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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?

Lisa Marie

Dear 25 year old Lisa Marie, Hi Lisa-Marie! If you are reading this, it is because I wrote myself a letter and sent it back in time to give myself advice about college life and becoming an adult. By the way, you age beautifully! My advice to myself is as follows: 1) UNDERSTAND STUDENT LOANS AND DEBT...this is a biggie!!! 2)RELAX once and awhile, enjoy yourself a little bit, it's ok! 3)TAKE CLASSES YOU LOVE and will want to do in the future. 4)SUCK


Michelle, major in what it is that you want to major in. You are the one that has to be happy and enjoy the field that you are in, let no one change your mind.


If I could turn back the hands of time, I would tell my high school self to focus on school and graduating. It is ok to party and attend social functions, but not let it consume and distract you from the main purpose of being in college to earn a degree. College is also a place where you will meet many new and exciting people. If you aren’t ready to be away from friends and family, then pick a school close to home. If you are the adventurous type then travel across the states to go to school. Most importantly have fun, while setting the groundwork for your life. It’s ok to be undecided on what your major will be and it’s also ok to change that major more than once. Remember you enter college as a child, but leave as an adult.


I would tell myself to be prepared, and that procrastination isn't my bestfriend, that I need to be prepared and ready for anything the professors throw at me. To know that I can do it, and that I'm strong enough to make it. That the classes, are challenging and nothing is going to be easy or handed to me. That I need to use a planner to keep things organized ad straight and rember to now wait to the last minute. That high school and college are two differnt enviroments that I can't compare, and I need to be ready and disciplined because it you're not ready college can either be a good thing or a bas one. It depends on how you handle it, you need to be responsible, and trustworthy in collefe and know what your doing.


It's really not as hard as you think. Yeah, you do have to study a little more, but it's actually fun because its what you want to study. Its okay to take a couple years off if you want to, but I promise that you will love it! There are so many awesome people to get to know and you can always have a few more friends. The opportunities ahead are amazing and no matter what, your instructors and other class mates will be there for you if you need them so don't ever hesitate to ask. There are no lockers so you have to carry your books around, unless you get to campus early everyday and get a good parking spot, that way you can just leave your books in your car and exchange them out between classes. Well, good luck. Hope all goes well, I'm proud of you!


If I could go back and talk to myself as a high school student I would off top say to take school more serious. Take the advantage at getting an education while it is free. Nothing hurts more that knowing you may not reach your dreams because of money issues. A high ACT score and GPA gives you more opportunities. Sports are fun but don't let them consume your life. Nothing is promised and sports can only get you so far. When picking a school, weigh out your options. Go where you want to go! Have faith in yourself and stay positive. God will help you get through the struggles. Never doubt yourself. Sometimes you want to give up but you have to stay strong. Do alot of research on colleges you are intrested in and fill out every scholarship you can. Never give up I have faith in you, I have faith in us.


I would tell myself as a high school senior several things. First, I would tell myself to go straight through school for as long as possible without working. Many of the things I thought were important then (such as clothes, music, etc.) are not nearly as important in hindsight. An education will be important for a lifetime, and the older you get with more responsibilities, the harder it is to balance. Second, keep a record of grades and accomplishments because you forget and will need them on your resume. Do community service. Your community is in need of educated service members and your gifts. The lives you touch just by being a positive influence are priceless, and you may never be aware of all the lives that you influence, but trust that you did as many will say later to others outside of your hearing range. These may even be people that you do not remember, but that remember you. Third, follow your heart and pick a major you love. Never do something just for the money. If you don't like it, you won't be able to do it well enough to see the money.


If I could go back and give myself advice it would be that life after high school gets better. My senior year of high school was rough. My junior year, I moved to a school that promoted creativity and individuality. During my senior year, I was figuring out who I was and who I wanted to be in the future. Unfortunately, there were a few girls in my class that did not agree with me. They made my senior year, a year that was supposed to be special, into a very tough year. I didn’t want to go to class for fear of what they would do/say and I couldn’t sleep due to stress. The fun and excitement that were supposed to go along with graduating just weren’t there. During my freshman year of college, I found like minded people. I made new friends and found a place where I belonged. The bullying that I had suffered no longer had control over my life. I’d love to go back in time and tell myself that life gets better, and that there is no reason to allow bullies to stifle the person you want to be.


For women, never wear HIGH HEELS! That obviously makes you a freshmen because the campus is very big! Always have an umbrella, especially during the fall semester! And never wear pajamas. It is very tacky! Also, get involved with on-campus organizations. It's a good way to get the experience you need and learn different things about opportunities and scholarships.


I would have told myself to not worry about dating and keep your head in your books. Also keep my grades up and go to all my classes.


I would tell myself not to worry and stress as much about my act scores or where to attend school. College life is all about self motivation and worrying about scores or places did not help my situation.


I have given the same speech for two years and I'm not sure if people listen during orientation. "REALIZE THAT COLLEGE IS NOT HIGH SCHOOL, THE OBJECTIVE IS TO OBTAIN YOUR DEGREE." Your teachers are not going to baby you in college. You need to do your work and attend your classes. You also should keep copies of every single assignment you have until the end of the semester. It's always sad seeing students during grade appeals. PAY ATTENTION TO THE SYLLABUS!!! The syllabus outlines everything you need to know for the semester. If you don't understand something or need help let your professor know the first day. HAVE FUN!!! College is a learning experience. Have fun and don't be afraid to take chances. This is the time where you learn more about yourself and are molded into the person you were meant to be. If you don't know what you want to do, it's okay. Take something you like to figure it out. While you do that, make sure to take your core classes as well.


At the time I was a senior I was focused on going to college instead of actually worrying about the financial difficulties. Therefore I missed out on academic scholarships at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. If I could go back in time I would tell myself to apply for as many scholarships as possible. The more you apply for the higher the chance you have of actually getting a scholarship that could help you financially in college. I would also tell myself to try to get in as many community service hours as you possible can because colleges look at how many hours you actually have. If I could go back I would surely make a great deal of changes so that I wouldn't have missed out on so many opportunities.


If I could go back to my senior high school self I'd have to say that I would only tell myself to keep my chin up. The reason I would not give myself any words of advice is because who knows what that would change in my current life whether for bad or for good. No, I would keep my mouth closed and allow myself to experience all the craziness that comes with enrolling in college. Without making a mistake or two along the way nobody learns anything. I think it's fair to say that even with the warnings from older siblings and my mom I still ignored them when they said college would be different. Life is always about learning. No matter how young or old you keep learning all the way up until you kick the bucket. So again I say I would not tell my past self anything about the future in college so that I would still learn on my own all over again.


Pam you better go to college right now. It is very important to your career and how much income you will make. Always pick something you are interested in. If you don't like what you study you will be trapped in a job you hate going to day after day. Worse than that you may decide to go into a totally different direction and not be able to get ahead as fast as you may have if you had studied it in college. There may be people trying to influence you not to study as you should, so that you can go out with your friends and have fun. There will always be times for that but you also need to set aside some time for your studies. If you have it planned out and know exactly when you are going study you will have something to tell your friends. They will understand as they are there to learn too. When you have achieved your goal you will feel a sense of acomplishment.


"Dana, college is serious business! My strong advice to you is to not start drinking and partying as soon as you get there. You have time to experience all the fun stuff. Also, I strongly encourage you to wait to have children. I got pregnant my 1st semester in college and left at the end of my second semester. I am just returning to college after being a single mother for 6 years. The freedom to choose is enticing and can be overwhelming, but the ability to stay focused is much more rewarding. As a mother of 2 now, I am aware that my time is valuable. I believe that if I would've waited to have kids a little longer I may already have a degree and a well paying job. I don't regret my choices because they made me an amazing woman, today. I am just advising you to be conscious and continue your education now while it's fresh and oportune. You'll be just fine and I have every confidence that you'll succeed in your next endeavors! Keep motivated, good Luck and God Speed."


Advice to My High School Self By: Sarah J. Cook If given the opportunity to advise my high school self about future obstacles and life in college, I would encourage the joining or forming of a study group to both further the development of interpersonal relationships and gain a better understanding of the material through the different perspectives and opinions of the other members. The forming of a study group would serve not only a social and academic function; it would promote the development of life skills such as organization, self-and group- motivation, leadership, and cooperation. In addition, I would also caution myself against conflicts between attitude and assigned work. Regardless of how an assignment personally affects me, it is more important that it be completed and done to the best of my abilities. I would give myself encouragement that even if it seem that everything was closing in on me, things would get better. I’d remind myself that whether or not I believe it at the time, there are many people out there rooting for me to succeed. I would also thank my parents for giving me the ability to be self-reliant.


Stay at home and not try the dorm life!!


Name brand degrees cost more for a reason. If you already know what you want to do with your degree, then a cut-rate or off-brand degree might be sufficient. However, if you are ambiguous about where you are going with your professional career, then having a name-brand degree plays into your advantage, as people will recruit you on the sole basis of having completed a specific program at a certain university. Consider the marginal mark-up of designer colleges to be the cost of doing business in order to obtain a marketable skill from a reputable institution. Also, employers look for participation in collegiate level organizations. It is in your best interest to involve yourself in these programs, specifically programs that cater to honor students.


If I could go back in time as a high school senior I would tell myself to be more open and make new friends and not just stick with the ones I know from high school. I would also tell myself to get ready for the change because college is not like high school and you have to put more effort into your work and not do just enough just to get by.


What I have gotten out of my college experience is that in one full year Ive grew up & learned how to be a young woman taking care of my buisness work wise, class wise, & studying wise. This college experience has been valuable to me because it has helped me understand whats important & what isnt & im working toward something that nobody will be able to take from me when I graduate for UALR!


I have learned more about how to deal with people and problem solving then anything else. Which in my opinion is very important in society. Because if you can't grasp either of those concepts you will not be able to apply the knowledge that you have learned in college.


I am a freshman, so I have been working hard to fulfill my general education requirements. It has been an awesome experience, and after each semester I look foward to the new challenges brought by a new set of classes each semester. I have learned to become a better communicator by coming out of high school, and realizing that my college education is up to me to earn. I have enjoyed taking challenging courses, and stretching myself to learn as much as possible while in college. I enjoy a challenge and learning to write and work at a college level has been a challenge but I have worked hard at it in order to do well. I have built lasting friendships thorugh my service-learning class, through required volunteer hours, and through many hours of working in a group to create speeches for class. So far this is what I have gotten out of my college experience.


The school cares about their students I just loved the experience and what the school did for me while I was attending.


My college experience has shown me that I am fortunate to have the ability to attend college to further my education. My plans are to become a History teacher and hopefully teach at my former school. The ability to give back to my community is a high priority to me. My instructors have taught me to reach for high goals and work ethic to obtain these goals was long implanted in me by my family, teachers and community.


Although I have not yet graduated from college, I have gotten a lot out of the college experience. I have had the opportunity to join the University of Arkansas at Little Rock's Alumni Association. Joining this association has given me the opportunity to meet and get to know the university's Chancellor, Vice Chancellor, and other prestigious alumni members. It has been valuable to attend this university for many reasons. One in particular are the relationships that you will form. I have formed great friendships with many students and staff members of the university. These relationships will most definitely benefit me in the future when it comes to building my resume and obtaining career opportunities.


I have received education and experiences above and beyond what I expected when enrolling at UALR. Anytime I had a problem or situation the professors and staff were very helpful and considerate. I have enjoyed attending this university. I feel that I am obtaining education that will give me the ability to succeed and prosper in the real world. I have had noting but wonderful experiences while here. I would gladly recommend this school to anyone who is wanting to gain the educational background and learning opportunities to be valuable resource to a number of employers.


College is about learning, about friends, about community, and about making a difference. I gained all of this from my experience in college. My learning experience went above and beyond anything I had ever expected. It went above and beyond what I thought I was capable of. I will never forget my experience at this university and how it has helped me throughout my life and career.


I have made friends and received a better education that will benefit me in my desire to become an interior designer and writer. I have had the opportunity to work on my writing and artwork, which will benefit me in my goal of becoming a great designer and writer. I have had many wonderful teachers who have helped me realize my potential and have told me to follow my dreams and that I could achieve anything I want because of my hard work and talent. My friends have also been very supportive of my dreams and that makes me happy.


What I have recieved from my college experience is a total life changing experience. To some people It may be just their education, but to me I think I have discovered what I would call "Behind the scene footage" of what students should really get out of college. I have created unforgetable memories with new friends and old and have attended on campus games, parties, and dorm study parties. Im not saying take college as a joke, but look at it as a recap on life. Have something to look back on and tell your children and your grand children. I'm sure it would put a smile on your face and others too. Not only do I look at college as a active and fun experience, but I also take may educational standards to the limit. I became cool with my professors and they boost my confidence and helped me get to where I am today. It has been valuable to attend college because it has changed my life and others too. It will benefit me on what I have always wanted to persue and with the help of education and my aspect on life, I'll get there.


What I have gained mostly from my college experience is the fact that I worked my way through college requiring an advance level of perseverance, dedication and commitment that has carried overinto my work and personal life.


A sense of accomplishment that I haven't felt from anything else that I have done. Confidence in myself which will lead to job security one day. Some admiration from others, friendships and great memories. The greatest benefit will be a completion of a long term plan/goal.


I have learned what it takes to pass your classes and the importance of getting an education is.


I have gotten a sense of responsibility and a great sense of knowledge. I love UALR. the staff is incredible and so are the students. I feel like im welcome all over campus.


By attending the University of Connecticut, I have learned what hard work truly means. But, I have aIso learned that hard work pays off as I earned a 3.69 GPA for the year as well as a spot on the Dean's list. However, I know that grades are not everything and have thus made my college experience about much more. Bt attending football games, joining clubs, and participating in intramural sports, I have been able to make my time at school a very valuable experience. Furthermore, volunteering at the Willington Nursery School with the America Reads Preschool program has also helped me to understand what a full college experience truly is. Watching the children grow as I helped them was touching and definitely made me feel like a more productive person than if i had simply studyied and enjoyed my good grades. I feel that I have grown much as a person as a result of the college experience I have had thus far. With three more years, I plan to make the absolute most of my time at school by joining even more clubs and sports. WInning this scholarship would help me to continue my college experience.


The most valuable thing I received was a great education. I learned so much and I apply it to every aspect of my life. I've learned that this world is a melting pot and you have to learn how to live in it.


My college experience has taught me alot and has also helped me grow up even more. College is not all about parties or friends or anything you think of when your in high school. College is your ticket into the real world and it doesn't come cheap or easy. I've valued the dedication i have earned from all the hard work over the past few years and also for the years to come because I know that my goals will not reach themselves without the hard work put in at college.


There are many things I would say to myself as a high school senior. The first thing would be to make sure you take over 12 hours a semester so you do not get behind. Always try your best and do not be afraid to ask for help. Another piece of advice that I would give myself is be comfortable with yourself and speak up for what you believe. The transtion to college was tough. I struggled with issues of having enough confidence to speak up in class because I was afraid that if I said something wrong people would laugh at me and look differentlyon me. This is the most important advice I could of given myself is always be your self because people can sense when you are a downer on yourself. This advice would have helped me a lot in giving me confidence to be myself and to have a better first year of college. The last thing would be to make sure you do your best but also make new friends and enjoy yourself because going to school is a once in a lifetime opportunity and enjoy it.


I was very fortunate I began the work study program after graduation, worked for Social Security and attended college. During the first semester my sister passed away. Newly married, 2 small children, working full time I quit school. I was thankful I was able to keep my goverment job, with great insurance worked my way up the ranks, my uncle then became a judge the neptism law went into affect and I was let go. I would have told my self change is the only thing certain, prepare, 1 class a night a 2 year degree, experience and education was needed, deditication 14 years experience with 1 company, it did not matter to the goverment my husband had died the law is the law, change makes us strong. Over 45 attending college, the students treat me good What else could I ask for.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high schoo senior, and knowing what I know now about college life and making the transition, I think the best advice that I could give myself would be to concentrate more on actually learning the subject material in my classes and applying for more scholarships. You always think college will be harder then high school but there is so much material in high school that we don't take the time to learn that is thought to be common knowledge in college. Taking the time to learn the small stuff makes classes a lot easier when you make the trnasition. I also knew college was going to be expensive, but I had no idea how much money was involved outside of tuition and fees. The cost of books changes every semester. It could be a couple hundred one semester and be almost a thousand the next. No one wants school loans or to have to worry about working all the time either, but there is also food, gas, and all the stuff it takes to live on your own to think about when your move to college.


The advice I would give myself is to stay focused and study hard from the very beginning. I did not take college seriously until after a few semesters. My grades the first couple of semesters has bit me in the butt. I have been working as hard as I can to bring up my GPA. So, my advice would be to work hard, remember the goal, and know that mistakes can forever change your future.


Don't be afraid to reach as high as you can when choosing a major and future career goal. Everyone has an opportunity to achieve their goals. You may feel you have more challenges than the person sitting next to you, but I'm sure he feels the same way. You need to work at balancing those challenges with the future you are trying to work towards.


Even though I consider myself a successful high school student, I would encourage myself to listen more to the teachers who kept telling me that the assignments and advice they were giving myself and my classmates, would help us in college. I now realize that what advice I do remember and did listen to has been extremely helpful. I just wished I had "heard" all that I was listening to at the time.


If I could go back into time and talk to myself as a high school senior. Knowing what I know now about college life and making the transition, I would tell myself to take the decision more seriously and to not let anyone else decide for me. I originally wanted to attend Spelman in Georgia instead of the University of Central Arkansas. I believe that Spelman had more to offer me, and had I not followed my friends, I would have been more focused. Also, I think everyone needs to leave home sometime just to experience something different and to make a life of their own. I believe my remaining so close to home was a comfort blanket for me. That comfort blanket has held me back in some ways. Home is all I know, and once you step foot out into the real world or work industry, there is no more comfort blanket. It is you and the material you were equipped with in college. I wish I had this frame of thought when I first chose a school. In my heart, I believe I had the smarts. I just feared letting go of home.


The best advice I could give myself would be to slow down, enjoy the experience, and ask a lot of questions. I rushed in to college ready to get it over with and it was a big mistake. I didn't try as hard as I should have and I didn't take it serious enough. I was to worried about finishing on time, or finishing with everyone else. I should have been more concerned about my grades and my future. It took me about two years to finally realize that college is an amazing privledge and that I am so very lucky I had the chance to go. I am currently applying for nursing school and UALR and it's times like these that I really wish I could have a chance to go back and start all over. Overall my grades were ok, but looking back on it I really wish I had taken my first two years more seriously. If I was to give any high school student advice today it would be to ask a lot of questions and enjoy your time in college, but slow down and really take it seriously.


I would tell myself to get a job. The physical transition to college was not a problem, but bills are getting tough. I'm applying for jobs left and right, but because I have no previous work experience, no business wants to hire me where I live. The best thing I could tell my past self is to get a job to accumulate work experience.


I would tell myself that there is a difference between high school and college. Many freshmen tends to drop out of school because of the big transition between high school and college. Stay focused and do not slack off because it can get hard if you do not pay attention or do not do your work. Always do your work and get all the necessary materials for your classes and you will be successfull in college.


To keep all of my math notes. To read as much as I can and wirte. Should have retaken the ACT. When I was out from having my son I should have went back physical to school rather than having a home bound teacher come theach the lesson.


I would give high school seniors the advice of taking college tours and applying for scholarships ahead of time. Also, make sure that your tuition is taken care of , so you won't have to take out any loans.


I have revisited my time as a High School Senior and reviewed what I would change many times. I would have not work so much at a minimum wage part time job but devoted more time to studying course work for college and even taking college courses for college credit. I would have been involved in as many High School clubs as possible not only to gain experience in the real world but to make friends in many areas who could be my support system. I would have assembled a network of study partners to help me through High School and join me in college. I would have put my personal life on hold until I graduated college !! , then I would not of had to struggle so hard and long to get back in college as I am today.