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What are the most popular student activities/groups?


I met my closest friends in the sorority I joined my sophomore year. People tend to party every weekend for sports events or just general events around campus. Saturday nights that don't involve drinking usually I am either studying or hanging out with my friends watching movies or swimming. Off campus there are so many great restaurants to check out, there are shooting ranges, downtown Tucson has a lot of shops and a very popular night life. The dating scene is pretty large here. The most popular groups on campus would probably be Greek life, intramural sports, and the student government.


Elevation Ski & Snowboard club (largest organization on campus) Spring Fling Family Weekend Football and Basketball programs


This school is very proud of there academics, greek life, sports, clubs and organizations. It is difficult to point out what is the "most popular".


joining clubs are most popular activity other than playing the sport you like. there are a whole lot of different clubs you can join to get involved and spend a good time depending on your taste.




A lot. I'm just doing this to look at other colleges. I'll fill out more later.


Fraternities and Sororities are the most popular groups on campus for Fraternities the popular ones are FIJI, SAE, and I would say PIKE. Atheletic events are extremely popular here at UA. We have one of the largest student sections for football in the PAC 12 and if you want a good seat for basketball you will have to get to the game a few hours before. I have seen people bring their laptops so they can do work while they wait for the basketball game to start. The last weekend of school I hung out with my friends. Off campus I usually go out to eat or go up into the mountains.


The school is based off the actions from the students in the atheltic department. For example the athletes here are pretty much worshiped.


Greek life is very big on the U of A campus! There are many sorority and fraternity events on campus, including contests, philanthropy events, and of course parties. There are, however, plenty of students who are not in Greek life who also have a great experience at the U of A. Students have the opportunity to join any clubs or organizations, and if they don't see one that interests them, they can start their own!


Sororities and Fraternities are our largest population. With more time spent on campus, you'll definitely start to hear, notice, and meet 'star' basketball players. Many, if not most, of our athletic events, guest speakers, theatre productions, etc will bring in not only students, but locals from the community as well. Aside from the sporting events, Tucson likes to celebrate holidays like Dia de los Muertos with face paint, parades, and drinks! Speaking of good times, Thursday is THE night to go out in town. Some students will choose to party through the weekend, while others will find Thursday night sufficient. If you're not really big into parties, then pick up a newspaper (local or Daily Wildcat) and find the nearest film, concert, cafe, dance, yoga, etc event! I had (and still have) an interest in everything, so I got involved in the University and constantly had the opportunity to meet new people. WIth that said, my closest friends were in the Media Arts College and I met many of them through working on campus or film classes. As a student, I was personally involved in: PERSONA Literary Magazine (publishes student films, artwork, poetry, short stories), KAMP Student Radio (student run radio station), Arizona Daily Wildcat (student run newspaper), National Society of Collegiate Scholars, Relay for Life (through groups and organizations on campus) To take a break from classes, head over to University Blvd or down to 4th Ave for a bite to eat, cafe stop, or even a little shopping/browsing!


Most popular student activities and groups are intramural sports and greek life. Greek life is a big presence on Arizona's campus and definitely helps with making friends if you are coming from out of state or looking to reinvent yourself. Intramural sports are really popular as well. You also make friends in your dorm or join a club that interests you. Hiking and outdoor activities are really popular. Sporting events are too much fun for words to describe, and there are occasionally free movies in the student union. There are lots of fun things to get involved in.


Sports. Greek life. All very, very popular. Homecoming. Lots of theater.


we have a GREAT basketball team and our theater is one of the best on the country


There are many clubs, sports, activities, and groups to get involved in at the University of Arizona. Clubs and organizations range from Greek life, to honoraries, to major-based clubs, to hobbies. Some organizations that I am involved in include NSCS, Greek Life, MedCats, as well as other honoraries.


Greek life is big at UA, it always has been and i feel always will be. If your not in greek life don't worry haha, you will make it by just fine! I met most of my friends freshman year in the dorm and have been hanging out with all of them since! we are the best group and always have semester big reunion parties its super fun! Theres probably 15 of us total and when you include all your personal friends that are just outside the normal circle its a massive group of people you connect with. Tucson may not have every activity in the world but you can do just about everything, the sun is always shining so outdoor activities like hiking, biking and what not are very big. Theres always some big sporting game going on during saturday or even some thursday basketball games to start off the weekend. Partying for people can range to once a month and most of the time staying in studying to 3 and 4 times a week, just depends on the crowd or people you hangout with. When tests come around or finals the amount of going out drops drastically haha.


I am not too involved with the campus life since i do not live on campus


I lived in Manzi Mo, which was an extremely friendly dorm. People definitely left their doors open, especially in the beginning of the year when everyone was trying to meet one another. I met a lot of my close friends in the dorms freshmen year, and then also met a lot of friends through my roommate and through my friends from home. People party 1-3 nights a week on average. If you don't want to party, there are often activities going on on the mall and in the union, such as concerts or movies. There is literally always something happening on the mall.


Endless- find something. Get involved or don't complain.


The guy's social life is based around the fraternities or sports teams. However, for the girls is a different story. Whether you are in a sorority or not, you will most often find friends anyhow. I feel that most sororities, in general are really fake and is a way to pay for your friends, but others will disagree. I met my closest friends through my dorm or through classes.


Living in the dorms is a really great way to meet people, especially as an underclassman. In the dorm I lived in, the doors were hard to prop open because they were supposedly “fire doors” or something, but in the older dorms, doors are wide open most of the time. Athletics are really popular, but there's all kinds of stuff going on on campus—usually guest speakers, visiting scholars, film screenings, theatre, comedy/improv shows, etc. Greek life is pretty big, and there is a lot of partying on weekends, but there are a ton of options both on-campus and off for students who don't want to drink. Despite what a lot of people say, Tucson is a really cool town and there is a lot to do if you know where to look.


Since I am a Mom, I dont really get involved with all of the happenings after I get out of class. The events that I am made aware of are sent to me by the Honors College. There are just do many organizations!


Arizona is such a big campus, I definitely suggest getting involved in greek life, it was the best decision I have ever made - if you dont think greek life is the right option for you .. I would look into joining a club or some form or extracirrcular to get more involved


Many people wonder if it is necessary to join a sorority of frat to succeed socially at the U of A... this is what I have to say.. As non greek looking in: Boys who do not participate in sports or do not come to school with a strong social network should definitely pledge a fraternity to further their networking..Girls who are not outgoing or are afraid of not having a group of friends should join a sorority. Otherwise, girls that come to school knowing a few people are able to go to all frats without being involved in a sorority. As for people under 21, the bar scene is basically out.. Arizona bouncers are ridiculous at the notorious bars, O'Malleys, Dirtbags, and Gentlebens..unless you have the best ID or are 100% sure that you will be getting in, I suggest not bothering. Many kids have went to these bars and have had their ids taken away and have been given citations from police officers near the vicinity of the bars.


Social life here is crazy! There is always something to do! your dorm always has something going on! there are a ton of intermurals! The gym is amazing! living in a dorm is so much fun! i have met all of my closest friends in my dorm! being in a frat or soroity is not very important because pretty much you are just paying for your friends. and to me its a huge waste of money because you can make just as many friends by leaving your door open in your dorm or being outgoing in class.

Benjamin Travis

I've never lived in the dorms, but when I have a lot of the students left their doors open and residents they knew would commute between them for various activities. The people who live in the dorms seem to be one of two extremes: very personal, closed people who don't interact with one another much or very public, outgoing personalities who like to get to know everyone. It doesn't really seem like the people I've met in the dorms are every from a happy medium. The sports scene here is fairly big, the campus gets completely swamped and shut down during Homecoming, Football, and Basketball games. By shut down, I mean it's impossible to get within 10 blocks of campus without a bulldozer because it gets swamped by people.


Honestly, Greek Life pretty much rules the social scene. If you are not 21 or over, the party scene is limited to frat parties or small house parties. If you are of age, there are plenty of bars around tucson to go to. If you don't enjoy frat parties, there tends to nothing to do. Most people here are usually game to go out; the weekend usually lasts Thursday through Saturday.


Being such a large school, Arizona has every club imaginable on campus. Social life, however, is completely dominated by greek life. Most people who are under 21 go to frat parties on the weekends. There is really not very much to do besides go to frat parties. Most students here seem to party Thursday-Saturday. Students in dorms generally leave their doors open and are friendly.


Social life at Arizona is key. The athletic following is huge. The football and basketball games are very popular... Greek life on campus is also very active.


To be honest, I don't live at the dorms because my parents have a house in town. (Psh why would I want to give up my room and share it with 3 other people...No thanks!)....Therefore, I don't get a chance to participate in many social activities such as clubs or other events. I do however go to football games. The Arizona Wildcat Stadium is the place to be on Saturday nights during the fall...and in the winter its alongside the Ice cats cheering them. There are so many things to do on this campus. ALl you have to do is look around and find out what interests you!


When I came college freshmen year I did not know any people but everyone left their dorm room doors open and everyone would just pop in and we really did get to know each other. While it is more difficult know as a junior living in an apartment, their are many organizations you can meet people like SIFE.


There are so many clubs on campus it's. It's amazing. I personally enjoy the Ballroom Dancing club and the Italian Club. I am traveling around the country and competing in Ballroom Dancing this year, while I didn't know a thing about dancing when starting at the U of A. I am doing a study abroad program in Italy this summer thanks to my Italian Club.


Arizona is all about Greek Life.


the mose popular organizations are Greek life, PAIN, and the honorary societies (Primus, Sophos, Chain Gang, and Wildcat ....) the most popular teams are mens football and mens basketball. Im in Chi Omega and Primus. in most dorms students leave their doors open, in Pueblo de la cienega, VDP, and Posada San Pedro, students dont. athletic events are very popular. i met my closest friends through chi omega. if im awake at 2 am on a tuesday im probably doing homework and occasionally im out at some frat. in the beginning of the year (if your a freshman) people party almost every night. in the middle of the year to the end, people party thursday, friday, saturday.


There are parties, restaurants, outdoor clubs, etc. If I want to go out to the bars, there are always people there, but if I don't, there are a million other things to do.


There is almost always something happening at the U of A.The only problem is do you have time to fit it in you schedule. That is a dilemma I have faced more than once. There is tail gating at every football games, chanting at every basketball games, and there are free lectures taught by professers open to anyone who wants to learn.


Greek life makes activities and social life easy. Living in the dorm was fun, and living in the Greek house is ok. I'm looking forward to living off campus though. I always find something to do.


The most popular organization is probably the Greek organization on campus. I'm involved with my sorority and it has benefit me in so many ways while at my time at U of A. When I was a freshman, I never left my door open. Football, basketball, and baseball games are all pretty popular sporting events. There are so many good restaurants to go to on a date, but as far as meeting someone, I would suggest joining a co-ed club or group because it's rare to get to meet someone in class. I met my closest friends through my sorority. If I'm awake on a Tuesday night at 2 am I am most likely to be writing a paper. HOMECOMING! Biggest tailgating/ parade/ game day EVER as a tradition. People party a lot. The thing is, it's all about the people you hang out with because not everyone like to party. There are a lot of people in the Greek system and that is why they are so prevalent in other clubs. Last weekend I went up to Phoenix to celebrate my friends birthday.


I drink hard, love partying.


fraternities are very important, especially for partying because random guys are not allowed at most fraternity parties. the intramural sports are also fun to be a part of.


Greek life is very prevalent.


i am part of delta tau delta and it is a fraternity in the greek life on campus. there are many social fraternities and sororities and it is a great way to meet tons of people here. there is something to do every weekend within your own fraternity and sorority.


Party scene is off the hook. Party every thursday through saturday gaurantee.


If you want to party, come here.


Frat life is very strong here, which always means a great social life.


The social life is awesome, greek life is the place to be and is the place to be to party. It all takes a person's attitude and willing to be outgoing to be social.


There are many guest speakers and concerts that come to campus. The pool parties are somewhat nudy-fests and mind blowingly fun. If i am awake at 2 am, i am eating a breakfast burrito from highland, no doubt. Parties legitimately happen every night if you look just barely.


great social life on the weekends. lots of house, apt., frat parties, and good bars. great place if you like the outdoors and alot of stuff to do if you dont drink.


The social scene is amazing, you meet so many people and make a lot of friends.


The biggest sport team on campus would have to be basketball followed by football. Im not involved in any sport teams but i did join delta tau delta fraternity and i am in the middle of pledging right now. Athletic events such as football and basketball are very big and that's about it. there isn't much hype for the other sporting teams. People seem to party here all the time-you can always find a party on any night of the week.


Greek Life runs U of A. plain and simple. If your a freshman, i would highly suggest two things. living in a dorm, cuz its like your family away from home, and joining a fraternity/sorority. The more people you know, the better