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The loyalty and friendship on campus.


The thing that is unique about the University of Arizona is that fact that everyone around you, and I mean EVERYONE wants you to succeed. The U of A is one big family that believes in education and mutal respect for others. They also love to help the community around them.


The University of Arizona has uncomparable school spirit. The student fan section at football games, basketball games, etc. is always jam-packed like sardines in a can. I considered going to Northern Arizona University which is a mile calmer than the University of Arizona. Those two universities are complete opposites. Northern Arizona University is surrounded by pine trees and is cold on the contrary, the University of Arizona is surrounded by downtown life with the melting the students on campus. The downtown life has attreacted many outgoing students which has helped the university gain great school spirit.


At the University of Arizona there is school spirit like no other. Everywhere you go there are students who are decked out in UA gear and ready to cheer for their team. Even those who aren't sports fans are enthusiastic about the games.


The University of Arizona has a strong community among its students, staff and employees. Although it may seem like a big University, most people can walk 5 minutes and bump into at least one person they know. There are so many clubs and extracurriculars that one can get involved in and create more friendships and networks. The amount of support on this campus is unlike any other University. If you have a question or an issue , there is probably a club, Professor, or student who can help you.


There are more programs avalible for diffrent career paths.


The University of Arizona is close to my hometown and offers the opportunity of studying in a diverse environment with students from all across the world. Every semester I have made a new friend from a different country.


During the college decision process I visited five different schools but when I saw the University of Arizona it was love at first sight. The campus is like nothing I had ever seen before. They offer everything you could think of and more. There are places to eat, shop, even places to pamper yourself. The vibe is so upbeat and everyone is so nice and happy to be there. The staff made me feel so at home and helped me with any questions I had. Not to mention the school spirit is the best I have ever seen, Bear Down!


The Univeristy of Arizona was in a great location for me. I could stay close my family and I enjoy living in Tucson, Arizona.


The University of Arizona differs from other schools because of its sense of community. I believe that with this it made school seem more inviting and less like a school. This stood out for me when I was deciding which school I wanted to attend when the time came to make my final decision about it.


My school is unique to others I considered because of the friendly and stress reducing environment at the school. It is always warm and sunny at University of Arizona; no matter what time of year or the time of day, after a stressful day you can go lie by the pool or play sports on the grasssy area in the center of campus to relax. When there are so many people and so many different clubs and organizations, it you don't fit in one group it's easy to find another.


The pride students, alumni, and Tucson community members take in the U of A is AMAZING and makes me proud to be a Wildcat for life!


From the first time I set foot on the University of Arizona campus I felt a sense of belonging and excitement for my future. What especially stood out about this school, compared to others I had considered, was its rich history and its unique antiquity. While being technologically and architecturally advanced, it still manages to maintain and display its historical charm as seen in the red brick buildings, ancient trees, and the fascinating museum on campus. I am proud to be a part of such a beautiful and cultured university.


Camaraderie is the defining factor of the University of Arizona. There is a wildcat living inside everyone- roaring with each thump of their heart. No matter what demographic one comes from or what belief system one may have, the students at the U of A accept everyone with arms gaped open. While many universities boast about their students, I’ve yet to witness one that does so with as much passion and commitment as the University of Arizona. We are a family- a glaring of wild cats- and together we stand as one. Bear Down!


There is nothing I find unique at UA. It's generic; vanilla. Nothing stands out.


The fans. The fans are loud. The fans are proud. The fans are crazy, they will make all other noise hazy. Team spirit is high, that is no lie. We chant for the crown. Everyone will learn to BEAR DOWN. This is what makes our school unique. No other university can compete.


Even though the University of Arizona is a larger institution, it has a small feel to it. The student population is very close and when it comes to sporting events everyone goes to the games to support the team. The zonazoo is the best student section in the country. Another way the university is unique is that a lot of the graduate school are still right on campus. You can get from one point to another point on campus in at most 15 minutes.


I was going to go to this school no matter what. It was close to home, and it had a nice atmosphere. Its very polite in this school, and most of the teachers are kind and helpful, with very interesting classes.


I believe The University of Arizona offers the utmost balance for a college student. One receives a true college experience while becoming a better person and citizen.


The unique location of the university allows for a variety of sport related activities; from snow related activites on the nearby mountains, to every sun related activity one can imagine.


The University of Arizona is unique in the way it teaches students information needed for the future. Instead of just lecturing students or giving them instructions to labs, we the students are given a prblem and are asked to figure it out with the things we have learned. This will be helpful in life when working in a career. Not many universities do this.


I chose the University of Arizona because it is located in the city that I reside with my family. Family is very important to me and I'm glad I have the opportunity to stay close to them. It's also a bonus that other members of my family and friends have attended the U of A as well and I'm somewhat familiar with it.


Univ. Of Arizona is different because the whole city is practically based off of the school. Outside neighbors normal weekend consists of being on campus for some sort of basketball or football event.


I chose the University of Arizona, because the campus was large, once you are in it it has a small college feel bacause of how great the people here are. There are many places to get help and there are faculty are very flexible in when you are able to meet with them so they can help you find what you need, which also makes you feel secure and confident when dealing with particularly hard subject. I also like how there is so much around the campus, unlike many others where you have to drive.


While the school is large in comparison to many schoosl, the University of Arizona is focused on community. There is a tight connection between students and close friendships are easily formed. The students here are incredibly focused on acedemics. There is a strong correlation between the medical field and professional development in science and research. Additionally, faculty and staff and eager to work with students and help them accomplish their goals, whatever they may be.


The most unique thing about our school is how chilled and nice the upper classmen actually are. It is also amazing to see how when a student believes that something is wrong they are able to fight against it with confidence.


The University of Arizona is a self-enclosed campus within the larger city, with the limits being definitely defined. It maintains its own beauty and structure while interacting well with the surrounding city. The landscaping here is gorgeous and peaceful, and the buildings are close to each other but not crowded. The U of A is an oasis that serves as a wonderful base from which to engage with the outside environment.


The schools that I was accepted to were Duke University and Dartmouth College. I was strongly considering attending these schools, but I did not because I wanted to attend a school that had a greater focus on Native American issues. Although Dartmouth college was founded on the mission to teach Native students, it does not have the large number of Native American students that AZ has. In addition, I thought that it was really interesting that the University worked with NASA in their voyages to Mars.


So much school spirit and diversity on campus.


I really lovethe University of Arizona, but it is a huge school and very competative.


First off, Arizona State University offered me more scholarships, yet I chose this school because of two reasons. 1) University of Arizona had a far better and prestigous reputation in terms of their pharmacy, science, space and research programs. 2) Given this schools reputation I thought I'd learn better in this kind of environment. Turns out, a decent chunk of professors in the science department and math department are horrible "teachers". They absolutely cant teach. They inform, but they dont engage students or let them think things through conceptually, analytically, etc. I regret my decision of choosing this school.


One thing I really enjoy about this school is its heavy influence from the Latin American community, mostly the Mexican American community. It gives a different flare and culture to the University that I have not seen anywhere else. I like that I can buy UofA gear that is in Spanish and I like the fact that we have many different types of student here from many countries because it is such a Spanish friendly campus.


This school has an excellent pharmacy school and they have a medical center that is used for students to do rotations or volunteering. Also, the Eller College of Management has ranked #14 in managment in public schools. Since I'm majoring in Pharmacy and Business Management, this school allows me to do both simultaneously.


The open campus is so beautifully kept, with smiling faces everywhere. The sun shines down and you couldn't be more pleased with the enviroment. There are so many spots to socialize, or be left alone to study which is something, I don't think, could be found at ASU in the loud polluted Tempe city surrounded by noise.


The University of Arizona is unique compared to other schools due to its size, beauty, weather, and academic/social environment. The large campus of the U of A is lined with palm trees and various other species of flora due to the year round warm weather. Making it one of the most beautiful in the United States. The academic possibilities for a larger school, such as the U of A, are close to endless with large grants awarded by the government and many other organizations which allow for such an outstanding science department. Also the social aspect is outstanding.


I believe that my school has the best student section for athletics. ZonaZoo is full of spirited students cheering on the University of Arizona and it is such a great opportunity to belong to a school with that much pride and enthusiasm.


Being part of a sorority has really changed my college experience. It made the campus seem smaller and made it so I had more friends right off the bat. This network is very unique and so wonderful!


It's not different, because our school is rather the same compared to others.


The University of Arizona South is the only university available in the southeastern region of Arizona. I am very thankful University of Arizona South has a teacher education program in Douglas which has given me the opportunity to reach my academic goals. Unlike many universities, my school is mindful of the needs of students living in rural communities. I was unable to finish my career for years because there were no universities available near Douglas Arizona. I greatly appreciate University of Arizona South has given me a second chance.


A unique feature about the University of Arizona is it's location. Although Tucson isn't known for great night life or fun activities it makes up for it in other areas. Tucson is home to the Biosphere 2 and Observatory. I see this to be unique for at night the little city is almost pitch dark. Law makers saw it neceraary so various stars and constaltions could be seen at the observatory.


The University of Arizona is academically excellent, like most schools. However, the uiniversity promites diversity. This school makes everyone from all walks of life feel perfectly comfortable on campus.


The University of Arizona is unique from the other colleges I considered because it has allowed me to grow as a person and it has taught me very valuable lessons that I do not think would have arisen if I went somewhere else. Another reason this specific university is unique from other ones I had applied to is because this is a university and it has challanged me unlike the state schools that would not have brought up challanges like the ones I have encountered here at the University of Arizona.


Tucson has a small-town feel and the campus itself feels like a small community. The school spirit and pride for the Wildcats is enormous and welcoming to the students.


The university campus has a wide range of majors and classes. In addition, there is considerable diversity, opening all sorts of experiences for everyone that goes there. Despite the hundreds of students most professors have, they are willing to take the time to know the individual students. Personally, I spoke to a specific professor only a handful of times throughout the semester, and she remembered me and the circumstances that had been discussed previously without reminder. The instructors and students enjoy their positions and take advantage of what the university has to offer.


At the University of Arizona, they take pride in forming an educational community suitable for all students coming from different backgrounds. As you walk around campus you will notice the different cultures emerging through the architecture and throughout the students and faculty members as well. In addition, there is no doubt that the community of Tucson are die hard Wildcat fans. No matter what the sport, the community will always rally around there favorite mascot and cheer on the University of Arizona Wildcats as they fight beat the other school in the Pac 12 network.


The University of Arizona is different than other schools that I considered attending because it has a broader range of degrees and studies. Additionally, the University of Arizona is much larger than any other school that I applied to. I am content with my choice of the University of Arizona because it allows me to attend a school filled with diverse individuals while also remaining in-state. Furthermore, the University of Arizona was one of the only schools in-state that offered my prospective major, Nutritional Sciences.


If you plan on riding a bike around campus make sure both wheels are locked after you park it since wheels tend to be stolen off of bikes.


Although this university has a large amount of students and professors, it is simple to have contact with teachers, advisors, or TAs. Classes usually have about 30 students, yet there are several classes with over 100 students. In these classes, it is surprisingly easy to ask teachers questions and to receive feedback immediately. University of Arizona is very unique when it comes to the amount of communication and openness offered on campus.


My school is unique in that it has satellite campuses that make attending school much easier and cheaper. I am able to avoid parking fees and traffic issues, while enjoying small class sizes with online components. This is very convenient for a mother of four children!


The University of Arizona is full of school pride, sports are a huge part of the school. The University of Arizona has the largest student sections in the Pac12! In addition, the University of Arizona has the third best Management Information Sciences program in the nation, the degree I plan to persue. Another very important part of my decision was a strong Jewish community. The University of Arizona has a very strong Hillel on campus, and is home to a vibrant Jewish community.