University of Arizona Top Questions

Tell us about the sports scene on campus.


Basketball is by far the biggest and most successful sport on campus. Students will line up hours before the game to get a seat if they were lucky enough to reserve tickets. Many students try to reserve tickets as early as possible because basketball tickets go quick! As for football its always really busy but students should have no trouble getting in. I have walked in right at kick off and depending on how many people I am with I could find a spot in the 1st row 50 yard line.


The sports scene is big at Arizona, definitely dominated by basketball and football. The football team is competitive, but everyone goes to the game. On a saturday, all of your friends will be at the football game, and they will without question have imbibed quite heavily. It is a major part of Arizona culture to party hard before the games and get rowdy at Arizona stadium. Basketball is a close second, if not tied for first. The basketball team is a perennial contender in the PAC-12, and the recruiting classes are incredible under Sean Miller. Basketball games are very popular on Thursday nights. You do have to reserve your tickets early, and buy a Zona Zoo pass to get into all sporting events (its 125 for students for unlimited access to the student section), but that isn't bad at all. Basketball games are much less rowdy, and McKale is a beautiful arena for basketball. Tucson loves its Wildcats, and the basketball tradition goes years back. Baseball, at the time of this writing, is in the College World Series, and so support has really sprouted up for that. Arizona is a public school, and has beautiful weather year-round, so the student body comes out to ball game whenever the Cats play. It's a nice weekend activity, and something fun to do with your friends and run into people. Just watch our for being too drunk at football games--the cops get wise and will hand our MIP's (minor in possession of alcohol).


Wildcat Nation is crazy!!! BEAR DOWN!!!! ZonaZoo!!! everyone in Tucson shows up for game days and the tailgates begin early for football games. The ZonaZoo for a football game is 10,000 students loud and proud! We still have some work to do to get back to being our "Desert Swarm" days but we will get there with our new North Endzone project set to start after this season. Inside McKale its even crazier as "Point GuardU" our nickname when it comes to Basketball shows nothing less than an almost packed arena every game. As we are on track to get our next National Championship banner hung once again in McKale in the next few years.


An outside look at the stadium that the Wildcats football team calls home.