University of Arizona Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Its a huge campus with lots of students who take pride in their school.


The University of Arizona has amzaing teachers, a great campus, and is extremly safe.


When you step foot inside, all your senses will become numb, your eyes will wander from corner to corner looking for a place to find shelter and your gut will freeze due to the vastness and immensity of the environment; this university is a land where one is forced to step out of his comfort zone in order to become triumphant.


My school is a stress filled zone with 35,000 hectic bodies that swarm together at the top of the hour when class is about to start; yet people always want more because all of those hectic bodies are going through the same thing, and through that commanality brings comradery.


The University of Arizona is one of the best colleges out there because they really make you feel like you belong on campus and everyone has so much school spirit and everywhere you look someone is weraing the school colors red, white, or blue.


Amazing campus and extremely helpful.


This school is very spirited, lively, and everything you could ever need is right on campus.


The UofA is quite a magical place because it offers so many different areas of study and is a wonderful campus full of amazing faculty, staff, and students.


The University of Arizona is filled with history, culture, science and proud students and faculty.


A compilation of driven researchers (student and faculty) working toward innovating society's techonology, understanding of human behaviors and biologies, and deriving a unique influence over cultural integration .


The University of Arizona has a wide-range of students and professors, it allows for very unique opportunites to join many clubs and organizations aorund campus.


My school is an adventure. The people create who they are and who they want to be. Education is the most important concept and the community comes after. The campus is huge, so people meet new people everyday. Also people run into friends everyday. The school puts emphasis on science and business because they want the students to think practically and abstractly. Lastly, group work is encouraged so that students appreciate other peoples point of view.


Beautiful campus with lots of diversity and school spirit.


Academically driven, friendly, and always willing to work with students especially during times of personal or academic crisis.


University of Arizona is hands down the best school in the state of Arizona.


My school is very very welcoming and both staff and students all treat you as family.


hot. literally everything is hot


A land of opportunity in which you must choose to take action to actualize said opportunities.


This University of Arizona is a nationally recognized and great school to attend for any major you are considering. Many people in my family are alumni students and received an excellent education here. Aside from the beautiful campus, climate, and cultural diversity, the U of A has affordable in-state tuition, opportunities to get involved, and support services resources for students - giving them a great introduction to college life and the expectations of being a student. The University wants all of its students to be successful in and out of school. Go Cats!


The University of Arizona is full of students that bleed school spirit and dedicated to their studies.


The University of Arizona is located on a beautiful campus in the middle of Tuscson Arizona with a nice and quiet student community.


The University of Arizona radiates positive energy from its bustling, student mall coated with palm trees and bursting with diversity to the Wildcat Fight Song that rings throughout campus every day at noon.


The University of Arizona is a place where you're taught a bit about yourself as you grow and develop as a young adult to be able to pursue the career that best fits you with a high quality of professors and staff.


The University of Arizona is a fun, energetic, school with tons of school spirit and lots of ways to get involved and I find the coursework to be manageable and fun due to the many resources available to the student body.


The University of Arizona bleeds red and blue, it is a nationally ranked school and is one of the most fun filled universities.


The University of Arizona is paradise.


The University of Arizona is well organized and planned out. The entier city of Tucson supports the Wildcats giving the University a sweet-warm aroma feeling of home. Home is the University of Arizona. Everyone is family.


A highly competitive yet fun and enriching school, with resources and activites to cater to all needs.


Attending the University of Arizona is one of the best academic and social decisions a student can make.


The University of Arizona provides a wide range of qualities and is an excellent school.


The University of Arizona: the school with the unbeatable basketball team, the home to forty-thousand wildcats, and the place that holds the memories of a lifetime is the place you need to be.


Don't give up even if your first semester doesn't go well. It can be a difficult transition but it is worth it, even to learn from your mistakes because each step you take is one step closer to achieving your goals. There are amazing things to learn in college and opportunities you won't find anywhere else. Try to get involved as soon as possible so you'll never regret not having an experience because it's too late.


The University of Arizona is incredibly unique and full of passion.


The University of Arizona has a lot of diversity, and there are many resources avaliable to the students that attend it and it may seem alarming at times, but the school is a community and everyone is welcome.


The University of Arizona is extremely diverse and helpful.


My school is dedicated to bringing high quality education to students.


The university of arizona is a school that focusses on education, discovery, and diversity.


Everything, including school spirit is done big.


The University of Arizona is an oasis of green, life, culture and young people in a desert with a lack of youthful entertainment and green life.


A spirited school that cares a lot about the Greek life.


The University of Arizona, home of the Wildcats, is the best college in the World!


The University of Arizona is a gorgeous school with a diverse group of people, from students in fraternities and soroities, to students in acedemic clubs and organizations, this University provides all their students with opportunities to flourish in whatever they dream to do.


The campus at U of A is beautiful, the students and staff here are kind, and everyone here has so much school pride.


The University of Arizona offers a spirited, exciting, enlightening, and life-changing environment to any student who steps on campus, and students can achieve their dreams through hard work while being an important part of a truly unique and uplifting student body.


My school is a beautiful campus located in the center of Tucson.


University of Arizona is a wonderful place to grow, learn, and obtain a higher education from student of all backgrounds.


The University of Arizona is an oasis of learning, beauty, and culture in the desert of the outside world.


The University of Arizona is a prestigious, high spirited, and unforgettable place!


The University of Arizona is a diversifired and spirited school excelling in academics as well athletics .


The University of Arizona is an ideal center for the all around growth of a young adult: throughout their academic careers, students are continuously challenged, supported, and inspired by their peers, faculty, and community members such that they become confident, aware, open-minded, courageous, and hard working individuals, ready to face adversity in an emotional, physical, mental, educational, and professional setting.