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What are the most popular student activities/groups?


Greek and alumni


Greek Organizations are very popular! Also honor societies and scholars program are very interactive. Sports programs and organizations are also a plus. We have so many groups that a student can choose to be a part of.


Basketball Team, Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Chancellor's Leadership Corps, SGA, Pi Kappa Alpha, Kappa Sigma, Alpha Phi Alpha, Delta Sigma Theta, AAMI, LWL, TEAMS, McNair Scholars, Alpha Kappa Alpha, UALR R.O.C.K.S. (Reclaiming Our Communities by Kindness and Service and Brother's Keeper, Written In Stone Poetry Club Closest friends were met in the Brother's Keeper, Written In Stone, and UALR ROCKS. Greek Life are the center of party life for students, because the school never host events on the weekends. Parties are 3 times a month maybe during some months, and less in the spring outside of Greek weeks, but parties are everyday off campus. Saturday night their is poetry and music to see within five minutes at Porter's Jazz Lounge, or The Arkansas Arts Museum, or at The Rep Theatre. The dating scene is smaller if you live off campus, dorm life dating seems to be pretty typical and outrageous, but for students off campus it can be a bit more challenging if you aren't involved in one of the larger organizations. It is easy to meet people as long as you are involved in one of the larger organizations. UALR R.O.C.K.S. - is a student organization based on service learning and bridging the gaps between organizations through collaboration. We fed firefighters for Patriots Day on September 11th, sent over 400 cards to military personnel, and helped with decoration and remodeling with Ronald McDonald House Charity of Little Rock. The organization has members of nearly all of the largest organizations on campus and members of various fraternities and sororities. It also is good at working with larger non-profits in the community by utilizing social media outlets like facebook and twitter. you can follow at or


Students seem actively involved in Greek life on campus. You can often see various greek symbols embossed across the chests of atheletes, future leaders and random students.


Most popular are the various greek organizations, cpc and nphc alike. Also, the African american male initiative program, brother's keeper project (I'm am the president of the Bros Keeper), Student Government, Ladies who launch, teaching enhancements affecting minority students etc.......................


We have tons of organizations on campus. If you can't find something you like then you can start your organization. Since being at UALR, I have joined Student Government, University Program Council, Chi-Omega, Art Club, NSBE, LULAC, Written In Stone, PRSSA, SPJ and tons of other organizations. My favorite organization is Student Government. It has given me so many opportunities and taught me how to campaign and how to run an organization. I have held many leadership positions within SGA and am now the President. I get to represent over 13,000 students and work directly with the administration. My second favorite organization is UPC. UPC stands for University Program Council. We get the opportunity to plan events for the entire school. I love it, we have a great adviser and have the opportunity to make college life for students more fun. For more information you can visit the Office of Campus Life in DSC 216.


Tons of student Organizations and Clubs to join. Here's a few I am a part of. First club I even joined as a freshmen was the Anime PWN club. I've been the club treasurer for almost 4 years now. We watch Anime (Japnese cartoons), play video games and Magic The Gathering. Club often hold free MTG drafts. I'm also part of the Art Club, I was one of the founding officers for the club. We do art and we also hold art sales - make a few extra bucks for the things you make in the classroom. International Club/Conversation Club - two different clubs, but same goal - bring international and local students together to share cultures and ideas. I am member of both clubs and officer of the International Club. Student Body Government - we hold and organize activities around campus. For example, we are holding a Hunger Banquet, which is an interactive dinner play that informs participants about the local poverty level. Design Denada - graphic design students help local organizations with their graphic design needs. And tons more clubs - you just have to find out when they meet. Campus has tons of guest speakers. There's comedians and magicians that perform in our school also and students can watch it for free. Drama students hold plays often and music students hold inexpensive or free concerts. There's galleries with visiting artists. If you walk around on campus, sometimes you find wall climbing event, big inflatable slides, free t-shirts, face painting. They have campus wide games like Human vs. Zombies or Assassin. Oh, yeah, parties. There's parties in the frat houses. I have not been to one, but there's always lots of invites. Girls usually get in free. I'm not a party person. But if you are, it's there.