University of Arkansas at Little Rock Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


One that is not open minded


Someone not serious about school


I feel that the school is very helpful to any kind of person from any backround, the school helps students and care about the learning of the students.


It is essential that an individual approaching college be prepared. We go to college in order to make a difference in our society. A person should not attend if they aren't prepared for this responsibility. For those prospective students out there, reach out and open yourselves as wide as you can. Take on the responsibility of making a difference. All it takes is one person at a time.


Person who does not want to experience the world outside their comfort zone. UALR gives you the opportunity to broaden your career choices and experience a rich college life.


One that is not focused and is not serious about learning.


The type of person that is looking for a school where they can just focus on academics and not worry about getting involved. Mostly people who like to be alone and like small classroom sizes.


People who want to get involved on campus through extra currecular activities but they are in the process of trying to increase campus involvement.


There isn't a type a person that should not attend this school. This school is open to any and every one.


There is no type of person who should not attend this school. It's a very flexible school with a wide range of plans of study. UALR is the perfect choice for someone who is hardworking, independent, and wants a good education. It is never too late to get an education.


A person who doesnt have a lot of money. A person who likes fraternities or sororities. A person who likes sports, the choice of sports suck here.


Well there really isnt a type of person who shouldn't attend this school. I've seen all kinds of people here on campus that i normally wouldn't see any where else.


someone who isn't ready for college life. If you're not responible enough to take care of your business as an adult in a timely matter, UALR isn't for you.


Some kids just out of high school might prefer neighboring UCA because they would be surrounded by people of their age group and place in life. The diversity at UALR, in other words, may be unwelcomed by some. Also, someone seeking an English degree *may* want to look elsewhere, because the department here is being allowed to die out. There are still several amazing English professors here, though, of those who are left.


People that are looking for a more career oriented school. Even though this school has great educational programs, it's focus is defenitely careers.