University of Arkansas at Little Rock Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?

Lisa Marie

The best thing about UALR is the university's culture of students. There is a diversity of people that become your lifelong friends. I love the location of the university and the easy-going atmosphere.


The dorms are absoultely amazing! I live in The Village this year that are apartment style facilities where I have my own room, my own bathroom, and a large living area, kitchen area, and free laundry facilities that I share with my three roomates. Not only that but it's just across the street from campus, has its own fitness area, pool, clubhouse, and parking area. It's completly secure and a gated community. My freshman hall in West last year was wonderful too and a very social enviornment that built friendships from the start. UALR is awesome!


I don't feel out of place. The faculty and students are friendly. The campus is big enough to where I feel comfortable.


It's very VERY DIVERSE!! We are the only non-traditional college in Arkansas. UALR mostly accepts transfer hours.


The diverse student population and the amount of opportunities. UALR is a metropolitan university with ties to virtually every business you could imagine. We have a co-op program that can help you find an internship. We have career and counseling services if you need help figuring out your career after college. We also have many resources to help any student who is having trouble in a course. Math= Go to the Math Lab or Student Support Services to find a tutor Science=Check with the department about tutors English=Go to the writing center to get help on a paper Communications= Go the Communications Skills Center to get help with your speech In addition, the amount of diversity on campus is amazing. In fact, the majority of my friends are from other countries. I have learned so much about other cultures and have been able to step outside of my box. In addition to a wonderful and diverse student population. we have an amazing study abroad office. If you want to study abroad, the staff will help you find every possible way to help you fund it. Our uniqueness lies in the fact that everyone puts the students first. In fact that is one of the goals, I should know, I helped create some of the goals. That should tell you just how much UALR cares about student's opinions.


Relatively inexpensive. Plus, I live in Little Rock, so having the school here helps out with finances.


The best thing about my school is the professors. The professors are willing to help you if you ask to get a better understanding on the subject.


The best thing is that not having things to do everyday of the week it gives you more time to study, get your homework done, have a job, & stay out of trouble.


The best thing about the University of Arkansas at Little Rock, is the sense of family. Before I can to this university, I only knew about four or five other students, that I had went to high school with. But after a couple of weeks there, I had already made great friendships with classsmates and other peers. It's amazing how everyone at this university tends to look out for one another. I have been offered great opportunities just by getting to know the right people at this university. Attending this university is gaining like a big family.


One of the best things about my school , the University of Arkansas at Littlet Rock (UALR), is that at the time I attended it was designed with the working student in mind. It was also referenced as a "commuter college" since a substantial amount of students commuted from outlying towns to attend and also there were only a couple of dormitories on campus. UALR supported this type of environment by offering classes that "fit" the needs of the students, i.e. night classes, offering same class during the night and day sessions, ample parking, etc.


I consider the best thing about my school to be its location. There are so many things to do while not attending school. there is also a lot of places to intern and work, relative to your major, that will work around your class schedule. It's also a great place for pre med sudents because of the University for Medical Sciences also located in Little Rock.


The best thing about UALR is that the professors want you to learn. They don't simply want you to pass the class. I think this is the best thing, because when I pass a class, I feel that I have earned my grade and am prepared for the next step in the curriculum.


The best thing is that we have some many different major to choose from. We have get togethers with different people on the campus. It's nice to live on the campus so I hear. There's not alot of crimes happen on and off campus. The people up here are kind/silly/funny/down to earth type of people.


Up until the piont I have been taking classes for a degree in BALA online. I think it is wonderful that this University gives some many options for online degrees. I was working full time and this was the best solution for me.


The best thing about my school would have to b my teachers. Being a dance major they give me the correct amount of instruction I need to fufill my dream of one day, opening a company. They all go out of their way to answer any question I may have about anything, finding the answer of what they don't know, or pointing me in the correct direction. The teachers at the University of Arkansas Little Rock are amazing.


UALR has a wide variety of majors available, especially for adults like me who are attending college to obtain your first degree. They also have wonderful instructors who are always willing to assist you when you need it, whether you are taking their course on campus or on-line. As an adult student, they also allow you to pair up with a mentor who has the same or similar interest as you, who can help encourage and give you inspiration.


The best thing about my school is that there is a diverser group of people. Most ethnicities get along. There are a lot of opportunities here at Univeristy of Arkansas at Little Rock. We all love our school and each other.


The best thing about UALR is that you get to meet alot of people and the teachers here (some) really want you to succedd in life. The are very hand-ons and work with you.


The best thing about my school is the location. I live down the street from the university, so it's very accessible.