University of Arizona Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


spending time at the student union


U of A is known for being one of the largest institutions in the state of Arizona. U of A is known for the wide range of activities and academic opportunities.


The basketball team and the gym facility.


bear down


My school is probably best known for its rivalry with Arizona State University. This rivalry is almost completely based on sports, not academics. That means that football and basketball are huge deals on our campus. Because of this, my school does have a lot of school spirit, which is nice.


The University of Arizona is best known for being diverse in the students that attend the University. Also the University has mutliple major choices that are rarely found in other colleges or even discussed. It is also known for its bookstores which give whatever the funds they receive straight to the University which helps them to sponsor all the activities they need to fund.


The University of Arizona is known for countless traditions but perhaps the most exciting is it's excellence in athletics, including it's fans. The Zona Zoo is said to be the "most feared" student section in the Pac-12. Three years ago, we were national champs in Baseball. For the past two years, our basketball team has made it to the finals. Our football team has appeared in two bowl games in the past two years. And did I mention when we blew the Oregon Ducks out of the water last season? Bear Down!


ZONA ZOO!!! I decided on the U of A after going on a campus tour. The tour guide was so energetic and radiated his enthusiasm for this school. The icing on the cake was when he sang our fight song on our old auditorium (now an advising building) and other students joined in with him.


Student graduating in the medical field


I don't believe there is one thing that the University of Arizona is best known for. The UA excells in many areas including Nursing, Physics, Anthropology, Geosciences, Astronomy, etc. as well as sports. To those not attending or affiliated with the University of Arizona, it is merely one of the most excellent schools in the country. To the students, staff and faculty, the UA is known as an educational playground, a sophisticated center of higher learning, and above all, the home that drives, encourages and inspires all who attend towards lifetime success.


My school, the University of Arizona, is best known for its immense amount of school spirit. After only one year at this university I already feel a part of a tight-knit community who's passionate about everything from academics to clubs to sporting events. My graduating high school class had only ninety-three students so I was worried about attending such a large university but I could not have felt more included and excited about being a Wildcat at the University of Arizona.


Research is one of the most important aspects of the University of Arizona. In fact, the University of Arizona is home to the only National Cancer Institute headquartered in Arizona. We take pride in our medical programs and the University of Arizona Cancer Center is a forerunner in research on women’s cancers and men’s cancers, as well as, many others. Our center is home to 73 research labs, and has received more than $53 million dollars in expenditures. We strive to excel in everything that we do at the University of Arizona, and research is no exception.


Thier science and medical programs


I think the University of Arizona is known for its school spirit and its pride in student career services. The school spirit at this school is unbelieveable. Sporting events are always crazy, loud, and fun! When it comes to student career services, the University of Arizona is one of the top ones that I have seen. They take pride in always hosting carrer seminars and practice interviews, that in turn will help prepare students for future jobs in the real world.


My school is best known for his academics in health professions in the medical field. The University of Arizona is an excellent medical school for both undergraduate and graduate students.


My school is best known for sports, specifically basketball, and partying. However, I wish that U of A had a different national reputation. Members of the Tucson community understand that there is so much more to the University of Arizona than parties and sporting events. We have an extremely diverse, innovative, and creative student body who excell in a variety of areas such as business, the arts, engineering, and social science. There is so much more to my school than meets the eye.


My school is best know for the amazing basketball team that we have. This year we were among the final 8 for the championship from all over the United States. We also have a campus that makes you feel as a college student.


The University of Arizona is a top research 1 university. They are known for being a pretty good public education, and they have good graduate programs. They are best known for their School of Business, Eller. Also their sports have done really well the past few years in the Pac 12, the Basketball team being the most noticed.


Research is a huge part of the University of Arizona. Because of this every major has incredible opportunities even as an undergraduate. This is an incredible quality about this school


It's medical school, research, math, etc. Friendly enviornment.


The University of Arizona refers to itself as a "public research university." It is ranked #19 by the National Science Foundation, and it's no surprise that the college is probably best known for its research in "improving the human condition."


Best school for research, especially in biology-related schools


My school is best known for its amazing reputation, programs, academics, great school spirit (zona zoo), and close community.


Being a good school for law and business.


My school is probably best known for sports. We are a part of the Pac-12 . Our student section, the Zona Zoo, is the largest student section in the Pac-12. Sports are a huge part of the school. Watching and cheering for the Wildcats is a positive experience that enhances the overall school experience.


My school is best known for its amazing business program; the Eller school of business. It is highly ranked in the nation. My school is also known for its top rated student section ZonaZoo.


My school is best known for being a reaserch school that has done studies on cancer and the astronomy. Also my school is known for their basketball program that has been top in the nation for the past 30 years.


The University of Arizona is best known for both academics and athletics. We are one of the worlds leading research universities. In addition we house a division I sports program that is impeccable. The university is quite diverse allowing all student to feel comfortable in their surrounding environment. We have leading programs in the arts as well as science. The universitie's dance program is second only to Juilliard. Lastly The school is known for its spirited students.


We are one of the top research universities out there. And we have a great sports fan base.


The University of Arizona is a great school. The faculty and Staff are very approachable and friendly. I have had only the most inspirational professors in all of my classes so far and they make the lectures fun and engaging. I absolutely love the amount of school spirit and the abundance of student resources offered by the college. The Campus is clean and beautiful. U of A is always trying to improve the quality of life for students on and off campus with many different typs of transportation. Overall I recomend my school!


Uofa Is known mostly because their participation in sports, such as basketball, football, tennis etc, lots of players went to the olympics. Also its known for the space program that have developed quite a technology builing the giant telescopes mirrors and discovering new galaxies in the universe. Eller college of management is one of the most recognize business colleges around the globe so im glad that I have the opportunity to be in there.


We are known well for our optics. Optical engineering that is as well as our work in the medical field.


University of Arizona is known for their outstanding basketball team as well as the medical programs, and business programs that is associated with Eller College of Management. Also, it is known for the diversity of the student body that encourages the community to work together. Also this university has a broad variety of research and volunteer opportunites that are close to campus.


My school is best known for is amazing business college and its athletics. Our basketball team never ceases to be hard working and a top competitor in the nation. Then in the academic worl our business college is one of the most competitive in the nation and not to mention one of the most respected.


There are so many great things associated with the University of Arizona, but only one thing that comes to my mind when i hear that name. It of course has to be the amazing research conducted right on our campus. From the science department to the world renowned department of Astronomy, there are opportunities for research involvement all over! U of A receives $600+ million for research and is considered a high research Carnegie Foundation facility. Majority of educators hold PHD's and are required to conduct research in which U of A students get involved in, which they do!


My school is best known for our school spirit. Another thing is the variety of sports.


I think my school is best known for sports and our greek organizations. We also have many leading research facilities like the Tree Ring Lab.


My school is best known for its football team, as well as greek life. I have attended numerous football games and there is so much school spirit, which makes it an amazing experience. Also, a lot of people join fraternities and sororities, which brings many people closer together.


The school is best known for their top quality education and their sports teams.


I believe my school is known for being a medical and business school. Many students are going into pre-health or pre-medical majors. The classes here are more for applying knowledge rather than learning definitions. However, rumors have been going around that the math department is be investigated due to the fact that a large population of students have been failing.


On the surface the University of Arizona is known for its well rounded academic success and its hot climate. However when observing the campus closer many different layers are exposed. The school pride the Arizona Wildcats have is exceptional. There is never a game where the stands arent packed with screaming fans, painted faces, and foam fingers. Students are constantly on campus and run almost every aspect of it. There are student workers, organizations, and of course, Greek Life. The University of Arizona is known for all of these aspects, all making the students sucessful in their future endeavors.


We are known for our school spirit, traditions and academics. We have an amazing student section at sporting events-- ZONA ZOO is AMAZING! As for academics, we have many top 20 programs that compete with many top private institutions. We focus a lot of money of sustainable projects, research and helping foster a great learning environment and social atmosphere.


My school is best known for it's school pride. It has a lot of school pride and everyone is proud to be a wildcat, and our athletics are also remarkable. Education is very outstanding and is known to be the highest education given to their students.


In my personal opinion, the University of Arizona is best known for its sports programs and well rounded education system. Many student athletes specifically choose the university because they know that that not only are the sports programs incredible but the education that they will receive is highly creditable. When students become a Wildcat, they are born into a family of students and staff members who have high expectation each other and push each other both on and off the courts.


We are best known for our Optical Sciences program I'd say. But we have a lot of other great programs, our Psychology program is one of the largest programs on campus and has many great professors and advisors within it. Next semester I will be a 2nd semester freshman and I will be assisting in a forensic psychology lab so there are lots of opprtunities available for psychology majors. Math and Physics programs are not the best, but Pima Community College is a great place to get those requirements out of the way.


The university of arizona is best know for it top research facility that work with NASA who fund many of it reseach and is partner with the university. As a research university, the university offere many opportunity to undergraduate school to experience reseach and to have hand on experience on research and in topic that interest them.


Bear Down Arizona! U of A is known for being the best university in Arizona. We're known for our basketball's team buzzer beaters, our rigorous medical and science programs, our sunny winters, and our attractive campus. You want to become a better leader? Our student council is for you. Want to sing your heart out, our choir is one of the best. No matter what you're interested in, UofA provides a place for you.


The University of Arizona is pretty well-known for some sports and its emphasis on "practical" fields such as law, business, and medicine. We also have a stellar Music Education program, which is less well known but just as good (if not better) as far as post-graduation employment rates go. The UA is a great place for academic help, and many diverse resources are top-notch at this institution. It is a great university with very few outstanding flaws in how it operates toward its student body.


I think our school is best known for its athletics and its astronomy program. With the amount of effort and school spirit that is put into the athletics department it is a very well known school for sports. The astronomy program is one of the top programs because of the location of the school.


The university is best known for its advanced and specialized fields. In particular, my school is well known for its medical field. My specific program of study, "Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences", is ranked fifth in the nation for the fields of Speech Pathology and Audiology. The school is research based, meaning they want their students to be very "hands-on" and participate in independent studies where they have an active role in the field of work that they will pursue after graduating. This interactive model, joined with a highly developed education, fosters a multi-faceted learning experience.