University of Arizona Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


Don't stress so much. This is the time for mistakes. There isn't a better time for you to mess up and learn from it. Taking care of yourself means having fun too.


The whole notion that freshmen year is necessarily a "special" year is absurd. It can be, but this isn't necessarily the case. There's no magic moment. Just do your best.


I wish someone had told me to avoid working full time while being a full time student. My grades really suffered that first semester because of it.


I wish that someone told me that it's okay to be afraid to go up to professors, but that I should push through the anxiety and go to office hours.


One thing I wish someone had told me about freshman year is how much different attending a university is compared to high school.


That it was so much of a party school and it would be hard to find friends that don't party all the time.


That financial aid would not cover the total cost of tuition let alone books, parking, and additional fees.


I was very informed about the U of A, however I wish someone would have told me to buy rainboots because the campus floods when it rains!


I wish I had none about the grants that were available to me.


"College is way different than high school." That's the one thing teachers continuously tell students. What they do not tell students, however, is exactly how. And by how, I mean emotional-wise. I wish I had known that for the first few weeks, college was going to be a depressive and life-sucking experience. Nobody warned me that I would be extremely overwhelmed by the vast environment and experiences. The immensity of my college struck me hard in the guts, and I felt I was completely alone. The truth, however, is that almost every freshman feels the same way.


Before enetering the University of Arizona, I wish I would have known how to join extracurricular activities such as clubs. My first year I had no idea how to look for clubs and get more involved in school. For the most part I know the university very well since I would always go here on field trips when I was younger. My high school was right across from the school so I would walk over after school and hang out at the Student Union with friends. It was also a lot of help that my brother attends the university.


One thing I wish I had known before coming to this school would be about the GI Bill and how long it takes to be put into action.


I wish I would have known how expensive it would cost, being that I'm coming from out of state.


I wish I had known about which classes to take at the local community college and what to take at the University. This way, my GPA would be better and I would have left with a better overall education.


I wish I had been told to study abroad. Many of my friends went on amazing adventures all over the world and experienced new ideas, cultures and people. The University does a great job of finding programs that allow you to continue your coursework while abroad making study abroad programs even more beneficial. I wish I had known about all the resources there are in order to help students find the best program for you, whether you want to teach English in Germany or learn Spanish in Chile, The University of Arizona ensures your journey fits your needs.


I wish I had known how many different advisors I would need for my major, minor, and even my honors thesis because there are many places to go to talk to them


I wish I had more knowledge on the majors I was particularily interested in.


I wish I’d known what college life would be like in reality. High school was an experience I skated through with as little effort as possible. Yeah, I got good grades because I’m smart. I didn’t have to study much and my final grades weren’t important to me. College life is all about the grades. It starts way back in high school where students should strive to obtain the best grades possible so they can qualify for more scholarships; then continuing to study hard to maintain that GPA so they can graduate with honors. Work hard!


Before I attended the University of Arizona, I wish I had known what I truely wanted to study. I got accepted into the Pre-veterinary program, but after a year decided to change into Art Education. Though I am much happier in my program and it is a much better fit, the education program at the University of Arizona isn't as good as other schools I thought about attending. We have such a wonderful science program, which is why I came here, but had I known I would get into art education I would not have come here.


The campus is huge and there are a lot of bikes that sometimes try to run you over if you are not careful.


What I wish to have known before coming to the University of Arizona is how different college would be in terms of the workload and scholarship information. This would have helped me be prepared for college in terms of being prepared how much work is required for certain credit hours. Also with knowing information that could have helped me find scholarships that could help me cover the rest of my tuition rather than paying out of pocket.


Free stuff. It is everywhere. Take advantage of it! You know that thing called the ILC? Yeah, there are laptops, Macs and PC's, that are there for your taking. Well, for three days that is. You can rent whenever you please. You know what else there is to rent? Bicycles. Oh, and cameras, movies, recorders, and whatever the heck else you could possibly need for school.


how helpful everyone is around here


I wish I had taken the time to know more about the opportunities available to students on campus. There are many on campus jobs, study locations, clubs, etc. But, it is difficult to figure this out as a freshman unless you are prepared coming in. Freshman can join clubs and I think they should!! I had no idea the amount of clubs on campus, and now that I know, I am in a few. From yoga to journalism clubs, I now feel included in the campus.


I wish I had known how useful having an hour inbetween classes really is because it's a great way to catch up on some homework or just relax before having to go to other classes, and it gives you time to eat.


I wish I had been able to afford a campus visit before accepting the offer. Surely a tour would have cued me in that there weren't many people like me considering attending. Additionally, I would have loved to tour the humanities departments. The school advertises new science and business buildings, making the campus appear modern and cutting edge--but my literature classrooms had broken desks that were decades old. This knowledge, I believe, would have made me realize that UofA was a place I wouldn't be valued.


The limited ceramic materials. Difficult for students to fully explore different skills of creating diferent types of pottery.


I wish I had not put the University of Arizona on such of a pedestal during my last months of high school. I fell in love with the Global Studies major and campus environment after my first visit and as is human nature when it comes to love; I began to idealize the object of my affection. I wish I had not expected college to instantly mend all my internal struggles. Going to college means discovering yourself and that journey can be challenging, espcially when done away from family and friends. But nothing has been or could be more rewarding.


I wish I would have known how much the school focused around sororities and fraternites. I am not too big on those type of social gatherings therefore it makes it hard to meet people that are up to doing other things. I do not think I could change this, but it would have been something that I considered when thinking about the social scene at a university.


I wish that I had known how much discipline it would take to earn good grades in my classes. I remember convincing myself that I did not need to work hard or even attend some classes because I had succeeded in those subjects throughout high school. When my first semester at college had ended, I found myself very stressed, and regretted not putting in the work that I had the time to do. I had a lot of time on my hands, and did not utilize it properly ay first. I had to learn how to study.


I wish I had learned to save money for college before I came her. University is way more expensive and community college, and I should of have taken advantage of the money I had when I was in college. I have been under financial aid throughout my education, have received several scholarships, and was earning money as an English tutor. I had enough money to pay for school and had money to spare, but I wasn’t smart enough. I didn’t know how necessary was to save that extra money. Now that I’m away from home I do.


I wish I had a better idea of what major I wanted to do / what career path i wanted to take. I started as a computer science major, without even knowing what computer science was. I then switched to pre-business, with plans to be an accounting major (even though that bored me) because it is something I knew I could probably do. Luckily I found MIS, a very small but incredibly highly-ranked program at my school. Unfortunately by then I had made certain choices that still prevent me from achieving my educational goals.


That I would have to walk a lot, I would have brought a bike.


I wish that I had known at least one other person who came here from my high school. The school is large, and can be overwhelming, but people are friendly the first few weeks of school.


That high school did not prepare me for college.


I wish that I'd known more about discovering what career path I wanted to take and how to find out more information about different areas I might be interested in before having to commit time and effort to them. I spent a lot of time taking classes and not knowing where I was going with them and it was by chance that I saw a flyer on a wall that lead me to my major of neuroscience.


I wish I had known how to study for my classes. When I came to this school, I had never needed to study. If I had known the proper way to study, then I would have gotten better grades.


There are sitiatutions in college that you would not see in high school. There is much more freedom coming to college and with that. means more room for error in the students. Howeever, going to college is great and it puts you out of your comfort zone. Do not be afraid to take risks because it will change you for the better.


That I was going to stay this long.


If I could tell myself anything before going to the University of Arizona, I would tell myself “Stay focus and do not lose sight of your dreams and aspirations.” College has been a very stressful yet rewarding time in my life. I do my best to stay optimistic and better my chances for a future I want for me and those around me. I know as long as I stay focus and determined, I can accomplish my dreams and aspirations.


I wish I would have known how much fun the University was.


I wish I knew more about the music program overall. Knowing about the curriculum and how the people work in this program would have better prepared me for my first year.


Relax. You will miss your family, but you'll make some amazing friends. You are going to have a lot more freedom and independence than when you lived at home, so make sure you do not overdo it. Be responsible for yourself as well as your schoolwork, but do not get overwhelmed. Just take a breath and relax.


I wish that I have known that no matter happens to keep my head up and work hard. There will be many things that influence you and tempt you to do the wrongs things. Find the right group of friends and they will have your back forever. Once you are a Wildcat you are always a wildcat. Being a student at the Univerity of Arizona gave me a sense of family. Don't be afraid to make friends with someone you might not otherwise be friends with. Work hard but enjoy the experience, the school, and the people around you.


Yes I do. I love my school and the academics, but nothing else really.


Before I came to the University of Arizona, I wish I had known that it isn't very hard to make good friends. As long as you are willing to put forth effort to meet people, others will respond in the same way. The first month is crucial to forming relationships and that is the time you need to step out of your comfort zone to meet others and get involved in clubs and/ or organizations.


Growing up in Arizona, I have always wanted to attend the University of Arizona. I was very familiar with the campus, visited it quite often and followed the football and basketball teams. Because of this I feel there were no suprises. It has met all my expectations and nothing has really suprised me. I cannot imagine going anywhere else.


I wish I had known that this school is very sorority/fraternity oriented. Sometimes I felt out of place because I didn't join a sorority, and therefore felt like I did not make as many friends. I think the best way to make friends at this school is to join some sort of club, but that is definitely something I didn't know when I first came here. I wish I had known that I should try to be more outgoing and proactive in making friends.


Before I started attending the University of Arizona I wish I knew how to take better notes. In all of my classes you are expected to already know how to take notes. It is difficult listening and trying to figure out what the key points are and what material and information is going to be on the exams. Some profressors will have slides but they do not put everything you need to know on them. Before starting college I wish I put more effort in to learning how to take good notes.


I wish i would have been involved with clubs or organizations since the beginning of my college carrer because i would have met more people that way.