University of Arkansas-Fort Smith Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Excellent Engineering Program


It's the best possible place to go to get the degre that you want.


Well UAFS is my dream school as a child and,it has wonderful educational opprotunities and many social events to get envolved in- I love it!


The University of Arkansas at Fort Smith is a newer four year institution that depicts a pragmatic attitude towards the excelling of its students and sees to it that each student makes the best grades possible.


My school is the perfect school for me: close enough but also far enough from home, medium size, located in a good city and in a good part of the city, good housing, good teachers, and great students.


My school has been great.


Small college, growing rapidly in past couple of years


My school is very small and tight-knit.


The University of Arkansas at Fort Smith was student oriented, yet some of the professors seemed like they really did not care if you suceeded or failed.


It is small but big enough for you to learn.


It is a fun, well organized, prefectly sized school for you to get that degree you want. Classroom size is perfect for one that likes one on one work.


It's a fairly small school, the professors know who you are and are interested in you succeeding


Great if you like this city


It is a friendly university.


Honestly, my school promoted cheeper tuition and avalablitly of classes but when it came to advisement and help I was a little on my own, but I was able to get in some of my classes that I needed for a transfer.


This school is accelerating academically rapidly, full of opportunities, but still needing some administrative organization.


U A Fort Smith was my first choice and one that I would do again. I love going to this college and I believe that it is a great school and the professors and students are helpful and very friendly. There is something for everyone and always something to do. The campus is cleary marked and the classes are easy to find.


The University of Arkansas at Fort Smith is a college devoted primarily to practical professions and getting people prepared for jobs as soon as they get out of school , however, it lacks in opportuntities for study in abstract fields.