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What I find unique about the University of Arizona is that everyone here is very freindly and outgoing, including the professors. The teachers do everything in their power to educate their students. If students have a few questions after class about the current lecture, the professor will spend extra time answering them without hesitation. I feel like we have a very positive and enthusiastic community in our school that is much different than any other university in the country.


The University of Arizona is a very unique and organized school. The buildings and classes are easy to find. Students are very friendly and always willing to help you find your way around also. Advisors are welcoming to everyone and extremely passionate about helping. The entire campus is clean and it is a beautiful sight to look at. The weather is generally always nice in Arizona and you will always find students studying, reading, or doing homework in the many grassy park areas outside. Not many other schools are encompassed by a clean environment and beautiful weather.


Since I haven't attended a semester at my new school this question is difficult. I would say that the business school is highly ranked nationally and offers many competitive programs which is great to have in Tucson.


The honors college provides numerous opportunities and students in the honors college recieve special attention.


The University of Arizona is unique in many ways. The university provides a professional environment for student to delve into and learn how to behave and act in the "real world". The professors are very engaged in their work of study and are inspiring to the eager student body.


The most unique thing about the U of A that made me choose the school was that it was so close to home. I've lived my whole life in tucson. I've watched the basketball team win the national title in 1997. I've sat and watched as bulldozers and construction workers tore down the old score board and replace it with a overwhelmingly skyscraper of a jumbotron. I've seen The President of the United States speak to the community of tucson on the campus. And I've bled red, white, and blue all of my life.


The very first building that was the University of Arizona is still on campus. It is used for meetings and some classes. Also, the university became a school before Arizona became a state.



It's a state school, and so it's what you make of it. Build your resume, plan ahead, get involved, save money, pick a good program. Become the person you want to be. You won't be blown away by the Arizona experience, but if you make it worthwhile by living every day the best you can, you'll have a great time. For me, I went here because of money, and the fact that ASU and NAU are inferior schools, with poor standards of education. I wouldn't recommend getting 200,000 in debt to go to some average private school. If it's Yale, then go for it. But, for example, I had to choose between Arizona and UC-Santa Barbara (Arizona for almost nothing and USCB for a fortune), and Arizona was an obvious choice. If you can afford it and can stay out of debt, look into other schools, but for your dollar, you won't get a better undergrad experience than Arizona. But it is what you make of it. If you don't take advantage of everything and be proactive, you will be really behind coming out of Arizona.


U of A posesses many unique attributes, but Progrwhat really has affected me are its many opportunities for the students to excell. The programs that are offered include the Think Tank, an effective tutoring tool with several locations across the campus. Students are able to come in for free tutoring in virtually any subject, and one-on-one assistance is always available. Such a service is a priceless tool for university students such as myself.


This school is unique because of the school spirit we have also the programs that are available here.


It's obvious you're on-campus when you're here - there's beautiful red brick everywhere and it feels like a college campus. The surrounding area caters to college students and there is a lot of cultural diversity in the Tucson area. You can really shape your own experience at UA by getting involved in what interests you and not being required to participate in certain programs as a freshman. The advisors are very helpful but you can also navigate campus and classes independently using the school's website and online records system. Overall, it's a great campus!


My school has a Race Track Industry Program that I really wanted to get involved with. It has over 95% job hiring after graduation and it is in state. I will also be able to travel abroad.


The University of Arizona offers many useful resources to students from different walks of life. Campus is not too large and not too small. The university is a great place with many different research opportunities which makes it unique.


My school is a decent sized school, everything is within walking or biking distance. It offers good degree programs, and extra-curricular, and campus life acitvities as well. It features ROTC programs for Army, Navy, Marines, and Air Force.


The unique thing about the University of Arizona is its choices. There are so many options for majors, minors, social experiences, all the way to the different general education classes you can take.


I am the 4th Generation to attend the University of Arizona and find it to be the best University in the State as far as academics.


Campus is a good size and close to home since I am native to Tucson. This school's instate tuition rates are better than what you'll get elsewhere. You can get involved in the campus as much or as little as you want and it is a friendly place. It functions as its own little city and has everything you need somewhere on campus. The rec center is a wonderful place to workout; spacious and lots of top of the line exercise equipment.


The size and diversity of the student body provides more opportunity for students to develop close relationships as well as relationships that will help them network in the future.


Our university definitely has school pride! Games are a big social event at the U of A and I believe most people here are super friendly.


My decision was narrowed to Universities in Arizona, because my tuition waiver was only possible In-state. The weather in Tucson is absolutely goreous, and Tucson is centered around the University of Arizona. Without a Major League Baseball or NFL team, its citizens are overly enthused with collegiate sports. Arizona State University is overrated in my books, with too much underage partying and the whole city of Phoenix surrounding their college life. I wanted to ecsape and live in a college haven, which I have found here in at the beautiful campus of the University of Arizona.


The University of Arizona really does feel more like a family. Even just walking in between everyone seems so friendly and you can see the school spirit all around you. The campus might be big but it is a really beautiful one. The U of A also has great academic programs which allows me to attend a great school while still being able to be close to all my family and friends. The U of A is really a one a kind experience.


The University of West Florida provided a small college feel but still provided numerous academics programs and degrees allowing me to get the degree I wanted but still know all my professors and the other students.


The U of A has a sense of school pride that can be experienced in multiple areas - not just sports - but also research, dance, environmental friendliness and community.


This school is unique because the school pride among all students is apparent to any visitor. During the elite eight run last year for the NCAA tournament, the school came together, the excitement was high, and being a part of this community made me want to come back no matter what the cost was.


There are many things unique to the University of Arizona. My personal favorite are the professors. They are so willing to help you learn and succeed. They go out of their way to provide office hours and study session designed with you in mind. Also, the weather here is beautiful. It is sunny and warm almost every month! There are also many clubs, and your bound to find one you will enjoy! I am apart of the University of Arizona Marching Band, (Baton Twirler) and it has been hands down one of the best experiences I have ever had!


The city of Tucson doesn’t have that much of a population and what I like about the University is that is consumes a lot of students that brings life to the city every year. Another detail about U of A is the beauty of Saguaro cactus that surrounds you throughout the day. The feeling of being in the desert just gets better when you’re experiencing it with the University of Arizona.


Compared to the other schools I considered, I chose the University of Arizona because of its connections within the community. These connections allow students to intern in teaching hospitals, contribute to frontier research and gain work experience with the type of companies that can not only advance your experience but can also develop into a future career.


I graduated early from high school and was only 16 when I entered college. The difference between this school and others I may have considered was that the UofA was close to home.


The University of Arizona is full of history. The original University of Arizona building, Old Main, sits in the middle of campus. The aged essence of campus is beautifully intigrated with the new. Less than a 5 minute walk south of Old Main are two of the most state of the art student residents halls, that use solar energy and are made from mostly recycled materials. We also have ground breaking discoveries made at the university by some of the most world renound and up and coming scientists in their feilds.


The faculty actually cares about the students. More specifically, my professors . So far, all of my professors have been incredibly enthusiastic in their lecturing. They offer legitimate help, and are very understanding and sympathetic when other factors in my life interfere with my schoolwork. That being said, they also challenge me to think about the world differently and try different approaches to problems I can’t seem to figure out. I’ve heard horror stories about harsh, uncaring professors. Thankfully, U of A doesn’t seem to have any.


While my school is in fact very diverse, so are many others. However, becuase of the size of my school it was truly able to offer so much in terms of extra-curricular activities and career paths, which is a big plus because any type of student can fit in here. The location, the desert, is also very unique because you can accomplish an amazing hike in Sabino Canyon and also hit the downtown scene in the same afternoon.


The University of Arizona is unique to me because it is the most well-rounded of the schools I considered. There is heavy emphasis on athletics, being that we are a Pac-12 school with a phenomenal basketball team, but there is equal emphasis on the arts and academics. The dance program at the U of A is one of the most elite in the country, and I am currently enrolled in the Honors college here. I feel as though I am getting the true college experience, participating in spoarts, the arts, and competitive academics equally.


The flexibility of being able to attend classes at different times, much like a community college. The University is large enough where it can accomodate those types of course availability but small enough where you feel noticed.


University of Arizona is a great research school. It offers so many unique courses to study. It has a mixed culture environment. I am filled with pride and joy to be part of this prestigious institution. This school has achieved numerous accolades, for example it's groundbreaking space program. The school's medicine, business, fine arts, and optical programs are also widely popular and known to be one of the best in the nation.


The U of A has a rich tradition in Athletics, and an even richer tradition in Education. I applied to a school in Massachusetts, and was completely given the runaround. UA was very helpful in my admission process, and continued to help with enrolment and other student activities. Being from Wisconsin, the weather here doesn't hurt either.


The University of Arizona is one of the schools that has the undergratuate program for Optical Sciences and Engineering. This is what ultimately caused me to choose the University of Arizona over other universities. Also, since the University of Arizona is research based, this allows me the opportunity to get hands-on experience by working with professors on their research.


The University of Arizona is an excellent research school. The majority of the professors are well regarded in their fields, which adds to the value of a student’s degree. The University of Arizona also has excellent resources. Many of the labs feature state of the art hardware and software giving the student first hand intimate knowledge of the best and newest tools in their field. All of this combined with the excellent weather and inviting campus makes for a nearly sublime academic experience.


The whole town is all about the university. Everyone goes to the games.


The Univsersity of Arizona is unique compared to other schools in the sense that it offers more of an academic challenege. The University of Arizona has been rated one of the Top schools on the West Coast. The school has also had countless recognitions for their students and staffs achievements such as; UMC saving Gabriel Giffords from nearly dying from a shot to the head, and the rover being sent to mars. I wanted to attend this institution because I feel like I am in an environment where people have the same goals to sucessful graduate with a degree.


When it comes to the University of Arizona it is different that any of the other colleges I have considered. It is filled with great professors that are always willing to help day or night. The students are friendly and out going and always make you feel welcome on campus even if you are a freshmen, and the campus is just an breathtaking view no matter where you look.


I don't ever have to shovel snow! I can wear a light jacket and jeans all year round, even in the coldest part of the winter. The campus at UA is beautiful and has a great College of Education.


There is a wide variety of students at my university. Many students, including myself, come from out of state and are always welcomed in by the student body. Students come from all over the country and come together to make a diverse student body. Also, there are many opurtunities for involvement throughout campus. The advising department is very adamant about getting students involved in hands-on experience and research in their field of study in order to insure that they choose the right career field. As a psychology major, I have many oppurtunites for research in my field.


The school spirit at the University of Arizona is unbelieveable. It has been said that the students bleed red and blue, which are the colors of the university. Many students purchase the "Zona Zoo" pass, which allows students to have a reserved section at the sporting events. For example, the entire "Zona Zoo" section is filled with over 10,000 students for football games at the Arizona stadium. Students are the best fans for all sporting events because they cheer on their wildcats no matter what and they always remember their school's motto to "Bear Down."


The University of Arizona is one of the most advanced universities in the field of science.


The most unique thing about the University of Arizona is the opportunities it grants students to establish professional connections. There always seem to be plenty of knowledgeable officials from a variety of fields on campus who are anxious to come and talk to students about opportunities available outside of the university to those who are driven enough to follow. There never seems to be a moment when you can truly doubt who we might receive to give a lecture or take part in an event on campus. To me, the environment itself becomes much more welcoming from that aspect.


The unique thing abuout the school is that it is not that big so it is easier to get to the classes if one is living at the dorms. There are lots of things one can do including extra carricular and academic related for example, there are over 50 clubs. The school has a very good research programs so there is practical use of education in the labs. Especially biology and plants related research is largely available so it is easy to get the research experience going further into medical school or graduate school.


The University of Arizona is located in one of the most beautiful and interesting college towns I've ever been to. Compared to other schools I visited, the University of Arizona has a wider breath of diversity racially, ethnically, and regionally. In addition, the University of Arizona's student life programs are omnipresent on campus, as well as the dedication to the Zona Zoo.


Even though the campus seems big and a lot of students attend the school, anyone can find a small group of friends with the same intrests. Everyone is different with different majors, intrests, hobbies, religions, ethnicities, and etc, but when it is time for a sports game the whole entire school comes together as one.


I love the University of Arizona. The campus is beautiful, the professors are down to earth and helpful, and they have the best chicken strips in the world! No but seriously, I almost went to a community college but I love going to a big university. There are so many smart people everywhere doing great things. Plus the U of A has a space program that is the best in the country. I highly reccomend the U of A to anyone intersted in getting a great education with great weather all year round.