projects and assignments.


My university is best known for its flexibilty and knowledeable staff. My advisor was really nice and patient to help answer all the questions I had prior to enrolling. I am also capable to do my bachelors degree exclusively online, which is what I am currently doing.


Ashford University is best know for a very high success rate.


I believe Ashford University is now best known for baing an online college. People today are looking for the most beneficial way to attend college without having the time constraints of having to be in a classroom. Students also want to attend a college that will not give the steriotype of an online school has been given in the past. Ashford University gives students a great education and stands out for that reason.


Ashford University is best known for being one of the largest distant learning institutions in the United States. The administration and instructors alike are friendly and eager to help students continue their education.


My school is best known for it's accelerated on-campus programs and its extensive and diverse online programs.


Ashford University is a military friendly university. They provide the military and veterans with a discount for tuition and they offer free books to active duty military and veterans. During the online courses, it's interesting to meet many people whom have someone or are themselves in the military. The university is known to accept many of the courses from previous colleges. I had over 100 credits at the community college I attended and they were able to accept over 60 of my credits. This gave me a chance to graduate with a bachelor's degree within two years.


They are a great athletic school, however they are also know for their amazing accelerated programs that allow working people to get their degree quickly and efficiently.


Offering online classes that are academically driven and help provide the education you need to Graduate and succeed at your career goals.


not sure


Doing Christian service and being a D-1 sports school


Ashford university is best known for academics.


The classes at this school are very much reading and research based. There is an eight page research paper every five weeks with plenty of other work in between.


I'm not sure...


I have only experienced the online environment which has been very beneficial to me. It has allowed me to continue to work full-time, volunteer in my children's schools and in the community, and participate when it is convenient for me. I have never visited the campus but have read very good things online.


I am known to be responsible, focused, encouraging, intellecutual, and optimistic.


I would have to say their flexibility. I am sure there are many online students out there who would agree with me. I would also have to say the ease of admission for those of us returning from years in the workplace.




Ashford is known for it's online program, great financing options and availability to classes.


I think it is reknown for it's education department, and now for it's online and accelerated programs.


They are well known thier quality of education. They are also more known for the online programs they possess. Thier online programs are the reason i chose them.