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What kind of person should attend this school?


Any type of person should earn a degree. I you have your mindset on going to school and want to achieve then go for it.


I attend all classes online and they are very challenging. Someone with good time management skills would do well.

Billi Jo

I believe anyone who is able to make the commitment to an online school could benefit from Ashford. Online schooling is not for everyone. Before you are but into actual classes Ashford does make you take a Student Success class to give you an over view of how classes work.


People with busy lives and thoses wanting to attend college online


This school is geared for all students from the traditional non-student to the student returning to school after many years of absence. Classes can be taken at the campus or online.


I beleive any kind of person no matter gender, religion, race should attend this school. The sign up process is a breeze and everything is layed out perfectly. The communication with the staff is a plus.


A persn that is calm quiet and likes small towns.


The kind of person that should attend Ashford is someone with an odd schedule and who is able to manage their own time. They need to be able to work independantly .


I would not recommend to anyone at this time with their accredidation isues ongoing.


Anyone can attend this school who wants to better their life.


Anyone who is determined, focused and those of who are really serious about their education.


Any type of person can attend this school. Ashford offers a great online education (what I'm currently utilizing) and also on-campus courses. They have an array of courses and provide extensive types of degrees from Associates to Masters. The advisers really care about their students and the professors are very knowledgeable and the classes offer real-world experiences.


I think that any student, looking for an accelerated program will do well at this school. It, like any college, takes hard work and goal setting to keep on it but I think that it may be easier than a normal college due to no actual testing. Must like to write papers!


Someone who is willing to put forth all their effort in completing their homework. There is a lot of reading and writing involved in the coursework at this school.


Anyone who is serious about finishing college.


Ashford is an ideal environment for adults who have been out of school for at least five years and need the flexibility of working around business and family life, but I also feel that Ashford would work very well for younger students who do well in an immersive and focused class structure. The "Block Learning" style is very easy to handle and gives an excellent opportunity for subject mastery at every step.


A person who is interested in learning at their own pace, when they have time, should consider the online program offered by Ashford University. The classes are given one at a time, allowing for the students to focus on one subject at a time, while continuing to work in the "real world".


I am currently enrolled in the online courses. Therefore, I think the type of person that should attend this school would be any one dedicated to progressing in their education. They have a great military program and they really work with you.


Anyone who has the desire and motivation to complete and/or enhance their education and career should attend Ashford University. Moreover, military affiliated students should definitely attend.


I believe that any type of person should attend this school, as long as this school has the type of educational interest the student is looking for.


Wanting a quality education, with more small town feel and a lower cost then private universities.


This is a great school to attend if you are an at home parent and want to make something of your future.


Mothers or those that are raising families, because you can still have family time, while you are studying at night to get your degree.


I believe I should attend this school, because I am hardworking, persistant, and have been out in the workforce before. I know how hard it is to get a job in this field without a degree. I am a transfer student and understand what kind of school works best for me. I have experience in attending different schools, having various course loads, and I know what works for me.


Any one who wants to pursue an edcation. Ashford University has many majors and minors to choose from.


I am a housewiife, a mother of three boys, and am currently attending Ashford University (online) full time. I also have a bipolar disorder. I was very excited, but hesitant to start school. I enrolled at Ashford University in September 2008, currently have better than a 3.0 GPA, and I fully expect to graduate this November. I would strongly recommend anyone, regardless of your disability or doubts, to enroll now. The experience has not only made me a better person, but has assisted me in staying well and out of the hospital for almost two years. Educate yourself now!


To have to label a person I could not do because, at Ashford any student can begin to feel at home. I know that when I first started my classes I felt so overwhelmed with fear, but the professors and the students will make you fell like you are not alone. I know for myself after waiting so long to go back to school, I needed all the help I could get. I get to meet so many students from all walks of life that really are thankful that they decided to attend Ashford University.


This school being it is part online and part on-campus traits Motivated, Friendly, and self-sufficient.


I find the poeple who attend are returning to school after speding time working or tending to family matters. I think people who also work for a living /who are raising families who also want to finish their education should choose this school. It allows everything, regardless of time issues to attend. A person who is dedicated to their educational goals, a person who requires affordability and access the financail aid, and a person who needs to have a flexably schedule should attend this school. Their courses and programs are challenging and prepare you for real life application upon completion.


The type of person that should attend Ashford University should be self motivated. It is a perfect solution for someone who wants to go to college yet still has to keep a full time job. It also helps that you are able to work at your own time. So, you don't have to make a scheduled class time. I think it works best for a single parent, someone interested in getting their degree or master's degree while still working full time. Ashford University also allows a student to finish getting their degree a lot faster. '


Someone that would want to attend this school (on-line that is, considering that is the only way I am familiar with this school) should be someone that may need the flexibility that attending on-line gives you. You should have enough self-discipline to keep up with the assignments without having a physical class required to attend. Anyone thinking about attending this school on-line should also be comfortable with working with a computer or at least willing to learn.


I think Ashford is for any college student. I know my best friend is attending Ashford and she is a new community college graduate. I have another friend who is just startig her associates degree and is attending Ashford. I think Ashford is for anyone who wants a degree. They offer several degree programs. They have in the classroom or online programs, whichever fits your schedule.


The type of person that should attend Ashford is one that is really interested and determined to obtain a degree for themselves. I especially like the program for single parents, like myself, who need to take online courses because we have children we have to care for. They offer a wide range of degree plans for any persons with any circumstances that they may have.


If you are looking for a school that helps to guide you through your entire experience at their college. They plan your first two years and you are able to see each course that you will be taking step by step. Taking one course at a time, with 5 week course lengths, makes it very easy to keep up with your work.


I think any type of person should attend Ashford University. This is an on campus and online eductional system that casters to your needs. Ashford University is a perfect institution for the just out of high school student to the aging gracefully student who wants to get a degree in the same amount of time as you would if attending classes, but in your spare time. Education is an ongoing process whether you attend a university or not, but attending Ashford allows for the formal training at home.


I attend Ashford University's online Bachelor's Program. I am a single mother who works full-time, and I have no way to attend a brick and mortar college. If you need to work at your own pace on your own schedule, this format is perfect. Many students are military, single parents, etc. Classes are one at a time which helps to keep you focused and on track. I have enough to juggle without doing multipple classes at once!


Someone who is disciplined , self-motivated and willing to learn.


Their is no certain type of person that should attend this school. All persons are welcome. I would say just make sure that you are a individual who is determined and sure that college is right for you and your life goals. Everyone is a college student as long as they have the right mind.


Think any one that would like a better job would do well in this school . So far I have had help when I have need it


The type of person who should attend Ashford University online, are people with hectic schedules. A person currently in the military who sees deployments and only has access to computers. Stay-at-home mothers who cannot afford daycare and school. People who are currently working full-time who want to work around their current schedules.


Ashford University online degree program would be a good fit for a working mom like myself. The flexible schedule allows you to work on school when it fits into your schedule. I need to finish my degree but had a hard time going to school at night with my kids schedule. Taking online classes has made completeing my degree in a decent time frame with out missing out on my kids. This school is designed for the adult student.


An individual that leads a busy life with many responsibilities i.e. family and work. It is also excellent for individuals fresh out of high school that want to start out slow and really discover where their passions are.


If you are a person who can except diversity and enjoy learning in many different styles then Ashford University is right for you. There is a lot of interaction with your class mates throughout different classes in a smaller class type setting.


I believe any person would do well at this school


The kind of person that needs to attend this school is one who is driven and willing to accept new challenges. They also need to be focused and organized.


The person who attends Ashford University should be one who is not afraid of being away from family. Ashford students are from a wide range of backgrounds and future students who are prejudiced because of color, sexual orientation, or other outward appearances will have a hard time. Future students should be able to be flexible in study habits.


One who has the time and energy to do much research, reading and studing in order to complete conscise and thorough work. One who must take pride in their responses and take criticisim.


Anyone who wants to further their education should consider Ashford University. One must be self motivated and hard working in order to be sucessful at Ashford. Ashford offers the flexibility of online classes and they are dedicated in acheiving student success.


Someone who is willing to focus on their studies


any type of person