University of Arizona Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


Even though the campus is huge, I feel like I belong. I walk around campus and always see someone I am friends with, and once you have your set of classes you don't feel like the campus is that big at all!


This school (U of A) is just the right size. I recognize people within my major and my advisor seems to remember my specific needs. The Greek life is appropriately distributed across campus. One thing that is difficult to achieve as selections chair for a club is publicity. There is no real gathering place to grab people's attention to let them know when certain applications or deadlines are approaching. I wish there was a way besides listserv emails, which are usually deleted anyway, to reach the student body.


Arizona is a big school but the campus is set up that everything is close. If I could change the heat I would. It is ridiculously hot in the beginning of the year, but the plus side is that when other people are stuck with snow or heavy rain, we have blue skies and in the 70s. Since it is warm most of the year pool parties are a thing to do on Saturdays. There is definitely a lot of school pride especially if we are playing ASU.


The best thing about Arizona is the community. Even though it's a large school, we still are a close-knit community where you can make tons of great friends and meet new people. Anywhere you go in the U.S. you will find someone with a U of A hat or shirt or hear someone yell "Bear Down" at you when they see you're from the U. The traditions and spirit of the students and alum is so amazing. Go Cats!


Arizona is a very great place to live because of the weather. The campus is just the right size for the amount of students in it. I think Tucson revolves around the campus, but its not really a great college town. Most people think that i have lots of fun when I told them I go to arizona


Arizona has a great college atmosphere. The campus has a real college look and feel to it. It is large school, or at least has a ton of people but it doesn't really seem that big. Most of the kids here just want to have fun in college and not stress out about school like they would if they went to a more academic focused institution.


The campus has an ideal setup for a large university. It has a large student body however it does not feel overwhelming since everything is very centrally located and condensed making it very accessible.


U of A is unique because it is an excellent academic institution in a lot of diverse areas, yet it is know for its laid-back atmosphere, which is a draw for a lot of people (myself included). It is a huge school, but I love it because it still really gives you the feeling of being part of a university community. As a senior who lives off campus, I spend most of my time on campus at my sorority house. Tucson is a college town, which is great because the whole city rallies around the school...especially Wildcat athletics. It also has more than 1 million residents, so it's not exactly a small town. Plus, Tucson gets more days of sunshine than any other city in the continental U.S.! One of the reasons I chose to come here is the strength of and pride in our athletics department. We are always a power in the Pac-10 conference, and in many different sports - we have been to the Elite Eight with our men's basketball team, 2 national championships with softball, and men and women's swimming/diving just swept nationals this year. Even though our football team is less than stellar, the ZonaZoo (student section) still sells out every about loyalty!


Its big enough to meet new people but not so big that it feels like its own town. There are so many different types of students that it is easy to find new friends.


I love the fact that U of A students have a lot of pride in their school. Our sporting events are always packed with student fans cheering with school pride. When I tell people that I go to Arizona they automatically say that they want to come visit because they hear that the U of A is a fun campus.


Arizona is a great school because it is large enough to feel like a small community and large enough to have a lot of school pride. The campus is beautiful, and it really defines Tucson because so much of the city has involvement with the University. The best thing about Arizona is the large greek community. It really helps a significant amount of people to be involved in school activities and connect with fellow students.


I feel like the size of the school here is perfect, even though it is very large you still feel like you live in a small community. I am a long way from home and came out here alone and have not had a problem adjusting and have been very happy experiencing something new.


I do not mind the size if anything I would not like it if it was bigger, I hardly know a lot of people as it is. When people hear I go to U of A, they are almost impressed that I attend a university.


Tucson is not what I would call an "ideal college town." Personally, the immediate area surrounding the University is not my cup of tea. The foothills on the other hand, is a more safe, gorgeous and lively depiction of Tucson that I would love to be closer to.


The best thing about being an Arizona student is definitely the weather. Even though it is such a small thing, it makes a big difference in how people act and I believe that being 85 degrees in February really helps to keep spirits up. Tucson is a college town and every where you look, from apartment complexes to the restaurants, every thing is geared to the students. Since I am a freshman, I have not experienced everything that there is to offer at school, but I did enjoy the football games (especially when we beat Oregon) and the basketball games also. I am looking forward to the Kanye concert later this month.


The best thing about Arizona is the weather. While all of my friends are walking to class dressed like eskimos, I'm walking to class in shorts and a tshirt. Winter is pretty much non existent here and there is sunshine practically everyday. The one thing I would change about Arizona is the food. The food offered on the meal plans isn't all that healthy. Don't get me wrong, there are healthy options, but the main food court is dominated by Burger King, Papa John's and Panda King. I would like to see more healthy alternatives. When I tell people I go to Arizona, they assume I'm an idiot who is just going to school to spend his parents money and party all the time. As far as the college town goes, Tucson is pretty boring. I stay on campus for most part.


The best thing about Arizona is the weather. The one thing I would change is the outside area. I would like it to be more upscale. The school is just right. People say real party school but it is all what you make of it. I spend most of my time in the dorms. College town, yes. Administration is very considerate. The biggest controversy is someone overdosed and died a week ago. There is alot of school pride. Everyone goes to the games to root on our school, i.e. football and basketball.


U of A has one of the most beautiful college campuses I've ever seen. The Poetry Center, where I spend most of my time, is a completely unique offering. The school is quite large, but never feels that way even hanging around "the mall". People are surprised I go to Arizona because of the stereotypes associated with it (see above), but with a large school there is something for everyone. U of A is a huge part of Tucson, but it doesn't feel like much of a college town, although the bar scene is great. There seems to be a great deal of school pride, everyone wears Wildcats gear and you can hear the marching band practicing at nearly any time of day.


It's a beautiful campus. The people are all from California and are not nice. This is one thing I would change if I could. The school is very large - too large. If you tell people you go to U of A, they will assume it's a party school and will assume you're dumb. However, classes are very hard. Tucson is gross and small. Tucson people are weird. Because people are from California, they don't have much pride for sports, so if you are from the south and enjoy sports, you will not enjoy the sports scene. People couldn't care less about the teams.


The reason I chose to go to school across the country is because when people ask me where I go to school, and I say University of Arizona, their eyes light up and say oh wow that must be awesome. If I went to school back in the Midwest where the majority of everyone goes, the person would just say, "Oh".


Arizona sunsets are the best. I would build up downtown Tucson. The size of campus is just right. I spend almost all my time in the Architecture building. I came to the UA BECAUSE I wanted a college town. So much school pride.


The best things about Arizona is the weather and school pride. It's amazing to see on Saturdays how many kids come out in their zona zoo tee shirts ready to go to the football or basketball game. My brother went to a school in a city and he didn't have that, there was no school pride where everyone went to an athletic event. The worst part of Arizona is registration. Since there are so many students, which isnt a bad thing, you have to register right away or else you wont get the classes or professors you want. Being from the northeast, anytime I tell someone from home I go to arizona their eyes light up, its unusual for them to hear that and they have a curiousity about what goes on there.