University of Arkansas-Fort Smith Top Questions

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Something unique about UA-Fort Smith is that it's beginning to expand better in the way that it's not only a well-known college in Fort Smith or Arkansas as a whole but it's beginning to expand to other states in the U.S.


This school has some professors who really care. I may say a few times that is still more like a community college in many ways, it's very small and most people who attend here do so out of convenience, Fort Smith is the second largest city in Arkansas population-wise. However, the degrees are valid and accepted in many other places, especially in Arkansas, Texas and Oklahoma.


This school has a deversity of students both racial and ages.


The University of Arkansas at Fort Smith is unique in comparison to other schools I considered because it has a welcome atmosphere. While it has the resources of a university, it offers the attention needed for students as a community college offers. The University has an excelling business department that offers different methods of help for students, whether it be tutoring or personal assistance from the professors. The faculty and staff are excellent at informing students about upcoming activities and opportunities to maximize a full experience at the college by e-mailing or sending out newsletters.


The atmosphere is very open and relaxing. The view is amazing. Its close to my family.


I haven't considered any other schools due to a few facts that my mother attends school here and its a convient drive from home and work.


It has great teachers who aren't afraid to take extra time with their students. You never have to be afraid to ask questions. They love when you do.


It used to be a community college, and it's starting to grow and get a lot more students. It's a decently close together campus, so there's not a lot of walking which is nice. In my opinion, it has an amazing music department. It's a very organized school. It's close to home and overall it's just a really good school.


My school is small enough to where you can park and walk to almost every building on campus and still make it to class on time. But large enough to provide numerous opportunities. Other schools tend to be so big that it can be hard for students to make it to where they need to be in a timely manner and it can disrupt the learning process and focus.


It is Community College that went to a 4 year University about 3 years ago. As a result it still feels like High school and I have never been in a class that has more than 40 students. It is very friendly and all of the Professors are teaching oriented, they don't do research so they are only there to teach.


It is close to my family and the grounds are beautiful. The classes are smaller than most of the big universitites that I looked at. The location is good, in a smaller town that is not a big college town with lots of drinking and drugs. You don't find much of that around here.


It is a school that is transforming from a 2-year commuter school into a 4-year traditional school. Students have the unique ability to make drastic changes for the future of the school.


Class are small; thus, teacher may help you one on one if time isn't a factor in class. Out of class though, they'll be happy to help anytime.