University of Arkansas-Fort Smith Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The low tuition is probably the best, and if you do not like over-crowding then you will love it here. There is some parking left on campus itself, don't need permits, the campus is sort of small for a university too.


Our school is currently talkng about and trying new ideas about GOING GREEN!!, Teachers are very kind and considerate. My school provides free tutoring in alot of different subjects. We have a very clean campus. I love my school! We have an indoor gym (free to students). Several computer labs. All employees are always willing and excited to help you out at all times!!


I think the wide variety of students on our campus is the best thing about my school. I think this because it allows all of the student to be exposed to different cultures and their views.


Ther students in each class and the professors are the best thing at our school. Students are all friendly and will help you when needed. Professors will go the extra mile to make sure you succeed in school amd life.


They have a great nursing program, and they guarantee that their students employment if they want it in the Fort Smith hospitals.


The best thing about our school is how well the students help each other when another student is in need, and how the faculty provide the same help. The professors have a fixed amount of offive hours every week, and they are very flexible when you need to contact them whether it be via e-mail, by dropping by there office, or calling them they are always willing to help you.


The best thing about my school is its not to stressful and I love the academic standpoint. I also love playing baseball for the university!


the best thing about this school, are the technical fields, lik e welding and automotive and the more hands on classes, the teachers are more likley to be interested in you learning the course.


Academically focused!


I was told the nursing program is the best in the area.


Small classes.


The best thing about my school is that the school teaches the students to be focused in their studies and that tutoring sessions for nearly every subject is available.


I like the fact that UAFS offers AAS degrees to allow students to get some college course work and also work in the workforce and then return to college to further their education.


The students are awesome! Campus activities are awesome to go to because of all of the friendly people who are always there.