University of Arkansas-Fort Smith Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


The lazy person that doesnt want to work for their degree should not go here. They WILL fail.


Based on my experiences at this university I think if a potential student is considering a college where fraternaties and sororities are the main attraction to the college, UAFS might not be the best school to consider. UAFS does have fraternaties and sororities where students can be a part of but they are not as big and known as they are in other colleges. Mostly the fraternities and sororities at UAFS are based on helping the community and individuals at their school rather than "partying and drinking" like they might be in other institutions.


Someone who is not going apply themselves and not put forth their all into school. If you go up to college planning to party and only study a little bit then you're setting yourself up to fail. The people that do this don't have their priorities straight and are going to get further and further behind in their classes and homework. Someone who is lazy and doesn't believe they have to work hard in college is also someone who wouldn't do well at the University of Arkansas-Fort Smith. I plan to be neither of these.


This school is relatively small, so anyone who prefers a big school probably should not attend this university. Also, this university holds the most common majors. So if your major is uncommon, they may not have it. UAFS is big in psychology, medical fields, dentistry, techinical majors, and biology.


I think that the only kind of person who shouldn't attend this school is a person who thinks that they can go off to college and just party and not attend classes and still do well in their college career. Most teachers take attendance in class, so students are required to attend a certain amount of classes. If you don't intend on taking college seriously, this isn't a school for you. It isn't a hard college, but you do have to try.


This is a very diverse school and its very easy to fit in and get involved.


People who are looking for a serious and very acedemic future.


A person who likes one on one time with the professors, and a person who likes campus activities but would also like to be able to hold a job and half a life outside of college, although this is not true for the performing arts degrees.


Someone that like the big cities and lots of excitement.


Only those who are comitted to working hard and learning the material. Those who want to work on a bright future for themselves. Those who wish to succeed.