University of Arkansas Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


There are resources and opportunities available for you every step of the way and for whatever you may need.


The University of Arkansas is an amazing school. Their main goal is the success of their students. The professors are great at their jobs and the campus is full of nature.


A place where you feel like a salmon swimming upstream, hoping to make it to your goal while dodging bears and other obstacles designed to trip you up.


A tight-knit group of students and staff that support eachother and work together to facilitate success and hapiness.


My school is a plethra of culture, art, design, and education opportunities.


The University of Arkansas is an outstanding school that offers many opporunities for students to earn a degree, while getting involved with the community and student organizations that will help open doors to a successful career.


Southern Hospitality


The University of Arkansas is a beautiful campus with a very helpful staff that is always willing to meet their students needs, the atmosphere is filled with school spirit and friendly people that are all reaching towards one goal of achieving a college degree in order to have a successful carreer in the future!


The university of arkansas is a very diverse, uplifting university, where you have no choice but to expand your way of thinking in order to survive.


A great learning environment in a liveable setting that's not too big or too small, with just the necessary amount of things to do.


U of A is not too big and not too small. Its' the right perfect size for a student who doesn't want to get lost.


The University of Arkansas is a beautiful campus that inspires its students to do their best.


The University of Arkansas is known for its educational, intellectual, ethnic, ideological, and cultural diversity, providing for a once in a lifetime experience for each student.


The University of Arkansas, to me, is a place of higher education in which students who attend feel as if they are the universities number one priority and wouldn't choose another college even if given the opportunity.


The U of A is a well-rounded, growing, unique environment that allows students to maximize their educational experience in a manner that prepares them for real world application of the social, academic, and trade skills that will be necessary for them to set the standard in the United States and international work force.


A friendly environment with well-intentioned human beings.


The U of A Fayetteville is a beautiful, old land grant college ; the largest university in the state. Fayetteville is located in the beautiful Ozark mountains. The enrollment is continually growing ; from 15,000 students to almost 20,000 in the past 5 years. Many colleges of the University are ranked nationally and vie for national recognition and grants for research. There's nothing like being a Razorback and the spirit remains as alumnus cover the campus during all major sporting events. Alumus have also helped to raise millions of dollars for their alma mater and respective colleges.


University of Arkansas, while lacking in some acadmic fields, is home to a University where you can get an amazing education for the price, while also providing the essential social needs and equipping of a college student for the adult world.


The University of Arkansas is a beautiful campus that accepts students from every type of background who arelooking to further their education in any field in a fun and open environment.


my school is diverse and offers classes for a variety of different career choices.


A beautiful campus with a tradition rich background and award winning educational programs recognized world wide.




The University of Arkansas is a great place to learn and experience diversity amongst people who want and love to learn.


Strong athletic department and support


My school has a lot of school spirit, and not just about sports. I, for one, don't have any interest in sports, but I love my school. Of course there's always room for improvement, but I have no regrets about choosing the University of Arkansas.


Academically challenging, but too much partying goes on.


Fun and young.


It is a good school, with decent teachers and in some aspects eclectic.


It revolves around sports, fraternities and sororities and provides scholarships more on a basis of how much volunteering or leadership a person has been involved with rather than academic status.


money hungry


The University of Arkansas is very degree-career emphasized institution, refusing to give students the opportunity to explore and experiment in their chosen field of study.


Party time- just kidding! It is a beautiful campus with great school spirit and great academics.


Big school, pretty much all fraternity and sorority.


My school is fun, focused, and enhancing to the brain.


This school has a very heavy southern mentality that places importance on financial success.

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