University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


My school is actually best known for their fraternities and sororities. For some odd reason, it seems as though people want to pledge here and then leave. They are also known for their Nursing, Agricultural, and Education departments. I hear that the Education department is one of the best on campus. Our band is also known too. They are called the M-4 band. The Musical Marching Machine of the Mid South! We are also known for some of the speakers to come to our campus. This year, the ex-editor of Essence magazine came here and talked about empowerment!


Sports and education


My school is best known for agriculture, football, and the marching band.


My school is best nown for parties.


The University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff is best known for his wonderful band. When your on campus, you can bet that the band is practicing. I have taken several night classes and you can find them in the parking lot playing as I'm leaving class. I'm usually getting out around 8:45. As you can tell, there hard work pays off, giving them the title of one of the best bands in college.


Our school is best known for academics and active celebrations of our culture and traditions as African Americans.


The band


UAPB is most known for the M4 band and fisheries/biology department. The fisheries department is one of the top in the nation.