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Describe the dorms.

Due to the ever popular bureaucratic maze and the seeming inevitability of a "No" to my request to film inside the dorms (good for your privacy, bad for my project) I ventured across campus in a daring attempt to videotape while riding my skateboard and dodging pedestrians. The result? Three close calls and one video that seems to have been taken by a squirrel drinking too many unfinished espressos (which you may not want to watch while eating). Not pictured: Sierra Hall (located IN the UA Stadium; it is perfect for people who can't get enough football or who fear nuclear fallout), Coronado (ideal for party connoisseurs), Sahuarita (fantastic for beach volleyball fanatics), Pima (not going Greek? Live on sorority row anyway!), and Manzi-Mo (for nice people that enjoy nicknames).

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Ill just do a ranking of my favorite dorms 1. Corronado 2. La Paz 3. Likins And no matter what do not live in Babcock!

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