University of Arizona Global Campus Top Questions

What are the academics like at your school?


One class every 5 weeks if you're doing it online. Some weeks can be crazy while others allow you to get so far ahead.


The academics are top notch, and the materials offered on the online courses are very good. They help the students understand the classes they are taking.


All the professors have been very helpful and understanding.


I love the classroom learning . I haven't had any issues with Ashford . They even took my college credits from decades ago


The Academics at Ashford University are challenging. The professor are tough but fair. The classes that I am taking are hard but they do challenge me to be a better student. You do not have to be a young adult to go to college. Taking the online classes with other adults makes me feel a lot more comfortable. If, you want to be challenged then Ashford University will do that for anyone who wants to get a college education.


there were a awesome as academics as well as you all knew and there were not different than you know about it.


Very thorough teachings. If I have any questions I have the ability to research through the entire online Ashford University Library!