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University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences

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University of Tennessee Health Science Center (UTHSC) has an excellent nursing program with lectures based on evidenced based practice. They also have one of the few Bachelor of Science to Doctorate of Nursing programs in the United States. The American Collegiate of Nursing has implemented new practice standards that will be implemented in 2015. UTHSC is lecturing and teaching the new practice standards and I want my knowledge to be up-to-date the day I graduate and become ready to practice as a Nurse Practitioner with a DNP!

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UAMS offers are huge variety of degrees in the medical field. It is paired up with at teaching hospital that allows us a great opportunity of learning. It is ranked top in some of the degrees it offers it students, such as Respiratory Therapy, which is what my degree is in. Class sizes are small depending on the degree you are seeking and their are very realistic labs to help us be the best we can in our professions.

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