University of Arkansas at Little Rock Top Questions

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UALR offers the best education for your money.

Lisa Marie

UALR is unique compared to other schools because there is a high population of non-traditional students. I felt right at home at the university because of the teacher to student ratio, wonderful instructors, and helpful staff/faculty.


I LOVE UALR AND IT HAS BEEN THE BEST EXPERIENCE OF MY LIFE!! Without UALR, I would have not made it this far in life! Indeed, this road has been a blessing! I love it!


The lower cost of tuition.


UALR is really an awesome school. Don't let the commuter or metropolitan characteristics fool you. We have students in high school, we have traditional and non-traditional students and we have international students. We have so many opportunities for you to succeed. UALR partners with the businesses in the community to help us and to better the surrounding neghborhood. Our professors care and that is one of my favorite things about UALR. I've even had professors stay with me after class just to explain a problem to me. They are pretty amazing. I also love the amount of organizations that we have. There is so much to get involved with.


I think what is unique about my school from other school is that everybody knows everybody! It's not like other colleges were nobody knows a person name that randomly walks by your when walking to class. Sure you may not know that persons first name, yet their last name. But you've seen them in class so you can recognize their face. Also the teachers are awsome. Yes at time the throw on their serious suit sometimes but deep, deep, deep down... there actually pretty cool. I guess basicly, When Im at school I feel at home. Really shocking.


The thing that is unique about my school is the care it shows for the enviroment. There are recycling bins all around the school.


Compared to other schools I considered UALR is a pretty small school, yet very diverse. The classes are pretty small, which is great because you get a chance to really get to know your professors and your classmates. The campus is a lot smaller compared to other campuses I have seen, but it is big enough that you get a nice college experience .


They are improving. The admission requirements are going up and they are building new facilities all the time.


There are more online courses offered that help during the summer when trying to focus on working.


UALR is a growing university. If one could imagine the building of a house and all the components and design aspects that go into it to make it a home it could be compared to UALR. Students are what the blueprints are made from. We are the buildings blocks to what the university is. We are customizing the school.


It's made out of ugly red brick.


It's not just a day school, it does cater alot to the non-traditional student.


The wide age and culteral range. There is gret diversity here in the range of economic status, race, ethnicity and age. This diversity provised a richer learning experience when it comes to discussion, debate, presentations, and overall class experience.


It's not a party school but its not boring. It's strong about academics and has great instructors!




almost nobody that goes to the school actually lives on campus


The campus is located so close to the housing that you do not need to waste gas to get to classes they are just a walk away. They campus is so beautiful it is hard to describe! I love living close to family and friends and this lets me do it!