University of Arkansas at Little Rock Top Questions

Describe the best and worst parts of the social scene on campus.


Best parts if definitely organize events through the campus life, also including greek organizations. The worse events are always the ones that are not organize!


I haven't really seen a negative social scene. I think the best part of the social scene is that there is always something to do on campus. You may have to research a little bit, but when you do that you'll find that there is virtually something to do every day of the week.


I don't ever really see a negative social scene on campus. Many students are really sociable. Now that we have the new cafeteria set-up, there are so many students around. You can sit at any table and make new friends every day. This is the best part of the social scene. Plus, there is always something to do. When you get to UALR you have to do a little research, but once you do that research, you will find that there are events virtually every day of the week. :)

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