University of Arkansas Top Questions

What are the academics like at your school?


The academics at the University of Arkansas are above par, in my opinion. I have learned more at this school than I have at the other colleges I have attended.


The academics are above par, in my opinion. I have learned more at this university than the other colleges that I have attended.






The classes are very rigorous.


The best part of this school is the academics. I have made lasting connections with professors here, and the best part is they all really want students to succeed beyond the classroom. Most professors know student names, especially students within their own departments. The most important thing to remember is to get involved early on with your chosen department, it will pay off in the end. My professors have helped me find jobs, internships, apply for graduate school and find scholarships. Not all classes are great. The core requirement classes can be boring and difficult at times. When a professor has a class of more than 300 students, they don't always have time to help those student individually. It is best to go to these professors early in the semester if you have problems with the subject. The university offers a large number of interesting classes. I have taken classes in Multicultural Europe, Native Americans in Film (this class was taught by the Dean of my college), and Children's Science Fiction. The best way to find those classes is to look on department websites or ask professors. There are often flyers posted for more classes outside of department offices too. In the journalism department, a class was posted about Journalism as Literature, in the class the students read Hunter S. Thompson and Tom Wolfe. I owe a lot of my success as a college student to the Journalism department in the Fulbright College of Arts and Sciences. These professors all have "real world" experience and they want students to walk out of the classroom and into a newsroom without feeling any shock or panic. All the classes are geared to learning job skills. The best part is most of the professors will work hard to help students find jobs before they graduate.


yeah professor will know your name. Professor are available during their office hours, you can ask about something or just to have a conversation with your professor outside the class Most students study at the library. You can find some competition in some courses, but you may not feel any competition in others.


My professors know my face and my name. The classes are small enough for everyone to get to know the professors personally, and the professors always make themselves available to meet with us. I'm a student in the Sam M. Walton College of Business. The classes are challenging and taught by some of the best professors in the nation.


It doesn't matter what your attitude about class is you'll find a soulmate. If you want to be all Type A then there's a group who will cheer and push you on. Delve deep into any subject and you can find someone to converse with. Social circles are huge in the sense that the 6 degrees of seperation really play out well here, someone you know will know someone you want to know and more than happy to introduce. I bring up the social here because it really plays a big part in the academic success. The more support you surround yourself with the better off you will be.


The education itself for this school is about what you would expect out of Arkansas education, at a level where everyone should be able to pass if they show up. There is a huge presents of major corporations on campus, namely Wal*mart and Tyson. They provide enormous amounts of money for the latest technology for classrooms, but if your college isn't sponsored by one of them, you are lucky to have markers for the white board.


So far, being a freshman I have enjoyed all of my profs. Since I am a freshman and still in core subjects my classes are fairly large so my profs don't know us by name but they are very helpful with arranging study sessions before exams.




I am close with all of my professors, and I love attending class. I enjoy getting to know them on a professional basis, and I am sure other students feel the same way. If you want to succeed, studying is necessary-- Arkansas doesn't hand your grades to you on a silver platter! They want you to work hard and earn your education.


Fabulous!! Many of the teachers work in their fields as well!!


I am a childhood education major with a middle level endorcement and ESL.


My professors know my name every semester. My favorite class this semester is Japanese Economic Systems because I am traveling to Japan this summer to study abroad. My least favorite class is Leadership because my professor does not have an effective presentation style. Some Arkansas students have intellectual conversations outside class, it just depends on with whom you are speaking. The academic requirements for the business college are not the greatest, especially the "core curriculum".


I love small classes. I learn way better when the teacher has one on one time with you and they actually get to know you and talk to you. I have had some bigger lecture classes with over 300 people and it just is not the same.


I LOVE the professors here. They are so helpful and love what they teach.


I feel like I am getting a good education.


Professors usually don't know you by name and most classes are relatively hard. I love my markets and consumers class but not of fan of the finance classes.


I really enjoy my instructors. They seem very down to earth and are very helpful in every way they can be. I really like how they care so much about their students. I think I am getting a very good education here at Arkansas. Sometimes we have intellectual conversations outside of class, even though we like to get away from school for a little bit. I will definitely get a great job after college.


Some of the classes are really big and intimidating. It is difficult to ask teacher a question when you are sitting in an auditorium of 300 other kids and have to sit really high up and far away from the board. One of my professors really impresses me though because she can name almost all of her students. She will tell us personal stories about herself that helps us get to know her and kind of understand where she is coming from.


The professors are very nice and will do anything it takes to learn your name, especially in the Walton College of Business. All of my teachers have gone out of their way to help me!


I'm in alot of really big classes but in my smaller classes, all of my teachers know me. Class participation is very commom and encouraged. Students here are competitive, but not in a bad way.I loved lifespan development and nutrition. I plan to get a job with the education I get from Arkansas.


Great professors who want to know you on a personal level. Great programs!


Students study alot, but alot of people go out on weekdays too. My favorite class I've taken is Biology


Students are very competitive at Arkansas.


Some professors know my name... my favorite class has been art studio, i loved the projects! least favorite definitely has to be biology!


I love my major and the fact that we have great teachers and and awesome program but the numbers are still small and the classes personal.


Teachers are really amazing. Classes prepare you for the work place. Most are challenging.


The Sam Walton College of Business is ranked 23 in the nation for business colleges. It is a classy institution with incredible faculty and technology.


you always hear go introduce yourself to the professor. you can, and if you do- they will know your name. be careful when choosing classes that you didn't do well in when you took them in high school--physics, for instance, is much harder and you do have to study and seek out help if you need it.


In some of the large classes at the university, you have to make a point to visit your teacher if you want them to know who you are, but they are always willing to visit with you and get to know you. Most of the teachers are very helpful, you just have to make the effort.


I am now in my major classes so teachers do know me. Students study a lot depending on major. The students are very compeptitive.


Professors generally do not know your name unless your a brown noser and if you are one and they do know your name it is likely that they will forget it by the next semester. Although they are very good professors, for the most part, they just have very large classes.


I have been pretty impressed with the academics at the U of A. I am a Biology major, and I think the classes are pretty good. I wish there were more classes geared toward the medical profession. My classes are usually 50-70 people. Most of my professors don't know my name, but some make an effort to learn everyones name.


I love my adviosr, dr. Foote. Most teachers are good. Some are no accomidating.


Most professors know my name because i make a point to introduce myself and talk to them on a regular basis. My favorite class was my basic economics class last semester because i've learned more in that class than i ever have in a class. I think that students here often have intellectual conversations out of class, but there are a lot of students who never do. I'm in the Walton College of Business, and i really like all my business classes. I switched my major and know now that this is what i'm supposed to be doing. I know when i get out of college i'm going to have a great degree that is going to get me a good job and get me somewhere in life.


I feel like I have a great relationship with my teachers. Most of them know me by name. My favorite class is Spanish, simply because my professor is hilarious. Some students are competitive, but most are very laid back and approachable.


yes i know my professors names..our classes are big but some are small. most of my classes are in huge lecture rooms. but my art classes have about 20 students. yes the students have intellectual conversations outside of class. we arent just a bunch of rednecks! our education is great..our teachers are really invested and want us to actually learn something not just pass or get a job etc...




they are pretty tuff... especially in the Business college.


good academics


Great! Sometimes too hard and some classes are not necessary!


The class are about half and half I have one class with 500 and one class with 14 or so, so it just depends on what you are taking.


So far I have enjoyed my classes and professors. However, I have found that some of the TAs that are teachers are not very good teachers. My favorite class so far has been Western Civ II, and developmental psychology. Both because I like those subjects, and because the teachers were awesome teachers and very passionate about what they were teaching.


The academics at the U of A are descent. A suggestion for the school would be to hire teachers who speak English. It is very hard to succeed in a class if one cannot understand his instructor.


The classes at U of A range in size, there are huge lecture classes and classes of 12. this helps because each student is different in their learning styles.


My professor do know me. I have lunch with them on occassion.


The academics here are great! Some teachers do not know how to teach however, especially teaching assistants!

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