University of Arizona Global Campus Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


That for being an online campus it sure doesn't seem any different then if I was there physically.


I mostly brag about my grades. Even being in my 5th week of school I am still excited about the course work. I love to receive feedback from my instructor and if my grade improves because of that feedback I become overjoyed. I brag to my friends, family, and coworkers after each assignment on how it affected my overall grade. I am trying to maintain my A average.


Ashford University has maintained an amazing scholarship program, in which a large portion of students are taking advantage of. If one has a grade point average of 3.5 on the school's 4.0 scale or higher, the entire tuition costs are covered. This leaves students with only room and board, and fees to pay for. Ashford University utilizes its position as a for-profit school in some positive ways, and this is one.


I am always on my own schedule and the instructor are very helpful.


When I tell my friends about going to Ashford university I brag to them about how friendly the people are and how supportive everyone is. Ashford is possibly the most friendly place I have ever been. It is normal for people to say hello and talk to people they don't even know and be accepted into the group because everyone is open to makeing new friends. The students are friendly, but the teachers are also friendly and are always willing to talk and help.


That it has opened doors for my career and being able to attend graduate school.


Most of the professors I had were great and were available to me and would respond to my emails in less than 24 hours.


That it is convenient and I am able to complete each course in 5 weeks. Also, there is no gap in classes. One class ends and the next day your next class starts.


I like how I am able to interact with the students, and how the instructors care about their student not just the paycheck. I also like how how I am able to still get a quality education at a Unversity that cares about the student and not the paycheck.


I brag about the convenience of it. Each class is packed into five weeks and there aren't any breaks, but you get done quicker and I feel I have gained a mass amount of knowledge through Ashford University.


I brag about the ease of going to online school while being able ro work. I also brag that some of the books are paid for with the tuition. I tell my friends about the nice and helpful counselors.


The diverse culture and how peacful it is


It is so peaceful here at Ashford that it's much better than stay living in the city not being able to concentrate and get my work done.


Very accomodating


How good the teachers are.


That is is online and how helpful they were with setting everything up for me to start.


the options for taking classes online


What I brag most about my school is that when it is sunny outside, I can go out in the sun and when they are in class. I am allowed to take my classes anywhere: where there is a wireless computer connection or a quiet place where I can read my books. They have to go all the way to their campus and be in class at specific times. Also, when it is raining I can study indoors and read my books as usual.


I am constantly challenged in my learning. The grades I achieve are earned and not given freely. I am responsible for my learning and I have to be disciplined and determined to achieve my degree. The instructors and counselors are willing to help me, but I have the freedom and choice on whether I decide to be successful or barely get by.


My school has been so very supportive. From the very beginning of the admissions process, the admissions, and financial advisors and your own personal academic advisor are there to make sure you are happy and really care about you and your education. Everyone is so friendly and I can't say enough about what an excellent support system Ashford University has.


I would have to say that the courses that Ashford University offers is great. I was very pleased with my school advisor who walked me through the process. Ashford University is also one of the most affordable colleges in the United States. Being an Ashford student has really made me feel that I can do anything that I put my mind to. The teachers at Ashford really make you feel comfortable and, they tell you constantly that they are here for you. I


the amount of support I get from my advisors and instructors,It amazes me how dedicated they are to my success in furthering my education.they are very encouraging to me and there to help any time I need it.Even at my age they make the transition of returning to school fairly easy.


How i did on a test and how much i enjoy the courses and i'd reccommended it to others.


The online experience allows me to be flexible while having to support my personal and professional schedule. The staff are committed to seeing you succeed in reaching your goals with lots of personal attention and guidance.


I always brag about the fact that I have 2 online professor to help me.


I always brag about the fact that it is an online college, so I can study and post assignments on my own time. i enjoy being able to login whenever I feel like studying.


I like that Ashford is an actual University, not only an online entity, and they allow a truly flexible class experience. Many online colleges require specific group log on times, conflicting with the reason that many choose an online education; to allow them to attend whenever possible. Ashford is perhaps the only online education that offers anytime learning, and faculty that work at the actual University.


I thank God for my 4.0 average and the fact that 60 of my credits have transfered from the college where I have received my associates degree so I am now working on my bachelors degree. I am taking classes on line so that I can stay home and care for my husband who is listed for a liver transplant. The instructors, enrollements advisor, financial aid avisor and everyone is so helpful. I enjoy my classes and discusss them with my husband and three children. They are all encouraged when I receive good grades after struggling to keep up.


I have told several people in the past that Ashford is a small school where someone in our age group can fit in, and still make good grades. Also, classes are small so if you have a question it is easy to ask for help/


I brag about the ease of attending an online campus.


I attend online and find it the best for me.


The welcome hometown feeling that you get when you're there.


I can get my degree with a lot less time in class than on-campus colleges, and I don't have to commute! Since my class changes every 5 weeks, I get a new professor every 5 weeks as well- which means I'm not stuck with a professor I don't like for a whole semester.


I did the online program through Ashford University and it was very successful for me. The online program enabled me to complete all my courses no matter what happened in my hectic life. You'll be able to complete your degree in less time and the University will take ALL of your past course work from other colleges enabling you to complete your degree program at a faster rate. You will be able to have a flexible schedule for family / personal life though. Great choice for someone who already has a job or a busy schedule because of the flexibility!


That they have an awesome online progrom to complete your degree.


I brag about being a recruiter for my university and how culturally diverse it is. I also brag about how caring and concern my professors are about our education and wll being.


I brag most about the smaller and family feel of the university. the school feels close and warm. Each student is friendly and welcoming.


how it is easy to attend. That the amount of work is easy to work into everything else I do.


That online classes are a lot easier than what I've been told. I enjoy my classes online and my professors whom I've worked with. Also, that they students that I've had in my classes are friendly and helpful.


It's the only school that I know of that offers Political Science as a distance-learning earned degree.


I brag about I can get three credits done in five weeks.


Mainly that the assignments seem way over my head, but I end up with an outstanding grade that makes me feel I am truly learing and understanding the material being handed to me.


I love Ashford University and I have no regrets choosing them. The learning environment here is excellent.


The school's abillity to assist me with whatever I need. They respond to emails and calls very efficiently. They seem to have the students best interest in mind. I am proud to attend a university that truly cares about what happens to those attending.


That it is a good school.


I like the fact I get to attend college on line. It is a little easier for me and I like how supportive everyone is with me.