University of Arkansas Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


The University of Arkansas is best known for the opportunities it provides. There are wonderful opportunities for getting involved on campus, as well as on campus jobs. There are also a lot of connections you will get through the University to large companies. These connections will allow you to get ahead of other graduates when on the hunt for a job after college.


My school is best known for Arkansas Razorbacks, greek life, the business school, the engineering school, and for partying.


Athletics, Greek Life, Walton College of Business


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Sports and the amazing engineering school are the best features of University of Arkansas.


This school is probably best known for it's school spirit. But the business and engineering programs are very prostigious as well.


Its engineering program and track & field.


Our school is best known as the main university in the State of Arkansas and the Arkansas Razorbacks. We are also know for our Business and engingeering program.s


It is best known for having the only mascot in all colleges across the world. We are the only college to have a Razorback as our mascot. Also, we our ranked in the nation for having one of the top schools education wise.


Woo Pig Sooie! The Arkansas Razorbacks are best known for football of course! While we produced Sam Walton, the founder of Wal Mart, The University of Arkansas is most recognized by our school spirit. Because the state of Arkansas has no major league sports, football at the U of A is one of the biggest uniting forces in the state.There are no such things as fair weather fans. No matter where in Arkansas they live, the natives of "The Natural State" love the hogs. No one can mistake that crazy cheer surging from the crowd at Razorback Football games.


Our spirit!!


The football team or its medical department.


The University of Arkansas at Fayetteville is mainly known for its academic achievements. In the past year my area of study, architecture, was ranked in the top 25 best facilities in the nation. We also had 83 students to be added to the dean's list in the field which says a great amount about the school as a whole.




My school is know for having a very good business school that is different from the surrounding universities. It has a strict pre-core program that seperates it from other schools. Also, like most colleges, the football team.


I would say the University of Arkansas is best known for it's tight knit community feel and also for it's school spirit. If you go to any sporting event on campus you will the students unified and cheering for a team that they know represents them. The tight knit community feel is also evident just walking around campus. Everyone is really polite and willing to help out a fellow student without hesitation. The campus size is just right to get this feel.


Sports, business school.


Football and the Walton business college


My school is undeniably known for its school spirit. Whether it is in sporting events or academic-based competitions, our students have a way of getting excited about every event. Because it is so easy to get involved, students often find their passion early on in their college careers. This means that the University of Arkansas students love what they are doing, and develop a clear passion for supporting their involvement.


I think we are best known for our tradition. The school still records the name of every graduate in the sidewalk. The name of every alumni of that school can be found permanently recorded in those walkways.


I would say that it is best known for sports.


Academics here are really good.


Our school is best known for its pride! Our school is very prideful in everything that we do, no matter if your the starting QB on the football team or the lead in the new school play. We take pride in eachother and in all that we do. Our university is diverse and thats what makes us so great. We are proud of our dedication to research, academics, and new descoveries but we are also proud of our past accomplishments and our amazing history that make our university a one of a kind. We are the Uof A!


Home of University of Arkansas students and the annual Bikes, Blues, and Barbecue festival.


This school is best know for it's fan base in sports and sports itself. However, the education level has increased every year and keeps improving every year. Since many see our school as a sports school, some might not consider going here. That is a big mistake. The campus is beautiful andthere are many career opportunities for a great future job. There are career fairs all year long and many people attend and end up finding a job through these. Overall the school is fun, the people are nice, the scenery is wonderful, and is accademically strong.

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