University of Arizona Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The sense of community was my favorite part of University of Arizona. I felt this was seen at sporting events, club fairs, the organizations I was a part of and in my classes. I always felt welcome on campus.


The best thing about my school is how safe it is. There is always safety and I never feel uncomfortable. I like the tools the University gives it's students to succeed in their academic life.


The best thing about my school is the location and the advisors. The location because I can walk to school within a period of 20 minutes or less, or more, depending on the day, and the Street Car is close to where I live, so getting to school is no problem. The advisors are amazing because they actually act like they care about your education, at least my advisor is like that.


The best thing about U of A is the amount of opportunities available.


The best thing about my school is definately the women. We probably have the most gorgeous women out of any university in the US.


The best thing about my school would definitely have to be the school spirit because everyone is invlolved and is always wearing something that represents my school.


The school spirit by far, especially when it comes to being against ASU.


I love the main part of the campus; it's very open and has a long grass runway for students to hang out or even jog along. The whole campus is very open and everyone is friendly.


I feel that the best thing about my school is the amount of school spirit and the family feel among campus! As you waunder around the campus you can pbserve the seas of red and blue and then plasted with that famous pawprint. when I step foot on to the wildcat territory, it not only feels invigorating but a place to call home. Not only were we the first university in Arizona but also remain the best university in Arizona!


The college has a high rank in the college of science, medicine, and engineering.


The best attribute of the University of Arizona: the scientific research opportunities. As an undergraduate you can immediately begin researching in a lab. This allows time to experience scientific research before committing to a degree. Experience is crucial for all jobs, but research jobs will not hire someone with no experience, so it's a wonderful opportunity to attend the University of Arizona.


The fascination everyone has with advancing our knowledge to become a better society is incredible. The research opportunities that come with that thirst for knowledge allow many of us to become a part of history and will give us the chance to be immortal through our work with the people we met at the University of Arizona.


The best thing about my school is that the professors are generally passionate about physics/math,; they pass their knowledge and passion for these subjects onto the students by: staying after class to answer questions, provide supplementary material, holding convinent office hours, etc.


The best thing about the University of Arizona is their support for students and their willingness to help them succeed. They have plenty of oppertunities for students to get ahead or get the help they are looking for when it comes to their academics. This tells students that they are attedning the school that they will succeed and hopefully move on to a job they enjoy.


The best thing about the University of Arizona is the atmosphere. Everyone on campus is very friendly, and enjoys the Tucson community. It is very much a college town, and everyone in the city supports the university in every sporting event and out reach event. Almost any locally owned store, even some corporate, will have UA logos and posters around. It is hard to not get involved at the UA, so you never have to feel as if you are alone or not getting help or attention in some way.


Clean and friendly environment


The best thing about the U of A is the many available facilities that you can vonlunteer to research at and learn hands on. THe professors are very open to students asking to help in their research and will respond accordingly to how you are doing in the course.


The University of Arizona is a school that has the most school spirit I have ever seen. This school has so much pride that its students autoatically want to go to every sports event that there is. The sporting events are always loud and energetic and so much fun. If you don't go, you are definitely missing out. Every single sporting event is some of the most fun I have ever had and I can't wait to spend the next 2 years cheering on all of U of A's sports teams to win a national championship.


I believe the best thing about my school is the community. The people all over campus are so nice and welcoming. Everyone is so helpful and caring whenever you have a question or get lost, people are always willing to help.


Your ability to get a degree in whatever interests you.


I feel that the best attribute that the University of Arizona has to offer is the comraderie and pride that students, faculty, and administration take in their work. I think that these are the qualities that make a school successful in providing a quality education. In my experience, the faculty did not run through the motions; they interacted with the students and delved into the discussion themselves. The instructors were proud to teach there, and the students were proud to strive for achievement.


The school spirit is definitely the best thing about my school. Whether you are at a football game or just walking on campus to class you always feel like you're part of a huge community with Wildcat pride. There are also an astounding amount of clubs and/or extracurriculars to get involved with that make the community smaller and more intimate.


I consider the University of Arizona's education program to be the best thing about the university. I think the program is the best thing because it is the reason why students travel from all over the U.S to go the University of Arizona. These programs have been nationally ranked and have given students great opportunties for their future careers.


the library and my guidance advisor I'd rather study in the library than in my room. It's more quiet and has the resources I need. My advisor has worked with me when I wasn't doing very well my Freshman year. He has given great adivsie and has kep me on track.


Nationally ranked sports programs, amazing weather, engaging professors, school spirit.


The environment. Its nice to be warm all the time. I also enjoy the professors.


The academic requirments because I have learned a lot about general, everyday things in life, opposed to just that regarding my major.


The diversity and opportunities at U of A is very impressive.


The sense of family is the best thing about the University of Arizona. No matter where you go you will always find someone who graduated from the University of Arizona. This makes for a wonderful network. You know that your classmates are always there for you and will have your back. This family will support you, allow you to cry on its shoulder, and is always there for you.


The best thing about my school is that the people are very generous and kind.


The best thing about this school is the number of clubs available because if there is a hobby you are passionate about then there will most likely be a club for it.


The faculty and staff. They are open to all questions and make themselves readily available, even during non-office hour times. As a student currently planning an intense trip by myself, I have gone and contacted many members of esteemed faculty recently and all of them have met with me and listened to my ideas while contributing their own. Of all components relating to the University of Arizona, I would say that the faculty and staff keep the bar raised high.


For my own experince, I believe the best thing about the University of Arizona is the relationships between students. Students at this university are not just competing with each other, but working together to make each other better. Almost every course I have taken at the University has required a group project which I believe is crucial in learning to be a team leader as well as a team player.


The best thing about the University of Arizona are the traditions. The school is within the heart of the Tucson community and has created one giant family among the university faculty, attending students and alumni. I love how generations have passed through this campus and have established sense of pride and belonging wihin this school that is seen academically and socially. Together in our red and blue school colors we chant the same cheers from years before at sporting events, light the same bonfire for homecoming, and maintain the unchanged ambiton as students to be successful within our University.


Our school has many Native American tribes that live in the surrounding areas of the school. It was build on Tohono O'odham land, so it is a great place to learn about Native Culture and history. The school is very unique because it offers opportunities to learn about other cultures and emphasizes social justice. I am a resident assistant at the University, so I see the diversity and cultural awareness everyday. There are many services for under represented peoples, and also the greater population. As a Native American woman, this is very important to me.


the educaiton is high quality, its lots of fun to go to football games, they have great food options, even a Starbucks on campus!


The school has an excellent reputation and a degree from the UofA will be a great aid in obtaining a job. Despite its well know reputation the UofA maintains a reasonable tuition rate when compared to many other schools. The UofA incorporates cutting edge technology into its campus and class curriculums. The UofA maintains a campus wide WiFi network for students and professors utilize online tools to share materials and resources with students.


I love how helpful everyone is and most of the professors are great


The club that I am in gives me a good way to apply my engineering skills.


The best thing I like about mu college is its Gothic architural style.


The best thing about my university is the quality of learning. The professors truly know what they are teaching, and are truly passionate about it. Also, the University of Arizona is a research based school, so there is a multitude of opportunities to obtain hands on experience about the topics being discussed in lecture. Further, the student life is great. There is always something to do, and the students here are friendly. We all "BEAR DOWN" as a famiy. The location is great, too- can't beat 80 degree weather in January!


The best thing about the University of Arizona is the diversity in people and activites. There is always someone that you can relate to whether it's your backgrounds or your futures that help you connect there is always someone to connect to. Even people that might have conflicting interests can find a spot for all their interests. For example, I am a huge animal lover and I love working with them, but I also really enjoy theatre. These usually have completely different people in them but it doesn't matter, just as long as you are happy.


I think that the best thing about my school is the team spirit we all share. Everyone who in involved with The University of Arizona is proud and confident! They make me want to do my school proud and get the best grades possible. I also like that Tucson is not too big, there are no freeways and there are plenty of affordable off campus living situations. It makes us feel more like a community, never alone and always listend to by our fellow Wildcats.


The variety of personalities at the University of Arizona. The types of people you will meet range from extremely dedicated, over-achievers and passionate cultural activists to social, energetic leaders and laboring, wisened students who come to the school to start fresh. There are numerous ways that students can socialize, help educate themselves, make professional connections through work and research, and build lasting relationships. As a student in a population of 40,000 people, I never saw myself as being a number but I saw the school as a community with people searching for new experiences and self-improvement together.


Have you ever felt different? Well I have my whole life. I am dyslexic, have a severe auditory processing problem, and am ADHD. It was not until I attended University of Arizona where I felt I could call a school my home. University of Arizona's best quality is the SALT center. The SALT center helps specail needs children to be able to succeed, be able to get the support they need, and is a loyal companion by your side. WIthout the SALT center I would have not been able to find who I really and and believe in myself.


The best thing about the University of Arizona would have to be the enthusiam of the professors. All of the classes that I have taken at the university thus far, have had teachers that were so passionate about the subject that they taught, that I felt I learned more than I would have ever imagined. I would say this is the best thing about the university because to me the value of education is sometimes underestimated, so having amazing professors makes the learning process that much more prestigious.


I enjoy being independent. I do not have anyone forcing me to go to class or do my homework. Being at the university has forced me to take on those responsibities on my own which in the long run is going to be very beneficial. I have total control over my life and do what I want to. There are some people who take advantage of being independent and learn very quickly that this is the easiest road to failure. Those of us who use it towards our advantage will succeed.


The best thing about UA is the amount of campus activities and social events that are available. There are so many clubs on campus that everyone can be involved! Most of the clubs place students in real life situations to prepare them for the real world. For example: the hiking club hikes many of the beautiful mountains that surround UA and ASUA our student body government, allows students to be elected into office and make decisions that benefit the entire college. I am never bored here at the University of Arizona.


That the people are curteous. Holding a door, greeting your section classmates and just being friendly. It's easy for a big university to feel like a giant machine spitting out college grads and people's kindness and friendliness helps decrease that feeling.


The best thing at my school in my opinion is how many options we have for classes. There are a lot of different classes for different interests. This makes it easier for me, and I'm sure my peers as well, to focus in school and get better grades. If a class peaks my interest, I will be more likely to pay attention. This is why the amount of options we have are the best things about my school. Go Wildcats!