University of Arkansas at Little Rock Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


The University of Arkansas at Little Rock is an amazing place to go to college with endless opportunities. Loving working with people which led me to choosing to major in Public Relations and Marketing. After doing community service on campus, I was offered a job working with recruitment for the rest of my time at UALR. I'm gaining valuable experiences in promoting our campus to future students, developing presentations, and leading tours. UALR has been a perfect fit, comfortably close to home, and where I'm gaining my independence, every day learning life skills for my future career.


The selection of class that are offered.


That I have a college degree and it does not matter where that degree came from.


This college made a difference in my life. It made me buckle down and work for, not just knowledge, but a career. I left this University and felt prepared to face the challenges of my field. I felt that I could make a difference, and I believe that I did. I wouldn't be standing where I am today if it wasn't for UALR.


Small classes with a 14 to 1 student-to-faculty ratio


I brag that I am finally going.I inherited 2 children and 1 of my own, as a widow I am very proud of their college and trade school education. It's my turn


The oncampus apartments are awesome. They are furnished with queen-size beds, dishwashers, washers, dryers, two bathrooms, and four separate bedrooms.


Well I try not to brag about my school. But I will ask them do they want to come to UALR.


So many times schools offer the same things; a great athletic program, a top ten business college, or maybe simply a great "student life." UALR hits you from a different angle. UALR strives to make sure that the students had a personal relationship with their instructors. This relationships makes students excited about learning the subjects and when we need help, it is there. UALR may be a small school, but provides a first class education.


Honestly, I can't say that I "brag." When I tell them about the good things about school, though, I mention that I appreciate the proximity of campus to so many other things like the mall, gas station, restaurants, my house, friends' houses, etc. I also enjoy the smaller class sizes and the fact that I know all of my professors and they know me very well. That helps in passing classes and gaining privileges for different things.


The availability of hours to take classes and choices of physical classrooms vs. online as well as available locations to take classes


The size of the campus.


The professors at this school are very friendly, and most of them are always available if you need help. The classes aren't too big, but they aren't too small either. The students on campus are generally friendly and willing to assist you whenever you need it. You will have a ton of fun at this school!


I brag about the people here and all the activities that are avaliable to me on campus and off!