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What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


That there aren't very many places that either give scholarships or grants for attending this school or that you can even apply for. I would like to know that question myself. I do however intend on finding out why this is.


I find nothing wrong with Ashord university they are awesome!!!


Trying to get someone on the telephone line is almost impossible at Ashford University. I was removed from classes because I could not manage to get my financial aid advisor on the line, I called multiple times for a week straight.


Although going to Ashford University has many benifits it is a very small school. Ashford is in the very small town of Clinton, IA and only has around 1000 kids so it is very small and it is sometimes hard to find things to do outside of the classroom.


I cannot answer this statement as I have no complaints about this univeristy. Each part of the educational experience is geared towards creating an inentional learning experience that is heavily supported from the beginning to end. The staff is incredibly supportive and the instructors are knowelegeable and always available to the student. The beginning class for each freshman is class that helps the student identify their own learning patterns.


The Essays


Very fast paced, but I knew that when I enrolled. There are no breaks so you can get done faster, therefore it tends to wear you out. However I don't really thing that is a bad thing. I wish there were more schloarships from the college itself.


The thing that I consider the worst about my school is that they enroll you before they know if you can pay for it.


In dealing with adult students, younger professors and instructors must realize that student s are not like they used to be, and it is more on an transformaltionl level, whereas, the Instructor becomes the motivator and offer critical thinking opportunities to its students, rather than the McDonalized way of thinking and doing a project or paper. We must keep in mind that innovation encourages more media awareness, and the interactions of the students wanting to branch out and bring something creative within the guide lines of the insructors view point and assignments.


The turn around time it takes to get questions answered for that week of discussion. It can take a minimum of 48 hours before a response is given and by then the discussion is over for the week, so it is time to move on to the next issue.


Not being in a classroom everyday.


So far I have not found anything about my school to be terrible. The cost of returning or starting school at any college is of course the worst part. It seems wrong that education is pushed so heavily throughout life and more and more I have found that you need more education at a higher level to obtain any decent employment. Yet somehow, despite this, education is outrageously expensive causing anyone who goes to complete their education with a mound of debt they will work most of their lives paying off, which does not seem fiscally responsible.


Tuition prices


The worst thing about Ashford is probably how disorganized they can be at times. There will be times where they are very organized and well thought out, but there will be times they are just plain terrible. Also, the parking here is horrible! The food is actually not too bad, but it can definitely be better!


The worst thing about my school is when the teacher assistan corrects your home work rather then the teacher.


I actually don't see anything wrong with the school. The people that work in the offices have helped me get everything corrected with me living in Germany with my husband that is in the Army.


As far as taking online classes like myself the one bad thing that I would have to say about taking online classes at this point is just not being able to work hands on with anyone but is definantly something that do-able. I am for sure learning to work alone and if I need help, people are more then willing to help out and anwser questions to the best of their abilities.


So far I have been with this school since November 2009 and I have not found anything to be wrong or of bad experience.


I consider the worst thing about my school to be that Ashford University does not have any sinstitutional scholarships.


I just started with ashford and haven't really found anything I dislike about the school,they seem to have all the resources I need to get back into furthering my education


So far, I do not have any complaints about this school. The counselors are very helpful and friendly. You can attend on campus or online. I am attending online and received my books two days after I ordered them.


I think the worst thing about my school is the price of textbooks. College is very expensive, especially when you are paying for it yourself. Textbooks should never be over $50 per book. You only use it once and most of the time they say you need the new adition which only has a few small changes to it. Textbook affordability is big problem.


far away from home, but thats just fine


The worst thing about my school is the fact that it is in another state. I attend school online and the fact that i can't physically be there takes some getting used to.


That I don't get to interact with people in person, it's all online.


Looking back on it now, there are no bad/worst things I can say about my old high school. It?s a school; there will be classes you don?t like, and assignments you feel is unreasonable but it?s all to help you better yourself.


The cost of attending the school is very pricy.


Since I live in Atens, Greece, I have to take online courses. This is not something I consider the worst thing about the school, I just miss the classroom interactions that I would received if I were able to attend the school itself.


My School is one of the best online Univeristies around with great support to it student treating us as family not a number or commission. This School save time & money! There is nothing worst to mention about my school!


The worse thing about my school is that they have not received my transcri[pts yet for the Community College I attended and graduated from in 2005. The courses that have been selected for me to take in order to earn my degree includes courses I have already taken . By not receiving my transcripts yet, my estimated date of graduation is extended to January 2013 instead of sometime in 2012.


I dont consider anything about this school to be bad. This is a great school and the faculty are very helpful in all matters possible. A GREAT school all around.


Not being able to meet new faces


I am an online student. I love my school. The only thing that I have found to be negative is when there are classes that I would love to be in person to have the advantage to have discussion in person as in Literature classes and in the class I am now taking "Cultural Anthroplogy". Other than this, Ashford University is an upstanding university with upstanding teachers, advisors, and financial aid counselors.


The worst thing about Ashford University is that when in class, you do not get to see the professor and other students. I am taking on-line classes, and interact via the computer with my classmates.


The worst thing about my school is that I cannot see people's expressions. Using written words to convey points or make arguments can be easier for some than it is for others. If we all learn to write in the same way that we speak, it will create an environment that is ripe with opportunity for expression, humor and learning.


The inability to meet with my classmates and instructors face to face on a daily basis.


The worst thing about Ashford University online, is that there are degrees available that your current state will not recognize. You have to be sure that the degree you are working to, will be accepted in your state. For example, a bachelor's Early Childhood Education with Ashford will not give you a teaching certification. The Utah State Office of Education will not accept specified course work from Ashford. I am currently transferring to Utah State University. Be sure that the classes you are enrolling in, will be transferable. You do not want any of your work go to waste.


The worst thing I consider about my school I attended was the lack of concentration on my education/career goals. I am employed as a Physical Therapist Assistant and attended Ashford University to get my Bachelor's Degree in Biology to be able to advance to a higher degree of a Physical Therapist which is a Master's Degree. Concentration of education/career goals that was looking to obtain were kinesiology and athletic training.


Each class goes by so fast that if you get behind it is very hard to catch up.


Current change of blackboard layout, hard to reach advisors, university does not seek scholarships or special grants or awards for students; student responsibility.


I consider the worst thing about attending an on-line university the lack of interpersonal contact with fellow students and instructors. The freedom to attend and complete course work on my own time is wonderful and necessary given my circumstances but I do miss the face to face association of campus study. During course discussions the lack of body language and other non-verbal communication as well as the absence of study groups is the single draw back of on-line study. On-line study has proven difficult to meet people, develop study groups and establish friendships.


I have not run into anything that could be described as bad or a worse thing about my school.


There's NO job assistance or internship programs available when completing the online degree at Ashford! So it may be harder to find a job when you're finished; as for me -a year and a half later -I'm still looking for work despite a 3.96 GPA. You will also not experience any campus activities completing your studies online, but you'll be so busy it shouldn't matter much. Some of the PhD teachers do have such a high opinion of themselves that they may be less likely to work with students compared to the other instructors.


Some of the assignments are difficult to understand. It takes alot of research to finally understand just what to do in the assignments. This takes alot of time. With me working full time and having two children to raise, it doesn't leave a lot of time. If I come across a difficult assignment that leaves very little time for my family.


I take courses online and I believe sometimes the professors get a little overworked, and there is not a lot of financial aid available for people like me.


I've never met any of my classmates or teachers in person.


Some of the professors do not respond to emails in a prompt manner if at all, some of them.


I really don't have anything besides that I been teaching for twenty years and there giving me some dumb classes to take.




The inconsistencies in the grading process.