University of Arkansas-Fort Smith Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Don't be afraid to move to new states and new cities no matter how large or small that city is.


Dylan, please realize that if you continue on the path you're currently on, you will only make it one year in college. After that you will spend the next five years of your life struggling to stay clean and sober. However you will regret nothing, especially since it's made you who you are today, the person God made you to be. The struggle is real, congratulations on your recovery five years from now. You're going to feel hopeless, and like giving up is the only option. I promise you, when you make it through, everything works out and you find a new confidence in yourself, one previously thought impossible to obtain. Anyways, keep your head up, you'll be making straights A's in college, or close to it anyways. P.S. Keep your eyes peeled for the woman named Casey in your future, she's an amazing person and wife = )


I would tell myself to work harder as a freshman and set a great foundation for my last three years.


If I had the chance to go back in time to my high school senior self, I would tell myself that no matter how many times I want to give up/slack off during the last year of high school, that I have to do my best and try my hardest to do better. College has taught me that you have to pay more than enough attention in class and that you have got to take your education more than serious now, because when it comes to deadlines and final exams, the professors don't spoon feed you like they do in high shool. To take as many ACTs as possible to be eligible for more scholarships, and to make sure my GPA was between a 3.0-4.0 so that I wouldn't have to struggle with not having enough money to pay off college tuition like I am now. If I had the chance, my high school senior self would do all that I could to try even harder, because in a blink of an eye, everything is over and the real world is now infront of you, in your hands, looking back at you.


Hey, I know this is hard to believe but I am you. I have sent this letter to you for some advice that will help you greatly. First, you need to figure out what you want before you go to college and apply for more scholarships. Scratch that. EVERY SCHOLARSHIP. College costs more than you know and you need to know that before you apply. Also, don't worry about what everyone else thinks. After you graduate you really don't see any of those people anymore. You will be ok. Chin up and strive to achieve every single one of your hopes and dreams. Sincerely, Yourself


If i could go back and talk to my high school self, the only thing i would say to myself would be to be yourself. There's no pont in trying to fit in with people that don't already accept you for who you are. Friends you make throughout our college experience will come and go, but some will stay for a lifetime. Before everything else, study. If you don't study a good amount each night, then you'll have to work harder and work more to get to the place you want to be in life. Work smart not hard. College is very enjoyable if you let if be. The experiences you have here will shape the image of who you want to be and further your drive to get to the place that you want to go.


College is the greatest experience I've had in my education so far. It's a shame to think how much greater it would be if I hadn't been the procrastinatory deadbeat I was in high school. Because of my actions (or lack thereof), I am now without a scholarship of any form or fashion, blindly making ends meet. If I could go back and be the one positive influence I was missing in my college preparation, I would have never let myself hesitate to take the most important steps. For example, taking the ACT. I would make myself take it multiple times instead of for the *first time* on the last eligible day. (What was I thinking?) I would make myself visit potential campuses, something I never did. I would encourage the college experience since I had basically given up on it by senior year--I had no idea how great it would be. I would tell myself how quickly two semesters pass, nowhere NEAR the time a school year seemed to last. I would tell myself not to worry so much about going or not going--a full ride ANYWHERE is a FULL RIDE. If I could...


If I could go back to when I was a senior, I would try to prepare myself for college as much as possible. When everyone said college is difficult, they weren't lying. Good study habits, multi-tasking, and staying focused are essential to being successful. I would tell myself not to take ANY sleep or spare time for granted, don't sweat the small things, and just have fun. There are so many other things I could warn myself about but I think that learning those things by trial and error has assisted me in becoming a better college student. I'd make sure to tell myself that college teaches you skills that last a lifetime and prepare you for your future. So all those tests you will stay up all night to study for will be worth it when you are well equppied for your chosen career.


My family chose to move two states away partway through my senior year, so I had many transitioning difficulties. Ironically however, what affected my life the most during that time was that I did not take initiative. I took AP classes and always received As and Bs, but never paid attention to the large changes and deadlines flying at us in school. Now I am paying for it-I could have graduated this month with a BA and begun my Master’s. Instead, I am in the second full year of my degree, balancing an unrelated entry-level job with full-time schoolwork. If I could go back, I would tell my younger self to catch every deadline as early as possible-scholarships, applications, and pivotal graduation requirements. What we do above and beyond the minimum ultimately matters the most. These transitions are what define us, because the whole world is easy compared to attaining the next height. I enjoy college, and handling the schoolwork is not a problem; the lost time is my only regret. I still need this reminder sometimes, but now I have seen why we must never stop reaching, and I wish I had known then.


If I could go back in time and give myself advive on college, I would say to myself, why should I believe what my teachers told me? They said that we would be doing citations in MLA style , and we use APA. They also said that the teachers would care if we passed, they don't, we have to go at our own pace, and learn things ourselves. Why don't I apply for scholarships before hand? I applied at the last minute. Why don't I rent books instead of buying them? I bought them instaed of renting them. Why don't I get a job on campus? I don't have a job and its killing me to have one. Why don't I take summer classes? It would help me get my degree faster. And why don't I just go at my own pace? Instead of racing to finish first. This would have been really helpful before hand. I wish my teachers would have told me the truth, and I wouldnt have to find out on my own.


Knowing what I know now I would tell myself: "Mike in the future you will struggle figuring out your ideal career choice, you will have a wife and child who need you to be the man they look up too. So here and now decide on your future, you have a family who loves you and needs you. Even though times will be hard from here on out. Just remember when you look into their faces. They will look back at you with smiles and un-ending love because you will be the man who never let them down, the super dad who juggled work, school, and home to provide his family with everything they could possibly need and want. Mike you will be a super hero to your family and a man you will be proud as you watch your family grow. So for all of us study hard and focus and I promise you will be honored at the man you become."


I would tell tell myself that i need to relax , everything will come very fast. College is serious business, it's not just an extention of high school. What you do in college will determine the rest of your life. Don't ever let anyone tell you that you can't do it or that your not smart, becuase you are. You are a lot smarter than you give yourself credit for. If you continue to doubt yourself it will hold you back from your true potential, all of your relationships will fall apart and you will become antisocial. You also need to fill out more scholarships, because your are very poor and need the money to go to college. That procrasination B.S. that you have been doing in high school won't work, this also goes for your classes too. Anyways i wish you the best of luck, i know you can do it after all you are me. Oh, and by the way no matter how tough things get or how messy the situation, never give in or give up no matter how much you want to fall flat on your face.


Sylvia,WAKE UP : will you please realize that your choices effect your future.Concentrate!! everyday life struggles are hard now but will be harder if you let them keep you back. Siblings in your in charge are watching you ,you will be the first to go to college the first to blaze the trail you and only you can do that at this time. You must not forget your good study habits,your strong inner drive to succeed ,don't let anyone tell you it isn't worth it ,remember a great mind is made not given! You are worth all that you seek to achieve consistency is the key never ever quit press forward and you can get that degree. Four years will pass no matter if you are in school or not --why not school ? You have more to gain than all the struggles you could ever possibly face, so don't be afraid to succeed.


If I could go back in time and advice my own self about transitioning from high school to college I would totally do it. The best advice that I would give myself is to value my education alot more. We often take for granted all the opportunities that we are given in high school. Not knowing what we want to do for the rest of our lives or not wanting to attend college is some of the reasons why students including myself don't appreciate the free services offered out our local highschools. One thing to remember is that we are not always going to live off of our parents or siblings one day we will have to grow up and move on with our lives and whenever that time comes and you decide that going to college is path you are wanting to take don't look at yourself in the mirror one day and regret not taking that extra math class or that anatomy elective you were being offered in highschool. Think that you are being blessed for having opportunities to be successful in your life that other children around the world don't have. Consider yourself lucky.


Despair and desolation depicts the soil you stand on, lacking lust and aspiration. Tantalized by success, tormented with constant reminders of inadequacy, you've tethered yourself to a rope of hopelessness and uncertainty. I cannot allow you to proceed to lower yourself into an enthralling hole of self-destruction. Brian, I've lied in that hole, ostracized and broken. I admitted defeat, but for you that's not an option. For potential lies graciously in your palm and opportunity is knocking but growing impatient at your doorstep. You have something I never had: potential and it's enticing. You're a phoenix, Brian: indestructible, unconquerable, and rare. You're standing on the brink of greatness, this advice is all I have to offer and it is catalyst that will take you there.


Honestly, a year ago, I couldn't see my self here. I was very doubtful of my self. If i could go back, i would tell my self " hey you're gonna make it,; just keep pushing on and hold on to your dreams!". I'll admit there were times i wanted to throw the towel in- but I'm sure glad I didn't!


The advice I'd give if I were able to go back and talk to myself as a high school senior would be to take college more serious. Most people do not realize how serious college is until they drop out and never attend school again. College is not cheap and when you pay for it out of your own pocket, you realize what priorities are important to you most. I'd also inform myself about the importance of applying for scholarships and the stress it would relieve myself from if I weren't so lazy as a high school student. Also, when attending college I'd tell myself it's not always appropriate to put off work that could be done ahead of time because you never know when assignments can pile up along with projects and test within a few days. The pressure of being on your own may seem new but letting outside influences overwhelm what's the important task is not worth the risk of being sent back home under the roof of your parents. As a high school senior, stay focuesed on your goal and don't be afraid to ask for help from anyone.


This is your last year in high school Emma! You look at everything as if it is easy to do right now and trust ME it is compared to college life, no rent due every month, no bills, and you don't look at groccery shopping as a way to spoil yourself! Who would have ever thought that you would even learn how to cook, mom can't even believe it! Emma, just remember to keep your dreams alive and strive for all you believe and love to do. Don't give up on yourself or put yourself on hold for others or life. Life has never pushed 'pause' to allow you to take a break from everything. Follow your heart in everything that you do, at times you will feel like your dreams are unreacheable and people will doubt you. Remember the key is in yourself. When you reach that dream you want you will find that you are following your heart to fulfill the career that fits you! Right now you don't know it but you pushed your dream out to fit life! Life has twists and turns, ups and downs, keep on believing in yourself!


Fill out as many applications as you possibly can, take SAT again, Take ACT, Get involved in College Discovery Programs. Apply For Financial Aid.


"Look, me. Start busting your butt and get this stuff done and don't blow things off." I would tell my younger self that he hasn't realized his own potential and that he is plenty smart enough to make straight a's if he applies himself. I would tell myself not to worry about the past and to look forward and focus on the things that will help me make something of myself. College being the number one thing, and to not wait till the last minute on scholarships and college applications because in the long run, when you take things one day and one step at a time, it makes the work load seem much, much less when you section it out instead of procrastination and trying to cram or b.s. a paper or project. Keep your chin up and keep moving forward.


If I could advise my high school self, I would tell myself that no matter the cost, I should go to the school that I want. I should not settle for a school just because it is cheaper. I would also tell myself that there are so many more scholarships and federal funds for which I could have applied. I would make sure that I studied more in high school and learned to use study groups to prepare for college. I would also make sure that somehow, I lived on campus. I believe that one cannot get the full college experience without being fully emersed in student life and having to interact with other students in academic and non-academic fields. I do not feel that my high school did a good job of preparing me for college, or that the University did a very good job of making me feel like a part of their instituion instead of just a number.


I would tell myself to save all the money I earned. I knew college would by expensive, but I never knew how hard I would struggle in getting enough money in scholarships to pay for everything year to year. I think I was very well prepared educationally for my college, as I graduated from a very good high school. The only other thing I would tell my self is to prepare to be independent, because college has almost a little too much freedom!


I would tell myself that it was going to be harder than I thought - that the transition wouldn't just be a breeze. I would tell myself that to focus on school and not worry so much about going home every weekend and sometimes during the week. I would say that even those classes that seem pointless still affect your GPA and you have to take them seriously or it can mess up your financial situation and your GAP for the rest of your college career. I would tell myself that just a little more work at the beginning of college could save a lot of work later on.


I wish I would've had more interest in high school considering my gpa ran between 1 and 2. I think education is so important now and I'm glad I waited to go to college. If I would've went to college immediately after high school, I would've made the same mistakes as then.


I have grown so much as both a performer and a person during my years at University of Arkansas - Fort Smith. I have done more to follow my own heart in the past five years than I ever did previously. I have made lifelong friends here and learned valuable skills that are maybe not so conventional but will benefit me nevertheless. It is because of my experience here that I have the courage to pursue my dreams. I have never been discouraged by a professor or classmate; rather, each has urged me forward in my post-graduate goals. I feel prepared for what lies beyond the walls of academia because of my experience here.


I have learned that in order to suceed you must push youself harder everyday. Studying is a #1 priority. And attendenc is also very important.. Not going to class is like paying for a movie and not attending the showing. Basically you paid for that class and the instructor to teach you the material so why miss the class. I just dont understand some students that skip class this is so disrespectful towards your teacher for one and your just cutting yourself short of extra knowledge you could have learned on the day or days you missed that scheduled class day. I currently work full time as an EMT and in 2007 graduated Paramedic school and im a full time mom of 4 children. Its been rough BUT YOU MUST STRIVE TO SUCEED!! You have to want it to get it! Iam 30 years old and have decided i would like to work in the Criminal Justice feild. College has made me a stronger person, because it is stressful at times but i understand that you cant get anywhere in this ole world without an education! I work hard and study hard for my education and for my family!


My college experience has taught me to be patient, but also to be ambitious and go for the stars. I have learned so much not only through my classes and professors but through the friends I've made. The professors are very knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful. The office staff has been nothing but great. I am very satisfied with just about every aspect of campus. I think that the most valuable aspect of attending the University of Arkansas - Fort Smith has been the things I have learned about myself through this school, not only through my education but through the friends and the events I've attended.


I am a very devoted college student studying music at The University of Arkansas Fort Smith. I am the first one in the building when it opens at 6:30 in the morning, so i can practice my instument and prepair for the day, and almost alway one of the last ones to leave at 9 when the building closes. I do this so i can mae sure all my work it done and also so i can become the best musician and musical composer possible. When we have peformances I'm at the venue hours before the show to make sure everything is in place and after i stay late to make sure everything is put back. I work hard at what I do because I love it and i can wait for the day to have a career doin what I love, Writing and performing music!


It has prepared me to move on to a larger college and it has saved me a lot of money by getting my basics out of the way at this school.


I have highly developed my concept of design and my skills concerning all aspects of design.


I have learned so much while being here, and made many friends in the process. It is a small college that is growing more each year. I do wich there were more activities on campus, and most of the people here go home on the weekends so it can become very hard to find something fun to do. I would say a good 70{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of the people that go to this college commute here, the college experience here feels more like an oversized community college than anything else.


My college experience so far has been rather pleasant and it has been valuable, because I have learned independency, leadership, and responsibility. I feel that it is sufficiently preparing me for my future career in Nursing.


I attended school for a year before I had my son. I tried really hard at some classes , then not so much at others. I regret the choices I made then. It's been three years and I feel like a completely different person looking back. I realize now the opportunities I didn't take full advantage of. University of Arkansas Fort Smith was like a second home to me. I had friends and mentors all around me. My teachers were very encouraging, pushing me to my potential. Back then I took offence to their pushes. Now, I know they could see I wasn't applying my full potential and want to help my discover that person. They did. I found that person through their advice. I'm just sad I didn't discover it sooner. My college gave me mentors to look up to. My mentors showed me how to push myself. And I discovered how much I want to succeed.


I have gotten to know some really nice people. These include professors (of which I am older than most) and students which I am older than most. The learning is also something that really sticks out because the atmosphere is more non-traditional here than at your typical four year university.


I have really seen what college classes are acutally like, size wise and learning wise. I now know how to better my future education. I have learned that I need to try harder, and study more often.


As a returning student, I have been able to experience college as a recent high school graduate and as a non-traditional adult student. I decided when I was in first grade that I was going to be an engineer. I looked forward to college and worked hard through school to prepare. I feel that my early college experience confirmed to me that there is a world of opportunities out there that I hadn?t even considered. The variety of required courses provided exposure to literature, Sociology, music, Psychology, and many other subjects that opened my eyes to the possibilities for study. I learned so much. But, it all served to confirm and support my lifelong dream to make a difference in the world as an engineer. Now, I am back in school, after taking time off to have a family, and am thankful for the myriad experiences that have prepared me to be a successful student and engineer and to, hopefully, make a difference in the world through my chosen field.


If I had the ability to go back in time to tell myself what I know now as a college freshman, I would tell myself that it is important to practice time managemant and organizational skills to be successful in college while taking on multiple demanding tasks such as a part time job and attending college full time. High school is another world than college and, as a high school student, I had been told numerous times that learning how to study effectively in less time is vital for success in college. In high school, the teachers make sure you do everything in their classes to pass them but in college they do not care for the most part if you pass or not. The responsiblity of the professor is to teach you the material so that you can understand it well and it is the college student's responsiblity to use the information to succeed in performing tasks assigned by the professor. I wished I would have known as a high school student that college builds upon knowledge that I learned previously and that it is important to remember the things that I learned pertaining to my major.


If I could go back in time I would tell myself to not let others opinions affect where I go. I would tell myself to apply to many colleges, to explore new things. Over and over we hear that college is a time to find yourself. I would tell myself to get out there hold nothing back, to not worry so much because your smart and you will accomplish this. I would tell myself to not let the limitations placed on me, stop me. College is great! You'll love it! The last thing I would tell myself is to make new friends but don't forget the old ones and above that stay close with family! They will be your Rock!


Going back in time to give advice to my self about college would be very helpful. I would have told myself to choose wisely the classes I should get and consult an advisor. Also tell my self to get classes after 12 p.m. but before 4 p.m. thats the best schedule time in my opinion. what else would say? not be afraid to get involve in class discussion, its better for the proffesor to notice you involve in the discussion. The most important advice I would have given my self is to manage time wisely and have a planner to organize my days. Also take money managment classes. Finally i would say have fun! Enjoy college its a opportunity to be someone inlife. Their are many people who would be glad to help out. So lets do are best and reach our goals.


If I were to go back and talk to myself, I would say that I need to make sure that I am prepared. Going from high school to college is a big transition for people who are not ready. I was excited and ready to meet new people, not exactly ready for all of the classes. I struggled my first year, but now I am doing much better! So I would say, make sure to pay attention and study all you can, because this transition will be difficult. I would also tell myself not to focus on social life at first, but to focus on what I wanted to do specifically in college. I would make sure that I knew what my career ambitions were before I started.


The first and only advice I would give to myself would be 'Focus' I think when you focus on something, you put everything else away and keep certain things in mind. And that's what we need to do in school is 'focus', put away all interest in video games, friday night, weekend parties, hanging out with friends on school night and focus on school because high school is a critical moment in your life which will determine where you will be spening the next 4 years of your life. Do you just want to do ok like me and end up in a small universtiy that limits the studying expansion? Or would you like to try hard and end up in a big university full of diversity and activities and live in a dorm like every teens dream? This is my only advice I would give to myself. And all I expect is success.


If I could go back in time and give myself advice when I was a senior in high school, I would tell myself that college is not at all like high school is. There is some advantages and some disadvantages. I would tell myself that I need to get prepared for a different life that's a lot harder than high school is. You need to get prepared to study and practice your instrument every night. You need to get financially prepared to pay tuition and books. You need to stop goofing around right now and start being serious about school. If you screw around in college than there's no going to the principals office or anything, there's no second chances. If you want to get anywhere in life you need to do well in college, I know you can you just have to tell yourself to do it Chris. The most important thing of all is that you need to just start being mature and be serious about college it's the most important thing right now. It's only hard if you make it hard I know you can do it. So go get 'em tiger!


If I could go back into time and talk to myself as a high school senior, there would be a lot I would tell myself to prepare me for an entire new outlook on college life. I would tell myself not to be as nervous as I was the first day of the first semester, and not to think that the professors were going to hurt me if I didn't have all of my supplies. Another would be that college is your own responsibility and to attend class or not, that would be up to me. Also, I would tell myself that no matter what happened, that I should never give up. To always strive to do my best and leave it at that. Lastly, to have fun. College is more laid back than high school is and it shouldn't always be stressful. Enjoying life, becoming what you've always wanted to be, and making memories should be the most important part of the college life.


Always look to strive for more never settle for less. And always look for scholarships and loans early.


Dont give up, work hard and stay in school. Take your Act, which I did not do in high school. When you put your mind to school work you can accomplish anything.


Start with a small college for your basic classes and then transfer to a larger college. Check out the larger colleges find out which will fit your needs educationaly as well as personal needs. Make sure you are acquainted with the layout of the college and the time it would take to get from one building to the next when college is in full swing . This will come in handy when you schedule your classes fom year to year. Get to know the teachers. Check with students to see what the teachers are requiring so you can be prepaired. Go expecting to be challenged.


I would apply for numerous scholarships and grants as possible, my advice would be to make sure I stay very well organized, determined, stay positive , being focus, and studying and writing for college is a necessity. Spend less money and stay away from the loans, and credit cards, and excessive spending. Prepare and challenge yourself. And my main goal would be to graduate in top of my class. Make sure I get a Bachelor degree. I would stay around positive people as well. Listen to all adults advice.


I would tell myself not to skip class because it isn't like high school where if you miss it's not really a big deal, just make up the work and you're done. If you miss a class in college, you miss valuable lectures and class disussions that would help you out significantly on the tests. There isn't a whole lot of homework so it makes it tempting to skip class, but don't skip. It's not worth it and you're paying them to teach you so why would you not show up? I would tell myself that the tests are a lot harder than they are in high school and to study as soon as you get the material instead of cramming the night before. That doesn't work like it does in high school. There is a lot more material and it's more of do you really understand the material, more practical uses of the material instead of just reciting what the teacher said.


stay focus because it will pay off in the future. Remain yourself always never change for anyone.


If I coiuld go back to advise myself when I was in high school, I would tell myself to relax. It would have been nice to know that I don't have to be responsible for everyone and everything. It would have been nice to know that there would be a day when I wouldn't have to help pay my parents bills. It would have been nice to know that my siblings were going to be ok when I left for college. In general, I could have really benefited from knowing how to relax, and knowing that the world wouldn't stop when I started to take care of myself and nopt everyone else.