University of Arizona Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


The weather is awesome, social scene is great, awesome campus (small but not to small and not to big, all in one area), good surrondings, diversity.


Socially, this school is phenomenal. The town is a perfect college town. It is deeply enriched with culture.


I think The UofA is a great college town. not too big or small, and university centered. has a lot of cool places, but it's hot as shit in the summer.


The girls are the best thing about the school. The school is perfect size. People assume that you are really smart when you tell them that you are majoring in business here. I spend most of my time with my friends when I'm not in class.


The best thing about arizona is the weather-its always warm and enjoyable. When I tell people I go to arizona they think I party alot but its not necessarily true. On campus i spend most of my time in class but i'll spend the rest of my time on campus in the union or getting food. My teachers are all really good and i have never had any complaints except for maybe harsh grading or not responding to questions promptly.


Greek life runs this school. Its everywhere you look. If you want to get involved, the networking of Greek life will make it infinitely easier. Arizona athletics has amazing support. We are the pro sport in Tucson, so the people here really get behind us. Especially basketball. Brandon Jennings baby! School Pride is unbelievable. Everywhere you look students and faculty are wearing arizona clothing and proud of the school.


Arizona has some of the best whether ever, except for the summer in which it is unreasonable hot. The girls at the U of A are some of the most attractive ever. The guys here a mostly pretty chill.


The best thing about Arizona is the weather and atmosphere, the girls, and of course the partying. There is a good amount of people on campus, everyone is pretty scattered so it never really gets too crowded. U of A's campus and the area surrounding it is a good college town, but Tucson in general is definately not a college town. Overall Arizona has pretty good professors, but I've experienced a view teachers that should not be allowed to teach here. The students here have a lot of school pride so you need to BEAR DOWN with the rest of us when you're on campus.


The best thing about arizona is that it is warm all the time and there are always some beautiful ladies around


I believe that The University of Arizona is the best college in the nation. Everyone is happy here because of the environment. The weather is almost perfect every day, the people are beautiful, the campus is gorgeous, the parties are intense, and the academics aren't going to break your back. If you put in a good amount of work you can do very well here.


The best thing about Arizona is our school spirit. I would change campus safety. I think the size of our school is just right. People are impressed when I tell them I go to Arizona. I spend most of my time in my dorm or in the ILC. We have a college town. I think the administartion is very effective. The biggest recent controversy on campus was probably the murder in the beginning of th eyear. There is a lot of school pride. I'll always remember rushing the field against the University of Oregon.


Arizona is the more serious university in my state. Compared to ASU, Arizona is smaller, which is one reason for this reputation. Arizona students seem to have a lot of school pride compared to other campuses.




Arizona is the perfect school for me because it has everything. Good weather, good academics if you know where to look, hot women, good greek life, and a good club sports program. I went to a snobby rich highschool in phoenix where most of my friends went to elite private schools, so some look down upon arizona, but most envy me for the good time im having. The one thing i would change about Arizona is the surrounding city. Tucson is a dump. If U of A was in tempe it would easily be considered as good or better then any california school besides stanford.


I really like that Arizona is a college town. Also it seems to have the right number of people. These 2 things make the atmosphere on campus really cool.


The school is a lot of fun and the girls are really hot. tucson is a shithole but the campus is really nice. eller is a great business school which gives students a great chance of success


I like the greek life at Arizona. It is a lot bigger than NAU and ASU and we actually have houses. However, there are a lot of stereotypes and a lot of anonymity between the houses.


The best thin about Arizona is that the campus is beautiful.


Arizona has its up and downs but the main thing is that people don't understand is the sway the social system runs. Like a lot of other colleges out there everything really revolves around greek life here at Arizona.


its a good school shitty town with decent sports good greek life


The weather is phenomenal. I come from the upper peninsula of Michigan and when my parents are trudging through the snow im walking to class in perfect 70 degree weather. Not to mention the beautiful women that I get to go to school with and stare at all day.


da atmosphere of the school is great, people ya meet anywhere are friendly and most of them aint bad on the eyes either


The best thing about Arizona is the weather, if you are ever really bored, you can just lay out by a pool. I personally would not change a thing, because even thoguh i like the changing of the seasons, ans I love snowboarding, if you feel like seeing that, you can always take an hour drive up to the mountains, but Arizona really has it all. It is a great enviroment to go to school in, and it definitely puts everyone in a better mood. Overall, teachers are very nice, and want to see you succeed, however there are a few teachers that I have had that weren't spectacular, althoguh they were TA's.


It's a big school but doesn't have that feeling at all. Joining a fraternity/ sorority is a good idea because it helps get socially connected right away, but it is not at all necessary. The campus is beautiful and easy to get around. The house parties and fraternity parties are more for underclassmen, as the bar scene is more upperclassmen. Sports teams have been lacking on the win category, but basketball and football games are always a lot of fun to go to.


Living and going to school in a paradise is heaven. There is work, yes, and it can be very challenging sometimes. You just have to manage your time wisely.


I love Arizona. The school is large, but I enjoy that. The campus is beautiful. I would say there is a lot of school pride. Arizona has a traditional college feel to it. There are many opportunities and resources, i.e networking.


Arizona is filled with school spirit and sporting events are a big part of college life. Greek life which im apart of is one of the best things i couldve done at U of A. Being in my sorority has given me amazing friendships and is a home away from home. The campus is very beautiful and well taken care of. Tucson is not the best city but there are some areas that are very nice. There is always something going on and its very easy to find something to do. The only concern is that recently there has been alot of vandalism around tucson and one of my sisters was held at gun point in front of our sorority house. At arizona there are alot of attractive people and we have a reputation for partying alot, which is true. Overall Arizona has been everything i couldve imagined in a college and i would not go to any other school.


the school is amazing i love the lay out and how beautiful the campus is. i'd probably not change much, but give us more three day weekends.


Fun school. Very big, people are enthusiastic about athletic teams. Not too hard of classes depending on what you want to do. Good weather, big greek life.


You cant beat the Arizona weather. It is amazing. The people are beautiful. It is a great college town, and the Atmopshere of University Ave, and 4th Ave are great.


Arizona is a huge school filled with lots of small communities. For example, the greek community is very large but you seem to know someone in every house regardless of size. The only thing I would change about the greek community, which is the best part of the school in my opinion is that it would be bigger and the houses would interact with eachother more often.


The best thing about Arizona is that anyone can learn and flourish in the field they love. The campus town in amazing! All the stores and venders are very friendly and helpful and cater to your needs. It's very easy to get to the campus from the airport because the airport is never crowded and you can always get a cab or shuttle. The school pride is spectacular! Everyone wears U of A gear and goes to all sport games. There is always someone to go to games with and its very easy to make friends.


I love the size of the University of Arizona. I find it exciting that every day you could walk to class the same way and never see the same people. You meet so many interesting people who can teach you a lot. I grew up on the north side of Tucson and didn't spend time around campus. It is a completely different atmosphere than anywhere else in Tucson. People here are very friendly, and also very individual. I have not had any big problems with the academics part of school. I must say that the math department at the University of Arizona is horrible, but thats my only complaint. It seems that everybody here has outstanding school pride! Our football and basketball games are always packed with students, and at these games is where I have made some of the greatest memories!


University of Arizona has a lot of school pride. It's definitely a college atmosphere and I believe that going here has given me the best experience of 'college life'. The Greek life here is wonderful and the students are very centrally involved with the campus. I love U of A!


There are a lot of great things about U of A. The greek life is AMAZING, everyone knows everyone and it's a great source of networking and connections. The school also has a great campus. Not being a commuter school has it's advantages as well, it allows closer bonds to form and more of a community to develop.


tucson sucks but the u of a is the shit


Awesome school to go to, a lot of good programs, one of the country's best business schools honestly a lot is offered and many of the programs are excellent so having a degree from Arizona is respected as more than just getting a degree at a state school. Definitely a college town, all you have to do is stay over a break of for summer to see the dramatic change in traffic and college-age kids around town. Lot of school pride, football games are a blast and the student section is pretty big but still manages to fill up and we've had some kickass homecoming upsets the last 3 years. Campus is gorgeous and constantly being updated and improved.


One thing that attracted me to Arizona was the campus. Walking from one end of campus to the other takes no more than 20 minutes and the buildings are centrally located around the mall. Landscaping is beautifully done and the weather is almost always perfect!


The school is definitely getting larger every year. Being in Greek life, or involved in other clubs, makes the campus seem smaller and makes it easier to make friends though. Tucson itself is not that great, and also sometimes dangerous, especially at night. However, I feel safe on campus. Because its in Tucson, people come up with creative ways to have fun. I love the student section at sporting events. Although our teams aren't always the best, it is so fun to go and be with all of the other kids that have Wildcat spirit!


The University of Arizona is just right. Though people think that Arizona is a desert, there are many other plants that grow here. I love the campus mall, for it is where everyone eats, talks, and spends time together. There is definitely a lot of school pride. I think that mostly everyone is proud to go here and loves it a lot. I will always love "CatWalk," which is where the students can participate on a walk to help cure breast cancer. It is very interesting and it displays all the students that care to help the community as a whole.


The u of a has a beautiful campus. It is pretty much the focus of tucson. The school has many programs in the top ten percent nationwide and is dedicated to research and academic excellence. I spend most of my time studying in my dorm, my sorority house, or at the library. A large percentage of students spend leisure time on university, on the mall, or at the student rec center. The administration and student government on campus is a group of focused individuals always striving to improve the u of a and its programs, implenting recycling throught campus and the dorms, building onto the rec center, and remodeling classrooms to equip them with the top technology. Arizona is also abundant with school pride and spirit. the theme song "bear down" is played over an intercom throughout campus everyday at noon and sports rallies and events are always a highlight.


I wish the University of Arizona was more appreciated by the surrounding community. Our school is becoming so large that we need to expand and the people who live near the school do not want to support it. Some of the areas around Arizona are bad areas. It is just not as developed as it should be.


I like how Tucson is a big city but still has a small city feel. The campus has an amazing atmosphere where you can really create a home away from home. There is a really diverse group of people so you can find many people with the same interests as you no matter what they may be. It is not too far from California, Phoenix, or Mexico. You are within 4 hours of a beach... but in the winter there may also be snow on Mt Lemon.


The University of Arizona is the full University experience. There truly is something for everyone. I live on campus in La Paz. I chose to have a random roommate which was the best decision I ever made. She is my best friend. The memories we have made will last me a lifetime. The undeniable pride at the UA is remarkable. Win or lose, the students are die hard fans. The campus is beautiful and well kept. The number of people is massive, but the UA is as big or as small as you make it. If I could change one thing it would be more safety precaustions in the dorms. I did occasionaly feel unsafe in the dorms due to previous unfortunate events.


The school is definitely in a college town. Everything really revolves around the school. As the focal point of Tucson the University of Arizona has a very close campus feel. Everything is very close by and you can walk to all the classes which is really nice and helps students feel and stay connected to campus.


The campus is pretty big, but I particularly like it. There's lots of things to do. There is a lot of school pride. I wish it were more safe.


I love all the opportunities that are available to me here. I can pretty much do anything i want. i love the size of the school because there are always new people to meet, but you are still able to find a tight knit group of friends. When i tell people i go to UofA, they all say how it is such a good school, especially for my major pre-med. Tucson is not that great of a city but the campus is amazing!


U of A is very large, but it does not bother me at all. We are full of school pride. The U of A has one of the best Dance Departments in the nation. It is ranked in the top 5. It is also a beautiful campus. I wish that the campus was more safe. Since it is not a closed campus, anyone can get on campus. Safe ride helps a lot - but no one wants to have a feeling of being unsafe at their school. The U of A holds great opportunities for their students. The Eller college is great, along with many other colleges.


Tucson is a very college town. Everyone that lives in Tuscson is in total suport of the school and it is so great. That is one thing I totally love about this school.


Yes, it's Tucson. It's what you make of it, so if you don't get involved and meet people, you'll find it pretty lonely--but join something on campus, and you'll know what it is to be a Wildcat.