University of Arkansas at Monticello Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


it is known for their great nursing program. there are people all around that can help you with anything concerning the campus.


UAM is often seen a joke around here because it's an open admission school and the idea most students here don't succeed because of how small the school is. I believe there is potential that people must make out of any college experience regardless of where they attend school. The tuition here is very low compared to most universities, and a degree is a degree to me. As long as the students here realize there is potential outside of this small town, I think they have the same opportunities for graduate school or jobs that any student has.


Its agriculture program. We are the only university in Arkansas with an Agriculture program. We have cattle and livestock here on campus and have students from all over the state and out of state come to be a part of the Farming Industry.


UAM is known for their Forestry Department and their Nursing Program. They are also known for having the strangest mascot, the boll weivel.


Cows, and how great the college marching band is.