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What are the most popular student activities/groups?






The football team UA Fayetteville. Enough said!


There over 15 registered student organizations (RSO's). I am mostly familiar with the international ones such as International Student Organization, African Student Organization, Caribbean Student Organization. Associate Student Government is the most representative body of students. All students can run for positions such as presidents, senators, ambassadors, etc. Greek life is a big thing for many students who are involved with sorties and fraternities. I am not a party person, but there's Dickson Street right on the border on campus where there are many restaurants, bars, Walton Theater, dancing clubs, ect


Pizza and a +3 chain mail to beer pong, camping out in the woods to camping out on campus for a cause. If you sit at home bored, it's your own fault. The campus puts on social gatherings ALL the time from Friday Night Live to the concerts, movies for free in the theater and pep rallies.


There is no where to eat on campus about 60% of the time, and when something is open is over priced junk food. The only thing going on here is a mediocre football team that everyone is obsessed with but no one outside of Arkansas cares about. Most if not all of the events that the University is involved with are pathetic, stuff that I thought was lame in high school. Pep rallies, costume dances, DDR tournaments, dumb carnivals. If you are in a sorority or fraternity, I guess they have fun, if you don't mind buying your friends.


Probably the most popular thing to do on the weekend is hang out at a frat house, but like I said before it's not the only thing to do. There is always activites going on in the residential halls and with other organizations. A lot of girls like to drive to Rogers to shop at the Promanode shopping center. Also, there is Devils Den state park which is BEAUTIFUL and so much fun. We camp and hike there quite often, along with a lot of students here at the U of A. It seems to be a very popular place to hang out for the weekend or even take a fun day trip!




There are so many Registered Student Organizations and campus activities, and the Greek Life at Arkansas is amazing!


Go Greek!! I don't drink, and I love it! There is always something going on, and the campus is small enough that you run into a lot of the same people, so it's not too overwhelming!


Athletic events, Football is very popular.


Greek life is really big on campus and greeks stay connected and get involved in various other groups. Another big group is Student Alumni Board who attend events for Alumni and students and participate in other events on campus. Associated Student Government also has a large presence on campus. Athletic events (namely football and baseball) are very popular among students because they are cheap or free to attend and there is a lot of Razorback pride among students. Guest speakers have gotten more popular in recent years thanks to the Distinguished Lecturers Committee, who brought in some big name speakers like Anderson Cooper and Malcolm Gladwell. I met my closest friend through my sorority. If I'm awake at 2am on a Tuesday, I'm either studying or at a function. People party on a varying scale. I know some people who go out and party every night of the week and some who only go out once or twice a month. Last weekend I worked a baseball series as a part of Razorback Diamond Dolls. It was also my sorority's Mom's Day so I spent time with my mom and attended various events that my sorority held. I also attended an executive council meeting for my sorority because I am the treasurer. There are many things you can do on a Saturday night that don't involve drinking including putt putt golf, the movies, hanging out with friends and playing games (Rock Band, Guitar Hero, board games), concerts, or just spending time with friends. Off campus, I usually study and spend time with friends. I also work at a gift shop.


Social life is fun at the U of A. There are lots of different groups and activities going on all the time that there is never a time to be bored if you dont want to be. Being in a sorority is pretty cool because every girl is different and you meet the certain girls you click with and become great friends with them. Its just a lot easier way to meet new fun people when you are with them a lot and have a lot of things in common.


So much to do.


Awesome. I love it.


sororities and fraternities are a big deal up here there are lots of things up on the weekends from shopping, movies, etc.


Greek life is the only way to go if one wants a constant social life chalkful of entertainment. There is never a dull moment on campus.


Sororites and fraternities in my opinion are the most prevalent social groups.


I'm in a sorority and absolutely love it. I've gotten to know so many people that I wouldn't have gotten to know otherwise. There is always stuff going on. Never a dull moment. There are also plenty of places to go eat in town which is always fun with a few chain restaurants and a few locally owned places that are always good.


The big social life of campus it the greek life.


Greek is the biggest organization on campus. Most people try to get into a sorority or fraternity, but there's still a large number of people that dont, and there are several other organizations that they can get involved in.


I'm a member of Kappa Kappa Gamma. It's one of the best sororities on campus. Greek life is great here!


I'm involved in my sorority Kappa Kappa Gamma. Greek life is a huge part of Arkansas activities


Homecoming is a very powerful and strong weekend. Razorback pride keeps alumni coming back for years.


the most popular groups on campus definitely have to be greek life. i am in the kappa kappa gamma sorority, it's wonderful!! athletic events are SUPER popular!




The football games and tailgating are so much fun. Greek life is huge. There is also a party to go to.


Greek Life at the University of Arkansas is so much fun and an awesome way to meet people. Party Life: Dickson St. is full of nightlife and the road leads straight to campus. Fayetteville, Rogers, Springdale, Bentonville area: All of these cities are close together and have so much to offer. You can find whatever you like!


GO GREEK!!! like i said before, its what you make of it, but i highly recommend getting involved!


Greek Life on campus is amazing


Greek life is really big. Very fun social life.


Greek life is a very important part of the University of Arkansas. As is football, like with any campus. People in dorms for the most part leave doors open and it is a pretty friendly thing.


The athletic events are very popular, especially football. Greek Life is pretty big on this campus.


if you're not involved in the greek life, it's hard to get involved. sororities are very imporant.


Arkansas social life is great! it's really Greek oriented though, i am a Kappa Kappa Gamma here. I love it! Athletic events are extremely popular, and if i'm awake at 2 on a tuesday i'm either studying or coming in late from a function or party that i went to that night. I can do lots of things that don't involve drinking, but most all of them cost money. I love sitting around watching a movie or playing cards with friends though, at their houses or apartment.


I am involved in Kappa Kappa Gamma Sorority, Greeks Advocating Mature Management of Alcohol, and Student Mobilization on campus. When I lived in the doors it was pretty uncommon for girls to leave their doors open. Of course, everyone loves football, but that's a no brainer (just look at the attendance rates to the games!). If I'm awake at 2 AM (ever) I'm studying!


sooo much to do


Sorority life is the way to go. So many more opportunities and social functions.




Kappa Kappa Gamma of course! yes student in dorms leave their doors open, when they are there. Athletic events are amazing here at Arkansas. The school spirit is outrageous. Football is everything here. Everyone loves it and we all love to tailgate before the games for 4 hours.


greek, clubs, etc.




Athletic events are packed, except girls sports, everyone runs around together. Sororities and Frats are a huge part of campus.


Greek life is huge here. I am a part of Kappa Kappa Gamma!!


The social life is great, sometimes too great!


the most popular organization would have to be greeklife. it makes up a huge percentage of our student body. the most popular sorority is kappa kappa gamma. they rock.


Kappas are the most popular on campus. We rule the school.


Social life is great! Always busy!


Greek Life is extremely big on campus. Sports are also considered somewhat important.


Of course you can't go to the U of A without going to the football games!! The Hogs are a HUGE deal around here and everyone is a sports fan! Since I have been here we have had John Mayer, The Foo Fighters, The Roots, and a bunch of other bands!! I love John Mayer so that was a really big deal for me! We have also had Anderson Cooper (who I love) and other really cool speakers! I am a theatre major so of course I see plays all the time and we normally have a good turn out. And of course I have to say that they are all wonderful!! The weekends are pretty crazy! There is always a party to go to or something to do. They have Friday Night Live for students I have never been but some people like it. Oh and I can't forget Row Week!! Only the BIGGEST party of the year!

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