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Is the stereotype of students at your school accurate?


Yes, but not more so than any other major university.


1. Yes, its true. But guess what?!? It is true of every college, public or private, in this country (more or less). So get over it. You may or may not have daddys visa card, but in the end it doesn’t matter. You will get to make fun of the stupid pampered children who will only succeed because of their wealthy families, if even that works for them 2. Greek life here is huge. I don’t have any opinion. If its for you it looks fun 3. If you are not creative and don’t drink then yes, there is nothing to do. However the UA provides a ton of activities and there is a lot more in Tucson than meets the eye. 4. Um, yeah. These people are not creative. So they fuck. The creative ones think of fun things to do and then fuck afterwards. So yeah. 5. Eller is stupid. Be a retail major instead. It’s easier to get into and more focused and fun. 6. Everyone here looks like greek gods. Enjoy it. Become inspired.


Most of the time, sadly.


Depends on who you meet


I do not feel like stereotypes of any group can represent the whole group. We have many colleges here and many many students. The student body is a mix of people from all over and from all walks of life. I can't think of any one stereotype that could describe our school


It depends.. I dont believe in stereotypes, I think no matter what the are going to exist, but I think they are never going to be accurate, wherever you are - whatever type of group you surround yourself in, there are going to be all different types of people!


No. Although the stereotype of Arizona being a large party school is accurate, it is not a joke. Students at the U of A have excessive opportunities to party, but for the most part many are in tune with their studies and feel as though the school work is challenging. By terming any school a party school, it cancels out its liability to be a place of academic learning. I think that's completely unfair because every school is a party school. Just because Harvard has a reputation of being the most elite school in America, does not mean that its students taboo themselves from participating in parties.


All of them are!!

Benjamin Travis

Somewhat, however the University of Arizona is a very diverse school with students from all over the world including Japan, Kenya, Nigeria, India, Saudi Arabia, France, Germany, and Russia.


Obviously there are many people that fit the stereotype that is assumed. However, there obviously are thousands of students that are no where near that stereotype. Arizona is a public university that is attractive to every type of personality. Academics are HUGE here, it is ridiculous to assume that every student here is party animal and doesn't care about school.


In some cases, yes. Arizona is not a difficult school to get into, so it has its fair share of students who come here only to party. There are a lot of intelligent people who are here to get an education though. There are a lot of students from Arizona and California, and most of the students who are out of state come from money because the out of state tuition is steep, but there are plenty of students who are not from extremely wealthy backgrounds.


While there are a lot of people who party often, there are also many who are only concerned with their academics.


As far as the blondes and 'bras' go, they really are everywhere. Every class has them and you can never escape running into one of them in the hallway because they have their heads bent over their phones texting. I'm not entirely sure about the Jewish students, though. I have heard however the UofA be called the Jewniversity of Arizona and also the JewofA. But I dunno, I don't really pay attention much to someone's religion so I guess it doesn't make a difference.


They are totally not accurate because every school has those people that don't ever go to class and just party and do drugs. It might be the type of people you choose to be friends with that make that bad influence on you.


Well, actually yes. The only people I know that DON'T party a lot are from my church. And even most of them party a lot.


Little bit


all of them are true except for the fact that were not smart. There are a lot of intelligent students here on campus




Thankfully Arizona only got that nickname from a list compiled at Playboy magazine. Often people forget or don’t know about the research that goes on at the U of A and the facilities we have to support the students. The U of A is leading the research in studying tree rings as well as cancer; and has a well known law school and top library that is open to anyone. Yes, the Arizona basketball team is wonderful, but what about our swim team. This year both the men’s and women’s team brought home the NCAA award and are both ranked in the top five teams out of the nation. Several of the swimmers are even training for the Olympics




Yes and no. I would say that we do have an extremely social school, but we also have very dedicated students that are continuing to conduct research at the University as well as a very respected faculty that encourage students.


No, we do have a good greek system so a lot of pressure is put on those organizations about drinking but not all arizona students are in the greek system.


no they are not accurate as a whole, any school is what you make of it


To a degree


to some degree




Somewhat. There are a lot of so-cal kids but many of them are smart and many of UofA's programs are quite elite.




Yes we have hot girls and yes we know how to party. The UA is not a joke school unlike that of the fuckers in tempe.




For the most part, yes.






Sort of. They party a lot here at UA but the education isn't too bad


It's not too hot, and there's always something to do... and the girls are smokin' hotGr




Arizona is definately one of the top party schools. On Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays you can always find a frat party to go to. Some people drink throughout the week, students play beer pong in their dorm rooms, and students take shots before going to parties or football and basketball games. Even with all this partying going on, it's never really a problem to get homework and studying done.








Somewhat, but they don't fit everyone.




U of A has an an extremely broad range. Yes there are the dumb california kids who all become business majors, but in my physics and high level math classes, I also meet extremely intelligent people.


Yes for the most part.


yes, students do party hard at arizona


Hell no








not entirely and certainly not everyone