University of Arkansas at Little Rock Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


I would recommend this school to someone over 30 years of age.


A very goal oriented person should attent UALR. They are very helpful and the teachers really care abou the students. I have really enjoyed my time being here and im sure the time to come with be just as enjoyable.


A very dedicated, hardworking person that is serious about their school work.


The type of person that should attend the University of Arkansas at Little Rock is a person who is ready to learn and attend classes. They should be ready to learn a lot of important information.


Students wanting a higher educations, all age groups attend.


Anyone interested in a better life.


Any kind of person can attend this university. They accept all kinds. No discrimination here. But each person should be focused and ready to work.


An older person


Non-traditional students and students who are more interested in getting their degree than partying. This isn't a party school, and I like that. The students tend to band together to help each other pass.


anyone who wants a good education regardless of race, religion or anyother factor