University of Arizona Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish I would have known how much fun the University was.


I wish I knew more about the music program overall. Knowing about the curriculum and how the people work in this program would have better prepared me for my first year.


Relax. You will miss your family, but you'll make some amazing friends. You are going to have a lot more freedom and independence than when you lived at home, so make sure you do not overdo it. Be responsible for yourself as well as your schoolwork, but do not get overwhelmed. Just take a breath and relax.


I wish that I have known that no matter happens to keep my head up and work hard. There will be many things that influence you and tempt you to do the wrongs things. Find the right group of friends and they will have your back forever. Once you are a Wildcat you are always a wildcat. Being a student at the Univerity of Arizona gave me a sense of family. Don't be afraid to make friends with someone you might not otherwise be friends with. Work hard but enjoy the experience, the school, and the people around you.


Yes I do. I love my school and the academics, but nothing else really.


Before I came to the University of Arizona, I wish I had known that it isn't very hard to make good friends. As long as you are willing to put forth effort to meet people, others will respond in the same way. The first month is crucial to forming relationships and that is the time you need to step out of your comfort zone to meet others and get involved in clubs and/ or organizations.


Growing up in Arizona, I have always wanted to attend the University of Arizona. I was very familiar with the campus, visited it quite often and followed the football and basketball teams. Because of this I feel there were no suprises. It has met all my expectations and nothing has really suprised me. I cannot imagine going anywhere else.


I wish I had known that this school is very sorority/fraternity oriented. Sometimes I felt out of place because I didn't join a sorority, and therefore felt like I did not make as many friends. I think the best way to make friends at this school is to join some sort of club, but that is definitely something I didn't know when I first came here. I wish I had known that I should try to be more outgoing and proactive in making friends.


Before I started attending the University of Arizona I wish I knew how to take better notes. In all of my classes you are expected to already know how to take notes. It is difficult listening and trying to figure out what the key points are and what material and information is going to be on the exams. Some profressors will have slides but they do not put everything you need to know on them. Before starting college I wish I put more effort in to learning how to take good notes.


I wish i would have been involved with clubs or organizations since the beginning of my college carrer because i would have met more people that way.