University of Arizona Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


Someone would have to go out of their way to feel out of place at this school. There are always clubs and different organizations where anyone with a particular interest can join. Most students dress for the hot weather so summer clothing for most of the year. Students are politically active and aware.


Outgoing, intelligent, and active in every way


The students at my school vary in all shapes and sizes. It is easy to find your desired clique, mainly because of the fact that everyone is so friendly and are open to conversation.


Everyone is pretty friendly


We are a super nice student body, and the student section is one of the best in the country! We take our basketball very seriously. We are in the know about major political issues, and we have a really active LGBTQ community. We have a queer-inclusive fraternity and sorority as well. Clothes are comfy and cool, we're in the desert. Be prepared to kayak down the streets, Tucson floods.


There are a variety of students attending the University of Arizona, who are studying different majors and subjects.


Arizona is a melting pot filled with students that travel all over the world to attend this research facility. There is no one trend or style but a symphony of different personalities and goals all in one spectacular place.


Over 20{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of the students here are California residents who got rejected from the universities in their home state, so their rich parents pay to send them here instead. There is also a large crop of poor in-state students who use their federal grant money to purchase Clinique makeup and designer backpacks at the UA Bookstore and/or throw a raging kegger, only to later fail to pull a 2.0 GPA in underwater basketweaving. Either way, almost nobody cares about academics here. This university can be a very lonely place for those who actually do care. The 75th percentile for ACT scores here is a 26, which is typically not even 25th percentile at most universities in the northeast or midwest.


the students are all very welcoming and friendly. the environment around here is like brothers and sisters between each other all.


My classmates are diverse and from all walks of life. We have one common goal to graduate.


The students at the University of Arizona seem to be very young, and sometimes can not be focused or mature enough, but there are those who are very driven to learn and be successful and that is very refreshing.


All of them are excited to learn and very outgoing because they are all there to learn but they are all the same age so the class is upbeat and fun.


My classmates are diverse in background, beliefs, goals, dreams, and interests, but they all know the value in coming together to accomplish something larger than what can be done alone.


I can do you one better and describe them in one word: drunk.


The classmates keep to themselves most of the time unless they have to be involved because of how huge most of the classes are. Parties and groups are the only things that bring students together because of how focused students are on furthering their education and careers.


They are quiet and keep to themselves usually.


Friendly, hard-working, willing to work together to finish class assignments.


The students at The University of Arizona are generally friendly, but not necessarily outgoing in things like making friends or study groups.


All my classmates in my major are sociable and like to work together to increase their chances at success in their classes.


My classmates are life preservers that keep me from drowning in piles of work because we are all on the same boat. We know eachothers strenghts and use teamwork to conquor assignments, projects and test. College is intimidating and the friends you make in your classes feel the same, they can help you make it through the year.


My classmates are enthusiatic, take pride in UA, and are as willing to make new friends as I am.


My classmates are willing to help one another out through study groups or lending each other notes.


My classmates are focused, fun, and have all chosen the same school to pursue their education.


My classmates are willing to learn and willing to keep an open mind and take on so many different challenges that face them every day.


Quite, some outgoing


My classmates are eager to learn and approachable yet quiet and reserved.


My classmates are made up of large population of diverse students of different backgrounds and education levels.


Either very motivated and hardworking, or lazy


Determind to succeed.


My peers at the University of Arizona are the most prideful intellectuals I have ever had the pleasure to work with; scrape their skin and they'll bleed red and blue.


They are highly motivated, dedicated, and balanced.


My classmates are diverse, friendly and hardworking individuals.




My classmates are extremely sociable, goal oriented, and passionate about our school.


The students at the University of Arizona are like the school itself; they are all diverse and they are all extremely helpful and welcoming.


I am an Honors student and as an Honors student my peers are well-driven, intelligent, involved, and competitive.


I've yet to begin taking classes. I start taking classes in the Fall.


The U of A has an interesting mix of school and party oriented students.


Highly educated competitive students who want to succeed and accomplish more in life.


Because I've returned to school later in my years, the last thing I feel is intimidation because my classmates on average are in my age group. I feel like we have a few more things in common and we know what it feels like to be somewhat older and have to juggle a few more things while attending classes.


Thet all much like any other students: loud, smart, athletic, goofy, or in other words, normal students like me.


The students at my school are mostly in sororities and fraternities so if you do not want to be affiliated with that I would consider other schools. I am not affiliated and it is hard for me to find people I relate to.


My classmates differed very much from each other, but for the most part, they were all very knowledgeable and willing to help each other and work together when the opportunities presented themselves.


My classmates are friendly, interesting, and are a diverse group of students.


Most students are from either Phoenix or Southern California. A lot of the people that I know have a general understanding of politics and most of them are right leaning and a few of them are left. Also most of the students I have met have a more upper class background.


My classmates are very friendly and helpful.


My classmates were mostly mean and unfriendly to me becasue i was not in a fraternity.


My classmates are extremely diverse, I've met people at the U of A from Brazil to China, and dozens of places between.


My classmates are a mix of eager to learn students and students who are forced to be there; however, the allowed use of technology keeps those students occupied and therefore do not disturb my learning.


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