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They were helpful in getting me financial aid and helped me fill out the enrollment paperwork. Other schools just were not as friendly.


When looking for schools, I looked for one that really focused on my major. A school that would result in an education, knowledge, and an experience that would last me forever.


I go to school online. I am a single mother of two children who also works full-time. The ability to be in an accellerated program allowing me to focus on one class at a time is very important to me. I can teach my daughters the importance of education as they watch how hard I must work in order to acheive high grades. My current GPA is 3.76 out of 4.

Billi Jo

I searched many online schools to find one that fit me. It was difficult for me to find an online school that offered an Associte degree in Early Childhood Education. Of the very few schools I did find Ashford was the only one that was interested in telling me about their program before they asked how I planned on paying for my education. I felt the other schools were more worried about being paid than they were my education.


The online aspect appealed to me and that I attended the graduation ceremony held in Clinton, Iowa. That was something I was able to share with my family even though my classes were online.


I chose Ashford University after speaking with their faculty on the phone and found their faculty very informative, understanding and forthcoming. Ashford University has an easily accessible website with many ways to research information for projects or essays within their excellent library and other wide ranged available resource tools. When I started school at Ashford University, working full-time and raising three kids at the same time makes it hard, but I did it. I graduated in 2012 with my Associates Degree in Business, because Ashford encouraged and believed in me and helped me do the same thing for myself.


People are kind


Ashford has an accreditied online program, an extensive database for research, and community tools for tutoring and help with your courses. The commitment and instruction of the professors is top notch.


The availablility of full time online only degree programs. Other school I was interested in only offered a handfull of courses, with the main chunk of degree programs reqiring in-room classes.


They allowed a large portion of my military credits to transfer.


They offer a degree in Project Managment as an undergraduate. When I started the program there were only a few schools offering a degree and many organizations that offered a certification.


the unique characteristics of Ashford University would have to be the attentiveness of the advisors. Though it is their prerogative to enroll new students, the attitude was not pushy nor overbearing. The admissions advisors were and are very informative and helpful, in providing me the information to allow my own decisions. The time spent answering my barrage of questions was extremely appreciative. Unlike the other schools i made inquires to, who became incessantly obtrusive with phone calls and emails. . Ashford would schedual the appointments and only contact upon the meeting time. It has been an absolute pleasure dealing with Ashford.


I really enjoy learning at this school.


Ashford had a better setup in ther online classes anda great suport group to back it's students.


The staff is very helpful and considerate of all of the students. The professors are on top of things and are helpful as well. This has been overallthe best online school Ihave ever attended.


Ashford provides some of the most transferable credits than any other online institution and is highly accredited. Also, Ashford accepts more transfer credits than many other popular online education providers. In addition, Ashford caters greatly to military and military dependents. I attent college with many active duty personnel, those who are even overseas, and military family members and dependents.


The most unique feature I believe about this school os the incredible diversity and the sheer amount of students from varying backgrounds most notablly the military stationed all over the world. Compared to other schools, Ashford University offered a few degree programs somewhat outside the typical assortment. Another characteristic unique is a very user friendly student portal which provides easy access to all areas of the college experience with flexible navigation all on the same main page including quick links for e-mailing advisors.


This school offers all their classes online. This makes it very flexible and simple to achieve a degree in almost anything that a person would want.


Ashford University offers various educational programs of study for completing an Associate's, Bachelor's and/or Master's degree. These programs are highly accessible for any college student. Whether you are a first time college student, a returning college student, or a distance learner, there is definitely a program for you. The superb reason to choose Ashford University is it's Yellow Ribbon program. The Yellow Ribbon program allows military affiliated students to complete degree programs with all books paid for and majority of the student fees reduced or satisfied. Futhermore, Ashford can transfer up to 99 completed units.


Ashford University is a very close and friendly campus. In August 2010, my incoming freshman class doubled the campus size and they are looking to keep improving the student numbers. They are also renovating campus and they are basically moving the campus from one location to another. Also, the professors here are great and the people here are very friendly! Ashford is definitely a close school but a great choice for me!


They are an online University that appealed to me because they helped me design my degree and financial plan and even though it is an online university it is based in a city in Iowa that actually looks good on your diploma.


The school I am currently attending is online. It provides me with freedom and allows me to be creative in the different asignments I do. I chose this school because it did not require logging in every single day and at or no later than a certain time. Although the classes are challenging and are 5weeks long, they are not so challenging that I can't raise my children and do things that needs to be done. System is easy to navigate.


Ashford University online is unique because I can take one class at a time. I do not have to rush around to get every thing done for eight different classes. I am able to work, clean my house, and go to school in the same day.


I am a cancer survivor who has a learning disability who decided to go back to school after losing my job


Ashford University was and is willing to accept many of my completed credits from another liberal arts school. This makes them unique due to their flexability and commitment to giving me every opportunity to fasion my own success.


Ashford is very detail oreinted this school was very upfront about what to expect. Answered every question I had.


This school has a fast tracked Associates degree offered online which isnt all unique however the speed you can get through is pretty intense. one class every 5 weeks is quite the battle but to acheive this would be greatness.


Well it's all online and works really good with my scedule with my kids.


The unique thing about this school is that I can attend all my classes online if I want to. The advisors are there to assist you with whatever your need is. They have an open door policy. They are always willing to work with you.


I guess I could say that I feel ashford is unique because they didn't make me feel like they where just out to get money from me. They made me feel like I am important to them and they care about my success.


The way everyone on staff there encourage me to keep up the good work. If I feel as though I may have made the wrong choice in going back to school, they are there to give me the strength to keep going and they themselves seem happy for me.


The ability to achieve a long-distance degree with minimal group projects and be provided wtih quality assistance and guidance from staff and professors while in the process.


The most interesting thing I found in Ashford University, was that my classes are only 5 weeks long!


The different types of options that are offered which suit me and my family are what made me choose Ashford.


Ashford University has become my home away from home. The uniqeness of my school is boundless, but if I had to point out one specific thing, it would be how warm they are. I can imagine walking onto campus every day would be like stepping into the warmth of your mothers kitchen.


My school is unique because it offers online programs, and a lot of them. You can do everything online to earn a bachelors degree without ever stepping foot onto a campus. Some of the benefits of doing your classes online are: You can do them at your convenience, you don't have to drive to class, you can do things at your pace , which if you work fast you really can get a lot done. If your school offers this you should consider taking advantage.


Ashford University is set up for "older" learners with busy lives. The pace is fast but can fit into your schedule due to all classes being available online. Each class takes only 5 weeks instead of an entire semester, although a lot of information is covered in this short time, since you are focused on one subject at a time, it makes it very user friendly.


They have allowed me to get my degree in a timely fashion, without creating a less than superb program. They allow me to get the same education someone who goes on campus is receiving but with a more convenient method.


Ashford University offers online degrees; as a married mom of a two year old and pregnant with my second child, I needed a flexible schedule and at-home education, which is why I chose Ashford. Many other colleges do not have online programs, and some that do have very high tuition fees. Ashford offers many online degrees, and for a price that is still high, but more reasonable than some.


I am an online student who chose Ashford for comparative prices and University's commendable background history.


I really like how you can earn your degree online. Everyone that I have talked to is so helpful and friendly.


They offer online accelerated courses so I can finish my degree quickly with my busy schedule.


I like how small the campus is, including the class sizes. I think that has made an impact on my grades and give me a strong grade point average. It is a constantly friendly atmosphere and you always feel welcome. The school is mostly student- athletes so I really enjoy having something in common with almost everyone that attends Ashford University.


What is unique about the University I attend is that I am an online student. All of my classes are online and I don't need to attend a traditional university.


This school helped me become a part of the distance learning community through quick, guided tutorials with an entrance counselor, and their financial aid package was appealing.


Everyone there is willing to help in every way that they can. Professors, teacher aides, and advisors are all great to work with.


The few items that make Ashford unique from other schools is the personal touch each student receives. Both the faculty and staff know most of the students by name and often show concern for them, no matter what it is they deal with. Ashford is a smaller school, yet it provides, in most cases, a better education than any of the larger schools in the nation. The instructors care for how well each student does and will help them to be successful after they graduate. The smaller class sizes allow more open discussion of topics.


When speaking with the enrollment counselor, I found her to be extremly honest. I got straight answers for every question asked.


very flexible online programs available with lots to choose from.


My school has courses and degree programs online which is very accomidating and convenient for my busy schedule.