University of Arkansas at Little Rock Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


International Day which we share our culture through foods we prepare with a budget that campus life provides for us, the students, to buy and make ourselves. I had so much fun with that! We also celebrate MLK day, and other historic events. Events I mainly attend our the basketball games, and Greek Week.


I don't think UALR has traditions in the "traditional" since. I think it is up to you to make your own traditions.


The University of Arkansas at Little Rock is best known for it's accredited College of Engineering and Information Technology. The college is highly valued by workers across the United States. Hirers of engineering and technology jobs seek graduate students of the university for their expertise.


Helpful teachers


My school is best know for its diverse student body. UALR is very much a commuter campus, and is the school choice of a wide varity of people from all backgrounds. I am in class with people from age 17- 60, it gives a more serious and professional feel to the campus. The professors awesome, and make the class room a fun environment to learn in. Aside from age there is lots of religious diversity, and social diversity. This creates a very interesting and real world learning environment.


Highest graduation rate in the state.


Business, Management and Law


I think my school is best known for producing one of the best basketball players. Derek fisher who now plays for the Los Angelos Lakers went to the Uof A at Little Rock and has helped develop the program.


The University of Arkansas at Little Rock (UALR) is best known for graduates that are prepared and capable in their fields. If you pass a class, you definitely have to know the material.


How flexible the professors are to meet their students needs. Most students work full time as well as attend school full time. Professors are aware of how much students have to take in so even though we strive to complete everything on time, some professors will reschedule tests when they feel like the students are ready to take them. Not necessarily just throwing them under the bus and setting them up to fail. They really want us to retain the information and strive off of it.


It is known for it's diversity and it's locality.


their business program and pre-law program


Multi-ethnic students and talented students.


UALR is most often related to UAMS by people, and we also have a great fine arts program


the dedication of the students there and the sucess they have after graduation


Helping people to make serious and wonderful changes in their lives, and giving people second chances with new degrees. People of many backgrounds, ages, and ethnicities come to UALR, and the diversity is absolutely wonderful. The professors truly want to help us, and the university is set up to help us figure out where we want to go and how to get there.


UALR is best known for its art department, gallery, and for its history professors.


affordable hometown school