University of Arizona Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?




The University of Arizona is structured for students that are comfortable with a big campus. Most classes will have 200 or more students in a lecture class. Anyone that does not mind asking questions in front of that many students will do well in this school. The other thing is that this univeristy shows a lot of school spirit on Fridays as well as the days that there are sport events. Aside from the school spirit, this person is one that has a strong mindset and reaches for their goals no matter how tough college gets.


The kind of person that should attend the University of Arizona is someone who wants a great college experience. Students who are determined to learn, those who like to be involved in clubs and sports, a quiet, shy person or a louder, more outgoing person; there is really just a place or group for everyone who attends. The U of A is a fantastic school and there are endless amounts of resources from tutoring to financial aid, and there is always something going on, and that makes it all the more exciting.


Someone who is very interested in obtaining a high scholastic achievement and someone who is VERY involved in school spirit should attend the University of Arizona. The research at this university is absolutely incredible and there are lots of opportunities to get involved in those fields of research. Anyone who loves getting involved with their campus community and loves the Wildcat spirit is more than qualified to be a wildcat!


Any type of person can attend the University of Arizona. Again due to its size there is something for everyone. They have hundreds of different clubs and extracuriculars that cater to the artistic, adventurous, introverted, you name it type of person.


A person who wants to successfully attend this school should have good time management skills, a hard work ethic, and willing to engage in club activities and/or class discussions. Students who can balance their time between homework, studying and a social life will be the first to exceed in school because finding that balance is the hardest. Also, being an engaged student in clubs could bring new oppurtunities and engaging in class discussion will only help for understanding the material. All these qualities will lead a person to exceed in this school.


An individual who wants to attend University of Arizona should be self motivated, flexible, and open minded. It 's a large school and there are thousands of opportunities available to you, you just take the initiative to go out and look for them. At such a large school, things may not always go as planned; classes fill up, internships are taken, and professors don't have time to give individual attention. It's important to remember at University of Arizona that as one door closes another one opens.


People who want to be part of large, diverse community should deffinitely join the UofA. There is a place for everyone, really. Greek life is very lively, the science department is well reputed, the liberal arts college is strong- there is something for everyone.


anyone who likes 100 degree weather year round.


few areas to acheive and excel in this school is don't be afraid to speak to others, we all have experiences and knowledge to help this community. we're not here to judge you, we here to learn and growth as students enjoy it, love it, and take it with you.


Every kind of person should attend this school. One of the things I love about the University of Arizona is the diversity. Being able to learn new things and experience college life surrounded by people who are different from you is lots of fun and can also be very enlightening. It enhances the learning experience greatly. Students at the University of Arizona are also generally very hard-working and goal-oriented. People who are excited and eager to work hard, learn, and experience new things should attend the University of Arizona.


The people that enjoy The University of Arizona and thrive are those who take advantage of any opportunities they are given. The school offers many great resources and activities to it's students. However, if you don't step out of your comfort zone to try new things and meet new people you will never get the full experience that the school has to offer. Being at a school as large as U of A makes it difficult to be involved if you dont go out of your way to join groups or clubs and meet people.


Someone who is very determined and willing to put in the effort to do well in courses and is determined to learn.


A person who is equally interested in getting a good education and getting the full college experience.


If you do not like cold weather this is the right climate. I feel the University of Arizona is a great place for someone to learn about themselves. I do not belive that professors push any one profession on the students and they promote learning for growth not for a job. However if a carrer is your drive, the university does have great research oppertunities in astronomy and sciences and if one is eager in that field it could be benefical for that carrer choice.


A person with high moral character and ambition should attend the University of Arizona. It is a great school to get the full college experience but also with all the help there is on campus, you will be able to stay focused on your academics. People who love to get involved with campus life and are full of spirit should attend this college.


Anyone that has a desire to do so. There are a lot of options and tons of teachers and students here willing to help you succeed. There is a very strong emphasis on research, so if you have any interest in that, this is an excellent place to go.




The type of person that should attend this University must be a dedicated and hard working student. There are many type of clubs and programs that make you feel at home, but you must go to them. This means being proactive and adventerous! The University of Arizona perfectly combines academia with fun!


The kind of person that should attend the Univerisity of Arizona is someone who wants to establish a secure and great future career for them. This person knows that the UA takes care of their students and makes sure they get all the help they need in order to be successful. But at the same time, this person is eager, willing to learn and goes out of their way to make sure they are successful as well.


A very studious person who also likes a lot of social activities.


Someone who is self reliant. There are lots of resources available, but you have to go after them and advocate for yourself.


Everyone is welcome, this school is a great place to find your place in the world if you are willing to try.


I believe anyone who wants to go to a big university and wants experience the college life should go.


If you are a person that is driven by research, this is your university. It is a university that revolves around research. It is a large campus that has many experienced professors from other places around the country. It is a very warm and inviting atmosphere all around. If you don't mind walking fair 10 - 15 mins to class to class this institution is also for you. Many students here use their bikes or skateboards to get around.


Any and all students should attend the University of Arizona. Arizona is a university that can fit any students expectations and is perfect for the student that knows exactly what they want to be or even the student who is completely unsure about their future path in life. Arizona has excellent programs offered for all aspirations and career paths. Students are encouraged to succeed by the passionate school spirit and unity that fills the campus. Amazing opportunities are offereed inside and outside of the classroom. Anyone that wants to succeed can succeed at the University of Arizona.


I believe any person who desires to achieve an excellent education should attend the Unviersity of Arizona. Many people have altering personalities that may not seem to have a specific place, however here at U of A there are many clubs that range from Buisness clubs for the determined "to be" CEOs, to the Anime or Film clubs that simply enjoy watching unusual foreign films on a late Wednesday night. In the end no matter what people are involved in, if a person desires to further their education, the University of Arizona is great place to attend.


Someone who is open to new ideas! Very relaxing enviornment!


Anyone that is driven to work hard and has a high career choice they want to pursue should attend University of Arizona. This school provides students with all the necessay equipment and help in order to succeed and make theor dreams come true. The staff are very helpful and if you are the type of student that does not want to go to a party school, then this school is perfect.


The kind of people who should attend the University of Arizona are people who strive to go somewhere with their life. Most of everyone I have met has a goal that they work so hard to get to. I even know some who went into school not knowing what path to follow but the variety of classes, career workshops, majors, etc offered at the University help guide that person down the right path. I, my self, just a month ago found a new journey I may take my career down. Options and goals are never limited.


If you hate friendly people, a wide variety of food, lively atmosphere, and spunky professors/teachers then this is NOT the school for you. The University of Arizona is bountiful in it's mixture of cultures, foods, professors, classes, and extracurriculars. It's nearly impossible to feel left out! The UofA is a great community that supports many types of different groups from folkloric dancers to turtle-watchers.


A person who, not only wants to gain an education and recieve a degree, but a person who also wishes to cultivate his/herself as an individual by meeting a wide range of different characters.


Any kind of person will find a place to fit in at the U of A. Everyone becomes very school spirited and proud to be a wildcat. The staff is helpful, and the students friendly. There is a wide variety of majors to choose from. Clubs and sports help create communities, and dorms or classes can create friendships as well. Becuase the U of A is so big, it allows any kind of person to join and with so much room, to find a place.


Anyone! I was really shy and only had a few close friends in highschool but now I'll walk to classes and be saying hello to people left and right. It defiantly made me more social and I think anyone could attend this school. Everyone is very nice!


Any kind of person should attend the U of A. This school appeals to a variety of people, there is a place here for everyone


The University of ARizona is ideal for someone looking for a well-rounded college expereince. With some hard work, one can achieve great academic success and set themselves up for a great career. At the same time the social life is amazing here and completely managable, even with the most rigorous of schedules. There is plenty of opportunity for exposure to all kinds of new ideas and activites, and one can explore in depth anything their heart desires.


Anyone who plans on attending the University of Arizona must have an excellent grasp of time management skills. Given the amount of units a student is required to take per semester, time management is crucial for success - especially if a student has a part-time job or even two part-time jobs.


Any kind of person should attend this school. There is a variety of majors, the students and professors are very friendly. You will feel very comfortable when you walk on this campus.


The type of student who should attend The University of Arizona is one who is committed to his or her education. For this student their schoolwork is their number one priority, though extracurricular activities are a major component of their lives. Clubs and organizations are a large part of life at The University of Arizona; rarely will you find a student who is uninvolved. Additionally the attendance at football and basketball games is unparalleled. The kind of student who would love The U of A is one who is well rounded in every aspect.


A dedicated person who has the personality and attitude to make decisions based on integrity should attend this school. Values and beliefs should be stressed upon, and an appreciation for the opportunity to secure a higher education should be evident. The ideal student to attend this school would carefully consider all opportunities presented to him or her. Someone with passionate school spirit to share with the student body a rich history of academic, athletic, and social achievement would be an ideal member of this University’s student body. A student who is able to maintain a balance in their life.


At the university of Arizona, the students should be hard working and willing to dedicate as much time as possible to achieving their goals at the university. All students must have pride in their school and BEAR DOWN!


Anyone who likes the feel of a small city while still being able to do outdoor activities like hiking. They should like being around a lot of people and being involved in both school and a social life.


You should attend this school if you're willing to put work into your classes outside of the classroom. You will excel if you use all the tools available to you that each teacher outlines for you. Even if they don't there is so much help that you can get from the resources around campus. This school seems to set you up for real world problems rather than ones written on paper.


I think The University of Arizona is good for pretty much any kind of person. If you are outgoing or shy, this school will provide opporunities for you. No matter your interests, the UA almost always has a club that would interest you, and if they dont, you can start one! I have met some many different kinds of people going here at the UA and almost all of them love the school they go to. I would say people who do not like excitement or walking around a large, beatiful campus should not go here. But otherwise, its perfect!


Arizona is a very proud college for students who can handle heat and who don't like snow. Arizona offers great science, business, and ard experiences and is very friendly. Professors enjoy students who are curious and ask questions and will answer readily due to their passion for the subject they instruct. The desert environment provides great scenery and ecological diversity with snowboarding, hiking, climbing, and camping nearby. These reasons amount to the diversity of people from all over the US and all over the world and opportunities to gain new friends of different cultures and backgrounds.


I would recommend the UofA for anyone. Seriously. I have classes with students from Iran, Kenya, Korea, Japan, and Brazil. I've noticed that Tucson is a place that fits people that don't normally fit in.


If one has an outgoing personality and has the desire to learn and succeed, then U of A is definitely the place for him or her.


People that would like to have a larger school with a smaller school vibe. The UofA has a lot to offer for people that are different. For example, we have a lot to offer for people with disabilities, different races, etc. There are always people that you can relate to since it's so big; you are never alone. However, with clubs and organizations, you feel wanted and a part of a small group.


The kind of person best suited to the University of Arizona is someone with an open mind. This university is a very diverse place. In my classes I have learned new perspectives on so many ideas I thought were set in stone. I came from a very right wing, conservative school and was very stubborn on a lot of political issues. Since coming to the UofA, I have learned that being open minded to where people come from and the different out looks on life that they hold is something to be appreciated. Open-mindness is key to my University.


A person should attend the University of Arizona if they want to recieve a great education as well as a great college experience. I have learned a lot of things with the classes I have taken and they have always kept me interested. A person who wants a school with the most school pride I have ever seen. This school is right for those who want to have both a great education and a great college experience. The weather is always nice as well.