University of Arizona Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The large undergrad classes. It makes it difficult to build a rapport with your professors and to get to know your classmates.


Not knowing about grants.


The Univeristy of Arizona has many excelling programs, but with the lack of advising and a guide on how to enroll in them is the univeristy's downside. The univeristy was very unorganized during my orientation and I felt like everyone was running around like a chicken with their heads cut off. Also, it is a hassle to try and change your major because your advisor will comtine to try and convince you to remian in your current major. I find this to be the University of Arizona's biggest flaw.


The administration can be very confusing at times and it would be nice if some explanation would be presented for all the hidden fees and charges that they don't tell you about until you're already in the system and starting the process.


Tuition is steep. Parking is impossible and outrageous.


The worst aspect about the University of Arizona currently is the University's website. People cannot find the information they seek due to its updated design. This is frustrating for users because they cannot find useful information, which can be time-sensitive. Prospective students will be turned off, current students have trouble navigating their own school (online), and other people interested in a variety of programs the university has will be put off by its confusing layout. This is the worst part about my school because it sheds bad light on itself while it is a great university.


How the president of the school was chosen based on the platform that she wouldnt increase tuition and has increased tuition by 33{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} alone; and when they can no longer increase tution then just increase the fees to make it look like the students and families are paying as much money.


The University of Arizona is a large school in all respects. The campus itself spans multiple square miles, but riding a bike solves that problem. The other aspect of its size is the sheer number of people that attend school here. Many of the lower division classes will be in large lecture halls, but as you move up through your major and the content becomes more concentrated the class sizes will shrink. It is also very easy to get lost in the crowd here making it difficult to make friends, but there are plenty of clubs to find likeminded people.


The worst thing about my school’s campus is the small class size. I believe interacting with other students is rudimentary to a great learning experience. Communicating different views on a subject and hearing feedback on your ideas enriches the course and increases your knowledge. Unfortunately, because of the small class size, there were not many students to interact with which lessened the experience somewhat for me.


Personally I think the worst thing about my school is the fraternities and sororities. They are a big part of our campus's population, and they definitely show it. Freshman year I was looking forward to getting away from high school. I wanted to make friends and focus on school. However, the fraternities and sororities make the school a bit more like high school with clicks, school spirit like chearleaders, and people less focused on school and more focused on partying. I found my crowd here eventually though, but I don't belong with Greek life.


The worst thing about my school would have to be parking since it is expensive and the parking lots are usually filled.


In my opinion, the worst thing about the University of Arizona is the class sizes. Sometimes, because of the large amount of students in attendance, some courses are only able to be offered in rooms of 200 seats or more. It can sometimes be detrimental to learning because of the increased difficulty to both connect with your professor and pay attention in a class so big. If there were options to take these classes in a smaller room with less students, both of these problems would be solved in an instant.


The worst thing about my school is the tuition. It's expensive! I'm blessed to even be able to attend.


I believe the application process to get classes is the worst thing about my school. I have personally not been able to get classes which, in turn, messed up my schedule and put me behind. The structure of getting classes goes by your graduation year, starting with the oldest and going down. Every in a class has the same time to try and get classes which usually results in the internet server crashing and letting your future at the school rely on being lucky enough to get the classes you need for your major.


The worst thing is that I have about my school is that I feel alone but that is due to my own faults. I am shy so I don't talk to people and I have failed classes in the past so all of the other students are younger than me and I feel ashamed. I also have chronic ezcema especially around my face which make me even more shy than I naturally am but my chronic ezcema is not my fault.


This school attracts a specific student demographic--upper middle-class, middle-achieving, and quite sheltered. I grew up in a lower middle-class family in Texas. Though my peers in high school were often better off financially, most of them worked part-time jobs in addition to their AP courses. Students at UofA made me feel alienated, because I didn't have the luxury of a lavish meal plan and a hefty allowance deposited by parents. It was even more difficult to make friends when peers found out I had recently become an orphan.


The worst thing about the University of Arizona is that only freshman students really live on campus. There are few sophomores, juniors or seniors that live in the dorms. I loved my freshman dorm experience and would want to continue living on campus because it is beautiful and close to class, but all of my friends I met freshman year are going to live off campus and I want to be closer to them. So I wish the social norm changed and more people wanted to stay on campus.


The worst thing about my school is having bight lecture classes with more than 1000 + students.


i dont consider anything bad about university of arizona


I am very happy with this school.


It is really expensive.


The lack of cultural diversity, because many people feel out of place at times.


Among a lot of universities, my university is consider a party university. Sometimes students come to this university just because of that and therefore they don't take care of their studies. This is the only thing that I would consider to be bad.


The worst thing about my school is the city and the campus' surroundings because there aren't many things to do here in Tucson. The reason I think the surroundings are bad is because some places are ghetto and dirty.


I would consider the area around the campus the worst thing. The houses are run down and the neighborhoods seem a little dangerous. During the day I feel comfortable driving through those neighborhoods but at night it can get a little uncomfortable. But that is why you always have someone with you.


I do not consider anything to be terrible about my school, my school does a great job to ensure that a student gets all the help they can need in order to be successful and that is the most important thing to me.


The worst thing about my college is the fact that it is located in Tucson, AZ. Tucson is how and dry most of the year, by no means is the weather here comfortable.


The party lifestyle can be somewhat excessive, and interfere with studying at times.


The finance (scholarships, bursars, etc) department, because they are very confusing and it takes a while to get information.


It is sometimes hard to focus in big lecture halls.


Seeing as how I am attending the best university in the world, the only thing to complain about it is that it is not free. A good sturdy education is by all means not free with every little thing costing something. This is the worst thing about my school.


I haven't actually started taking classes yet but from what I've experiened so far, I'd say that getting in-state tutiton is the most difficult as well as getting financial aid. I moved to Tucson from California and I'm completely financially independent, however, proving this to the school has been a challenge.


The worst thing about the University of Arizona is that I did not understand the importance of living on campus the first year. I now see why most schools require students to live in the dorms for their first year. This is so they can see the activities available and be able to meet students in their same classes and struggling through their same problems. I did not live in a dorm my first year but I luckily had some friends that did so I could get the same experience by hanging out in the dorms with them.


People judge me by my looks and they are suspicious.


Not much to do when under 21


There really isn't anything bad about the U of A, not that I know of yet. I have only been there one year so I've seen the nice side of things and I know that I will most likely be opened to the bad side of it, but i haven't yet. If I had to complain about one thing, it would be the math department. I thought it was the toughest subject and the teachers are not the best.


The worst thing about my school is parking. It cost up to 600 dollars a year for a permit and you may not recieve a permit. You get put on a waiting list for up to a year. Also, even if you have a permit, you are not always guaranteed a spot.


It is too big for me to be able to grow at and do the best to my ability. The students care too much about the Greek life and not about helping our world and making a positive impact.


The physics department at the U of A isn't great, the professors seemingly only centered on reseach. Though I've never heard of a good physics department either. I beleive that calculus should be made a requirement for all physics classes as physics equations are all calculus based, but that may be an over-arching issue of prerequisites than a problem with the school.


Unfortunately, while there is an abundance of scientific and other academic classes here, the arts are scarce and competitive. There are a few drawing and photography courses, but very little of any other form of art- with the few that are there being nearly impossible to get into before they fill up. Although I am a dual major in Nuero/Cognitive science and physiology, the arts are immensely important for all majors and studies have shown an important link between the science and art. I wish there were more art classes available to balance my education.


They let alot of grad students teach the classes and while a good portion of them care about you succeeding and about teaching you the material some of them do not care and are wrapped up in their own school or do not have patience.


The worst thing about the University of Arizona is the fact that it is a distance away from home.


The University of Arizona is an admirable school that I would highly recommended to anyone. The only downside to it, in my opinion, is when it comes to getting into your desired classes and times the chance is somewhat slim. Due to the high population at The University of Arizona, waking up at six in the morning on the designated day to register for classes is not always enough. Nevertheless, it is still possible to get a decent schedule as long as it is done ahead of time, they might not just be your first choice classes.


The worst thing that I consider at the University of Arizona is trying to find a parking spot. With over 375 acres (1.5km^2), there is not parking spot whatsoever unless you pay something out of your pocket. With over several parking garages to park with a fee, your still not guranteed that you will find a good parking spot. Conveniently you want the 1st floor one but, so far unfortunately, I have always found one above that floor. And I mean always! So I suggest something should ought to be done regarding this.


i have a daughter and this is one of the few large universities that dont have childcare for children of students. i think that is a bit discriminatory. its hard enough being a student and a mom, they could at least do what other major colleges do.


The worst thing about this school is the amount it costs to go to college and the very low amount of aid that is available to students.


Not enough financial aid for out of state students.


I would consider the weather the worst part about the school. Either it is really hot outside and you are sweating to get from class to class, or it is really cold outside and you are freezing. And then when you get inside the buildings they are either too cold or too warm. It just seems like our buildings are really managed well temperature wise.


The worst thing about the University of Arizona is its Mathematics Department. The classes are needlessly complicated, and the majority of the teachers who teach the class are graduate students (most of which are not helpful). The math department ranks the lowest in passing rates and it is under scrutiny for doing so. Plus, the math department has set up different curriculum for Calculus students who are pressured into working for 3 weeks straight and taking a test to move onto the second half of the course while those who don't pass are forced to repeat that math class.


The location provides a lack of social activities to do besides the typical partying scene.