University of Arizona Global Campus Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


Two thumbs up


I give Ashford University a 10, because of the variety of courses they offer. Their teachers are very knowledgeable in the courses they teach, and they care about their students. The admission and course advisers contact the students to make sure they are doing okay in their studies and their personal lives. They also get in touch with you if you are falling behind, to advise and encourage you as you continue your studies.


I love the flexibility of my schedule and everything is available at your fingertips


I love Ashford University. I am taking online classes for Business Information Technology. The one thing that I do love about the classes I am taking is that they are very challenging. And, the skills that I have learned over the last year, Come in handy with other classes or just in my everyday life. The professor are tough but, fair they give you great feed back which makes me want to want to tkle what they are saying and apply the feed back to the work for the following week. At first trying to get 3 paper written a week seems like a lot of work. But, I learned to pace myself over the week so it does not seem like a tone of work each week. And, you do get use to the work load really quickly. Ashford University is the best online college ever.


I love the atmosphere of this school and am extremely grateful that they offer all of my courses through the online arena. I have no means for transportation and it would be extremely difficult for me to get to school if I were not able to attend Ashford University online! I am almost finished with my Freshmen year and so far I have had great professors and I am looking forward to beginning my Sophomore year with them in a couple weeks.