University of Arizona Global Campus Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


One who doesn' have a strong will, drive, and dedication when it comes to following through till the finish line.


Those who do not have an internal motivation and desire to succeed because it is crucial in maintaining the balance between fast-paced learning and non-school-related factors.


I don't know about the on campus classes, but only someone who is prepared to reduce their everyday life to work and school only should attend the online classes.


I would say if you are one looking for a big campus, with expectations of college being like it is portrayed in movies, do not come to Ashford University. Honestly, if you are looking for the full college experience, Ashford is definitely not the college for it. Someone who is able to succeed in the classroom without that 1-on-1 interaction with professors, should also look beyond Ashford and into bigger schools for a better education and future resume.


A procrastinator should not attend school.


I would say someone who is not focus, determine, hard working, dedicated, and serious. At this school you have to be very responsible towards your school work and if you're not, the work will pile up on you. Time management is very key at my school because you have to learn how to manage your time in the right way. So if you don't have none of those traits nor have time management, then this is not the school for you; its all about handling your business at Ashford University.


The only type of person that should not attend Ashford University is any person that is not ready to work and apply themselves to their academic advancement.


Someone that has the ability to drive and go to an actual college.




Someone who is unable to stay on task or is undiciplined probably should not attend this college. Especially with the online curriculum you are responsible for making sure you attend class at the appropriate times and turn in the assignments to the fullest of your ability in a timely manner.


The person that shouldn't attend Ashford are the people that are not committed to getting their degree. Ashford is a fast pace schooling you always have work to do every day. If someone is not organized with their time with children, work and school I would say they are not ready for Ashford University you have to be committed to going to school and getting your degree to accomplish your goals.


A person that gets frustrated easily.


Ashford University is for those type of students who are business minded. The courses are centered around business classes that challenege your mind and is for the individual who is not afraid to fail or explore. Individual must have a entrepreneur spirit and understand the business sector has it exist today. The individual must exemplify courage, independency, and the willingness to go after what he or she desires. So if you are not the type of individual who exemplify the characteristics above then Asford University is not the school for you.


The type of person who should not attend this school is a person who is unwilling to learn. To succeed at this school is easy if you are hardworking, determined, and willing to ask questions. The teachers are friendly and want to help. They offer extra time if we have questions and are always ready to explain further. The school itself offers many opportunities for students that are willing to be involved. The only people who shouldn't attend this school are the people who aren't willing to be involved in all of the school.


I believe that any type of person should attend this school, as long as this school has the type of educational interest the student is looking for.


Someone who wants an easy A


I believe every body should attend this school. It is fairly easy and it can work around a busy schedule.


One that is not serious about their education.


That is hard to answer because Ashford University is a good school to go to


I do believe that students who are not very serious about succeeding and gaining a proper education should not be admitted at this instutition. Students who are not willing to complete their assignments and those who are not dedicated for a cause should not be a student.


Someone who just wants to get by. Someone who is not interested in learning or getting along with their fellow students and professors. If you are not willing to study hard and do research, don't bother going to Ashford University. If you do not want to enjoy learning, you should not attend college here.


I think everyone should try to pursue higher education. We are living in a very competitive time. The job market demands more highly educated and qualified people. If you don't have the proper skills required when applying for a job, there are several other people who do that are applying for that same job. However, it isn't an easy road. Therefore, I would reccommend that if you are someone who gives up on challenging things, then maybe college life wouldn't be for them.


Procatinatiors should not attend this school.


You should not attend this school if you are not serious about getting a college education. This school wants students who are driven and know what they want out of life.


Someone that doesnt not have determantion


The kind of people that should attend this university are stay at home mom's, working people who's schedules are to busy to physically attend school and people that have no time to actually go to school unles its on their schedule.


Anyone who is ready to start their education, whether its right out of high school, or someone who is returning after many years.


The kind of person that should not attend this school is a person that is unable to manage their time. It is imperative to have good time management skills in order to complete the reading assignments, submit your required weekly discussion posts in a timely manner and then to respond to your classmates. You also need to stay on top of the weekly papers, quizes or assignments so it is very important to manage your time.


The kind of person who should attend this school is any who looking to get a degree.All who want to go back to school should go to Ashford University. Larry Kelley-Flint


Any this school has a lot of programs and different ways for all students to be able to attend and fit in there schedule.


Everyone should be encouraged to attend college. A person who does not have the motivation to attend college just needs that extra little push to see that they can make something better for their life by continuing their education. Support groups and services are avaiable to help people with disabilities or even just those who struggle due to lack of interest. Therefore there is no one who should not attend school.


This is not a program for students who are looking to go to school to socialize. You comunicate on line but you are not going to make life long friends. If you don't have to work or can work part time a college that you can attend in person would be better. Although this has worked out for me I think there are somethings that you can get in a classroom that you can't get online. It may not be the right fit for someone who is not a good writer or has reading comprehention problem.


A person who is not self-motivated.


A person who is highly motivated and has a goal set to accomplish their educational expectations. People who attend this college must be serious and willing to do whatever it takes to complete the courses with putting effort into the assignments to make sure they are completed not only in a timely manner but, also giving full information without taking short cuts. This is important to make sure you feel you are accomplishing your goals as a student and taking your future career choice very serious.


I feel that party animals, insolent, arrogant, or miserable students should not attend and definitely would not succeed.


I think any person who wants to better themselves should attend Ashford or any other college they may want to attend. This person must be dedicated.


Someone who doesn't want to work hard, and focus. It is very demanding work when you have to finish a traditional course in 5 weeks.


The type of person that should attend this school is someone who has really evaluated their direction with the future of their education and career and is serious about achieving these goals. The staff at this university is committed to helping the students attain their goals and succeed if you are willing to work hard and stay focused.


Someone who is not ready to work hard.


Self learners and people serious about education.


I dont think any person who is not applied and determined should attend a university. A college education is an enormous committment and is also extremely expensive. It is a waste of time and money for a person who is not completely determined to recieving a degree.


A person who is just going to school for fun and try to stop another student from learning should not attend college. Lots of people attend college for the wrong reason for example, sell drugs, money, or meet girls or boys. I think a person should enter college to better himself/herself or to get a better job. College is a place to learn and better yourself. A mind is something you should not waste. You need to keep it strong and activity. Anybody can enter college but it takes a smart person to finish college thats the bottom line.


Non motivated people should not attend Ashford University Online. Ashford University Online is a fast paced program. Each class last only five weeks. Therefore, if a person is not motivated they will quickly fall behind and fail out of the class.


The type that don't want to take this forreal because going to college is not a joke.


Those that want to skate by


Someone who is not disciplined, not interested in studying, can not write lots of papers, needs social life at school.