University of Arkansas at Little Rock Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


They are all likeable.


My classmates this semester have been awesome! I'm taking 12 hours which means I have 4 classes and each class is great! I can always depend on classmates for notes if I happen to miss class and they can expect the same from me. As far as participation goes, we are a very close knit union. We relate in a lot of ways and share many interests.


The students are very diverse because of the international programs we have. We also do many international festivities to engage other students about culture and understanding different countries. UALR does a great job with spreading awareness. Most of the students are from either from Little Rock, from Arkansas, or international. Students mostly talk about entry level jobs and internships to get them ready for their career.


The student body is diverse. The best part of UALR is the pride in diversity, the Model UN Society, Islam/Sufism Organization, the LGBTQ Alliance organization received support from over 100 fellow students who joined together to protest the hate speech of a traveling religious group who came to campus this fall. The African American Male Initiative and Ladies Who Launch program offer free mentoring, tutoring and exposure to personal, social, and academic development, unlike any place in the country. Collaboration is something that has been lacking, but is on the rise. Students are very socially conscious, but are less focused on politics, and more involved with Service Learning, which is probably the largest initiative to diversify the classroom experience among our students. The average financial background is lower middle class for in-state students, extremely upper class for international students, and upper middle class for non-traditional and international students. Students wear comfortable clothing, but a lot wear business casual because of the average age being 28, but younger students wear mostly athletic attire, because the most used place on campus would have to be the fitness center and Olympic sized swimming pool. The dining halls would only have freshmen, because no one else lives on campus, unless housing is included in their scholarship. So only 18 year olds will be inside of the DSC dining hall


I think the students are great for the most part.


UALR is far from your average school. We have so many diverse students on campus. We have an international, non-traditional and traditional population. You will see students of different race, socio-economic class, religion, culture and ethnicity. I think this is one of the best parts about being at UALR. You are able to interact with people who don't look like you. Students at UALR dress in their own unique way. We are involved on campus and in our communities. We sit on university committees that make decisions for our school. We don't fit the stereotypes.


Since we are located in a city where there is a diverse amount of people with different background, most students are very tolerant and accepting of different religion, beliefs and cultures. I am asian and my family immigrated here over a decade ago. I have no problems with blending in with the people at my school. The campus usually hold activities to expose students of other people's perspective. We celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month - the campus offered free salsa dance class, had a mariachi band parade and informational seminars. We also celebrate Black History Month, International Celebration week and many more. During International Celebration week, there is a festival where students represent their native country with a booth containing food and cultural items, etc. There's student organizations for every type. There is a gay/straight alliance club and I often see them holding bake sales and free hug/compliment booth on campus. There is little or no discrimination or problem this club. Religious organizations also hold events on campus but do not push or persuade students to join. It's just like any other activity - like a sports or fraternities - holding events. Students enjoy having the opportunity experience a variety of events!


ready to learn & staying focused on there goals they have set in life.


Classmates are eager to help and lend a hand when you need it.


The classmates are somewhat cool, and very easy to talk to. They are also very helpful when needed, laidback, and are just regular college students that you would meet everyday. They all are intrested in the same needs as I am and that is to get an education, an college degree, and to live a prospering lifestyle.You would think that these students in class are so uptight about their work, but outside of class it's a different story. We have college parties and hangout outside of school and still surprising seem to get our work done... and pass.


Very into the degree that they are seeking.


My classmates tend to be upbeat and outspoken. They are not afraid of or embarrassed to express their opinion. They are normal people with jobs, family, friends, and other responsibilities. They are easy to talk to and eager to learn.


Most students are working nontraditional students. There is a strong committment to complete thier education and and excel in their area of study.


Most of them are from the surrounding area.


My classmates are awesome - I know them all because we are in the same field (in most cases), therefore we have common goals although we have such diverse backgrounds.


My classmates are friendly and it depends on the individual of whether or not they take school seriously.


Older students that keep to themselves.


friendly, polite


Very diverse in race and age. Most students are helpful to others regardless of diversity.


My classmates are out-going, fun, and focused!


Very interesting and fun to talk with


Very friendly and wanting to learn everything they can.


I am a non-traditional student with a family. Most of my classmates are younger than I am. Some are friendly, but most are not. They tend to flock to others that look and act the same as they do.


Most of my classmates are normal people who go to school, because they have to, and they struggle to reconcile their student and social life, trying to find time for both.


My classmates have their fair share of fun times, but they are also dedicated to their studies and usually always attend class regularly.