University of Arizona Global Campus Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The availability of online classes so I can attend classes on my schedule.


I am able to work from the comfort of home, without the worry and distractions I face in the classroom. I can work in a way that is beneficial to me without worrying that I will be judged for doing things differently.


The flexibility and how easy it is to navigate the site.


I like that it is online and offers good student support.


My school offered a very good online class subject and content. I enjoyed the freedom to expressed myself and learn from others. When opportunity knocks, I am one to open the door. This one year has been awesome learning for me as a middle agestudent, and it allowed me to teach younger students old things, while i learn new and innovative things from them. My classes were diversed enough that we all where interested in learning from one another. There were issues for me to work out by myself, and I am proud to say that I did it.


The online program for working adults is flexible and the staff are always available and supportive.


Five week long classes. You are able to focus on one class at a tieme and give it your all.


The accessibilitiy of knowledge that can be obtained by myself as a student and other from this Universtiy. Its diverse culture allows me to feel knowledgable with anyone and what I can learn from them as well. I also like the atmosphere.


They offer a great support system. When you first start out and throughout your first class your admissions counselor checks in many times. Since I opted for online classes, it was nice to have someone so encouraging in the whole process. I also had other advisors to help out with financial aid. I know all schools have advisors, but I have yet to run into a bad one at Ashford!


All the instructors and advisors are there anytime you need them.


The best thing about my school is the quality of education and the accelerated learning pace. I am able to learn a lot and work at my pace with guidelines from the instructors. Class sizes are small and that allows me to receive more individual attention from my teachers. I enjoy interacting with my classmates in our discussions.


The best thing about my school is the resources that the staff have made available to the student population. The teachers are willing to help outside of class. The Flavian Center helps with tutoring and when you need to retake tests. The Webcrc allows us to access our class when we are away from the school and allow us to submit assignments when we are sick or unavailable. It also allows us to contact our professors by email for questions that we think of later. This is the best thing about my school because it is accessible.


Online courses. They are very convienent and set at your own pace. The advisors are awesome and always there to help you.


The have online accelerated courses for people like myself that can only study during the night, but still get their degree in a timely manner.


What I consider to be the best thing about my school is that for me personally being able to attend and do the work right from the convenience of my home being disabled is the most wonderful thing that could have happened to me.


The enviornment is the best part of the school. Everyone is so friendly and it is easy to adapt here.


The best thing I consider about my school is I can go straight to Bachelors Degree than starting at Associate Degree first and the cost is alot lesser than other schools. I also consider it would not take me long to receive my degree with all the help from the staff and teachers.


The coursework is relevant to information needed in everyday life. Most of the instuctors stay involved in the discussion forums and gives pertinent insight on assignments.


The best part about the school is that there are so many people around to help and to make sure that you have everything you need. You can call them at any point and they will make sure that they do everything they can for you.


I 'm attending Ashford on line -- that's a big plus for me.


The best thing about my school is how considerate and professional the professors and advisors are. If I call the school to ask a question or to get information, they give it to me in a way that I understand and even e-mail it to me so I have it for future reference.


You have to work hard to earn your degree, but your instructors work just as hard as you do to make sure you succeed. The professors are able to make a personal committment to advancing every students career. With their support and never ending enthusiasm, as long as you ask for the help, you cannot fail.


I consider the best thing about my school is the flexibility. I am able to go online in the comfort of my own home and complete my education. I have the flexibility to take a test or interact with my classmates at anytime of the day while taking care of my children.


The ability to learn online in a fast paced enviroment. And transfering to the Bachelor program makes it all much easier.


it's convenient and the staff is very helpful. They answer all of my questions with kind,knowledgable responses


The best thing about Ashford is that the Early Childhood program I am attending is available on line. I am a non traditional student because of my age,34. I have 2 children one who has been diagnosed with asthma and is hospitalized at least 3 times per year. I am unable to go to classes because I have 2 full time jobs. Ashford gives me that opportunity. I also like the support the school gives you. I did not qualify for full assistance and it was my Ashford adviser who pointed me to campus discovery for prospective scholarships.


The Staff would be the best thing about my school. Every one there are so willing to help me with any issuse I may come across. If I need any help they are there and the communication is great.


Opportunity. Many different program choices with excellent service and guidance.


What I consider the best thing about school is,the information they give you on all the material you need. Why this is important while going to school you need books they provide that,also all the study materials they have you can download. alos you canask questions to teachers and everything is avilible is a great way to have a school should be.Larry Kelley Flint Michigan


The best thing I think about my school is that I am completing my Bachelors Degree from the comfort of my own home and using there online degree program. I love the fact that it is more of an independent study and learning at your own pace rather then trying to absorb information that is being thrown at you so rapidly that you cannot retain it. Also the courses are only 5 weeks long so I will finish my degree sooner then if I where to attend a formal university setting as I am a working adult.


I can continue to work and be a mother to my 3 beautiful children while I attend with out missing out on everything.


The best thing so far is the one-on-one help with anything I have questions about. Anytime I am confused about how to sign up for classes or have a question about a homework assignment, there is always someone I can contact. The enrollment process was especially confusing. I had an advisor on the phone with me while I filled out the application. It was great to actually be able to answer the questions without having to guess at a meaning.


Nice people I had helpwith all the paper work I need to fill out the frist teacher was helpful the class mate got along i have jsu begin my secound class and hope I keep doning well


The best thing about Ashford University is that they offer classes online. I am a single mother and can not afford expensive child care so, taking classes on line saves me money because I don't need to pay child care. Another advantage to taking classes on line is you can go to your class when you have time; with a traditional school you could not do this. The flexibility of attending my classes is wonderful because I work sixty hours a week and find myself doing course work at 2 am.


I have had the advantage of having the best instructors, advisors, and counselors that any university could offer at Ashford. My experiences has been A+ and I would recommend Ashford to anyone; freshmond in their twenties or going back in their forties. I have attended two other universities and by far Ashford University is the best of all three in curriculm and instruction.


I can attend class when it's convienent for me.


Ashford University provides you with courteous and efficient customer service. Whenever I need help, they are available to help me. If I'm unable to reach any of my advisor, they will call me back as soon as possible. Taking online courses at Ashford University, is easier because I have two young children and I'm unable to send them to daycare. I also have no transportation. The online course is convenient and allows me to work at my own pace. It's given me an opportunity to better myself so I can provide a better quality for my children.


The on-line program is wonderful. They offer 3 credit classes in 5 week blocks. This allows me to focus on one class at a time.


My degree can be completed online. This is the best option for me as my husband is in the army in California.


It is online and helps me to have time to go to school when I was working a full time job.


It was small and everyone got along.


They offer degrees online and this is a blessing for a non-traditional student that has to juggle work, family, and school.


The classes teach you to push yourself. I know that it is all going to be worth it in the end so I don't mind a little hard work now. I am learning alot. The classes are structured toward learning all you can about the degree you are working towards.


Giving me the opportunity to succed in my educational dream


The reason I chose Ashford was because I want to one day to become a school teacher. I am able to get my BASS and then get my certification in teaching.


Great for distance learners.


Working with professors from every end of the country. Meeting people online from all over the country and world. Learning and applying time management and understanding the importance of it. Concentrated classes that are doable and can be completed with the confidence that you have achieved and reached a goal. The advising staff is superb with guidance and excellent response time. Overall, the experience has been great.


The accelerated courses and the ability to do online degrees.


the professors are very helpful and always available and the online program is terrific!


The enrollment process was very personal and helpful. The academic Advisors are extremely helpful and attentive to the individual students needs. The classroom has such an openess, yet etiqutte is observed by all. The professors or instructors are very help, and also attentive to the student and their progress. The availability of books and other materials are handled by a great company. When materials are ordered they are shipped the same day by 2:30 PM, this allows the material to arrive within two business days. Having attended another university, Ashford University and the staff make you feel welcome.