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What are the most popular student activities/groups?


I am involved in the greek system. We interact with other greeks and nongreeks during community service and on campus activities.


Most likely, if I am awake at 2am on a Tuesday I am trying to frantically stay up all night a finish a paper! If that is not the case, then I am most likely awake because I stayed up late throughout the entire weekend and have not gotten my sleep schedual back to normal, so I can't sleep.


There are wonderful parties. People just like to have a good time and you meet so many people. Pep ralleys are awesome and so are Games!!!!


Delta Delta Delta is the most popular greek organization on campus, duh! :) kidding, sort of. I think that greeks are well-known on campus though. They are so involved that it's kind of hard not to recognize the letters when you see them. I don't like the expression "People in fraternities join to buy their friends." I think people join greek organizations to be a part of something, to challenge themselves to get to know strangers, to give something back through philanthropy, and to be involved. Greeks are way more involved than any other organization on campus. They definitely have the best turn-out by far at the pep-rallies!! ...Which are a blast :). I met my closest friends through living in Reid, the all-girl dorm, and by living in my sorority house. Living with so many girls gives me so many opportunities to take the time to get to know my sisters. I value the time I have here because I feel lucky to have found such a great group of genuine people. I have also met male friends at the fraternity houses. Fraternity houses are fun. Period. Yes, boys will be boys, but it's also nice to have guy friends. Boys make life interesting and frustrating at the same time. I've learned a lot from my guy friends I met at the U of A. We have guest speakers once a month at our chapter meetings. This past month we had some cops come by to talk to us about being safe--they were very helpful and interesting! If it's 2 am on a Tuesday, I'm probably on my way out the door on Dickson :). Or at a frat house. I usually don't stay up that late unless I'm drinking (which sounds so alcoholic, but it's not I promise). Sometimes my friends and I will stay up watching movies, but we're usually so tired from school that we tend to go to bed fairly early, around midnight or 1 am. Traditions: FUNCTIONS!!! I love interacting with other greek houses and dressing up to go to a themed function. I think functions make college so fun! On a Saturday night, sometimes my friends and I will just watch movies. We don't have our own place yet, so we can't really have boys over to hang out. However, I never have a problem with not drinking on a Saturday night. Being 21 can be costly!! It's a hell of a time, but it's not cheap! Also, I go to church some Sundays so sometimes I go to bed early for that.


Greek Life takes up a lot of the social calendar, and the houses are very competitive w/ each other. Every house has a stereotype. There's usually something going on at a frat house, but if it's a registered party, and you're a guy, you can't get in unless you're on the list. Girls are always welcome, of course. Most people start partying on Thursdays. Pretty much everyone parties. If you haven't before, you most likely do now. If you don't drink, though, you usually watch movies or just hang out. People keep their grades up, though, and the Union and Library are always full around exams. Political clubs are pretty popular, and so is ASG. Dorm doors are sometimes open in the more social dorms, like Humphreys or Yocum. Those are the two big party dorms. Most kids hate living in Pomfret, b/c they have to climb this ridiculous steep hill to get to class. Most upper classmen live in Greek Houses or off campus. Everyone goes to the football games, and if you can afford the tickets, the basketball games too. If you aren't at the football game, you're rooting for the Hogs from wherever you are. You make sure to turn on the TV to watch it, even if you're in some other state, visiting family. Baseball games are popular, but only b/c kids like to sit on the outfield w/ their coolers, drinking and socializing. That's what you go to the baseball games for.


Living in the drom and being involved in greek life has been the two best things I have done in College. Not just for social reason but for acadimic reasons also. There is always something to do or someone to help you out.


At my dorm, a lot of the girls leave their doors open. We have all grown really close so we are comfortable enough with one another to do this. I have met my closest friends through my sorority. We spend so much time together because of Tri Delta events and we love it! Sororities and fraterities aren't everything at the U of A; however, we do have a great greek life!


Greek Life is very popular at the UofA. I'm a Tri-Delt and I love it. I don't know how I would have made as many friends if I weren't involved in the Greek system. We just had Anderson Cooper come speak for the Distinguished Lecture Series - that's pretty awesome.


Greek life is very big at Arkansas, athletics are a huge part of the campus, and most students go out and have a good time.


Greek life is huge on campus. I absolutely love it, and I think it adds to the college experience. I feel bad for students who go to smaller colleges and never get to experience the social life that comes with a larger campus.


LOVE the social life, there is always something going on whether it is a party, a club meeting, a sports event, or just a group of people getting together to hang out


I am part of a sorority and I love the social life and all the activities I do through my sorority. It gives me a chance to meet people who are older, younger, from in town, from out of town, just all sorts of people. I love participating in the greek systems events. And as an added bonus, I got tons and tons of opportunities to volunteer for philanthropic causes.


Greek Life seems to be big at the UofA. When I lived in a dorm room doors were not left open on the girl's side but they were on the boy's side. Athletic events are very big, especially football and basketball. Every year football players hold fan day where you can go and meet the players get their signature. I'm not sure about Saturday night but I know that on Friday night in the Union there is Friday Night Live where each week the University puts on differant events and has differant people come in to talk. For example, there is a casino night, or a winter ball.


Sororities and Fraternities are VERY popular on this campus. I live in the Tri Delta house and it is Amazing. I love it there because everyone is so close. We always leave our doors open so there are people in and out all the time.


I think the football games are the most popular, then basketball, then maybe baseball. I have met my closest friends through my sorority and then just by going out together to eat dinner and to the fraternity houses. I think the social scene here is pretty fun, and i think there is always something fun to do if you are up for it!


Students in dorms leave doors open...not unless their stupid or going to the bathroom. awake at 2am on Tuesday...hopefully not but most likely studying or at an ADPi function met my closest friends in 4-H or ADPi (plus my sister) fraternities and sororities are involved a lot on campus and make up 18% or more of the student body. usually greeks are involved in much more than just their organization. Saturday night...bowling, movies, dancing on Dickson Street, see a play at Walton Arts Center, see a concert, shopping, eat out, ice skating or swimming at the Jones Center Last weekend...went to the drive-in theater, shopping, farmhouse camp-out, study for upcoming tests and went home for sunday dinner


1. football team, greek life (sororities and frats), Associated Student Government 2. My sorority, Delta Delta Delta 3. Yes, i live in an all girls dorm and we all leave our doors open during the day 4. Athletic events are very popular, Guest speakers- it depends on who it is but they are semi-popular, theatre is not very popular 5. good dating- alot of variety 6. in my dorm 7. out partying ot studying 8. homecoming and row week 9. very very often 10. very important 11. went out with my friends 12. study? 13. shop


There is always something to do.


Popular groups and organizations are definately going greek!! It is such a good way to stay involved on campus and meet a ton of people! We are always going to events, be it theater or athletic or guest speakers, or just going out to have fun! We all have a closenit relationship with each other, an no sorority or fratnernity are disliked! All the girls that live in my dorm are amazing, I never have to lock my door ever! With so many students, it is hard not to interact with the opposite sex. There are also events such as speed dating and workshops for people in different stages of relationships. I would say that people party a lot at Arkansas. It is one of our favorite past times. We do, however, realize that sense there is a party almost every night that if we need to stay in to study, we can always go out the next time! Partying does NOT always mean drinking! There are tons of events set up by the University that are alcohol free, whether its dances or concerts or guest speakers! There are parks to go to, clubs to go dancing at, and one can even go to a frat party with out being pressured to drink. People understand and respect that not everyone likes to drink, and it is still very easy to have fun sober!


Frats and Sororities are pretty important. They tie you in to the social life. It is also a good place to meet people like you. Homecoming is a big tradition. Tailgating for football games is very common.


Greek life is popular. Sports are also popular. In some dorms people leave there doors open in others they don't. I go to sleep at night. I study hard. I don't drink a lot so I watch movies.


The UofA has a great greek program, everyone fits in somewhere and it is a great way to meet new people and it really does help your GPA, my GPA has rose dramatically since I joined Alpha Delta Pi last fall. The University of Arkansas also offers many educational speakers that are usually free to attend which I think is good to do on a College campus because most college students are broke most of the time. The two dorms that I have lived in made me feel safe, I would however lock my door at night because my roommate was never there and i do not really like leaving my door open when i am sleeping. Usually if i am awake at 2 in the morning i am studying for tests.


I am involved in Sorority life and being involved in that keeps me busy but I love it. You get to meet so many people and go to so many acitivities that I probably would never have gone to if it wasn't for being greek.


I think fraternitits and sororites are important, you can meet some of your closest friends that way and its a good way to all get together and help your community as a group. People party alot here, there is functions all the time or people can hang out at the fraternity housees or go to Dickson St. to the bars.


arkansas razorback football!!!!!!! and intermurals are popular as well!


Being a part of a sports team, associated student govt., intermurals, and greek life are really popular. Most all freshmen live in the dorms. Athletic events are really popular and the student section is packed. We've had some really intersting guest speakers such as Anderson Cooper and the Foo Fighters came for free as well. There dating scence is people tend to date people in thier social circle ie greeks dates greeks. People are also into long term relationship. People party Thursday- Saturday. People do more than party though, some people like to study and go out to dinner and others enjoy going to the clubs, bars and frats,. Overall if you don't want to drink you don't have to. Religious organizations are really popular as well, and many students are Christians. Off campus people go out to eat and shopping.


The most popular organizations are any greek organization, the football team, the basketball team, and most other sports teams. If I happen to be awake at 2 am on a Tuesday I am either working on homework, completing duties as a resident assistant, or talking with a close friend.


If I am awake at 2am on a Tuesday..... Like now! I am with at least 4 friends, a pizza, the TV, and probially on facebook. We have the time of our life every day. And the 2am on a Tuesday nights are what you remember about college, not what you made in Communications Power Point project, but how you put it off till the next morning because you had to watch that movie down the hall.


Lots of different activities to get involved in and it's easy to find them and get involved. New members to groups are always encouraged.


I think that Greek Life really controls the school, I don't know what I would do without it. Most of my friends are involved in Greek Life.


Probably the most popular thing to join in Arkansas is a sorority/fraternity. Many people here go through Rush and attempt to pledge. I am currently in a sorority and love it. It is a great way to meet people and make lasting friendships. Students in my dorm are very friendly and we all leave our doors open constantly. The dorm is a great way to meet people. If I'm awake at 2 a.m. on a tuesday, i am either doing homework, or procrastining doing homework, or talking with friends. It happens often! There are many religious groups on campus a person can join also.


I'm a member of the Delta Delta Delta sorority, and it has made a huge impact on my college experience. I have made an entire new group of friends that I am already extremely close with. The sisterhood is amazing!


It is easy to make friends and find your group of people. Many of the freshman dorms keep their doors open and get to know people that way. Sometimes you will have your door open and the next thing you know you have a party going on in your room. It is a wonderful way to get to know the people on your floor and you never know when that will come in handy.


Sororities and fraternities are popular among students here. I am a Tridelta and we have a house here on campus. We have about 300 active members currently. Athletic events are very popular. The most popular is football followed by basketball and baseball. People party here pretty often if that is what you are into. There are those that party and then there are those that don't. If you are young, you party at a fraternity house. If you are older, you go to one of the many bars on Dickson Street.


When I lived in the dorm freshman we always left our door open except if we were sleeping. Greek life is very important and it is hard to be involved if you are not greek. Going out to the karaoke bar is so much fun with friends.


FUN! Dorms are great and all clubs and organizations are nice and very enjoyable


Fraternities run the social aspect of campus. Row week is the biggest event of the year. A-list names are brought in to sing


I love the fact that everyone is involved in the sports Everyone has a sport that they love, if not more that one, and Arkansas makes the games entertaining. I love football season, and can not wait for next year. Living in the dorms is one of the ways I made a lot of my friends. Reid hall is amazing! If you live in Reid, there's a good chance you are rushing, so it's fun to meet all the girls before hand. I think maple hill might throw the Reid groove off a bit, but it will still be fun next year.


the most popular teams are the basketball and football teams. most popular organizations are the greek organizations.


The Greek organizations are a big part of campus although sports are huge. There are also many honorary fraternities on campus open to all students. Students in dorms typically leave their doors open creating a social scene throughout the semester. Athletic events are very popular for both students and fans, Arkansas has one of the largest College football stadiums with further plans for expansion, and one of the largest and nicest basketball arenas of any D1 schools. Guest speakers are brought in throughout the year with larger venues taking place at one of the basketball arenas and smaller events in the Union. All events are widely publicized before hand. Arkansas has a great dating scene on and off campus, most students are very social and are always looking to have a good time. I met my closest friends hanging out and partying with them. Fraternities and Sororities are very important to many people on campus and are embraced by the University administration. If I am awake at 2am on a Tuesday Morning I am usually working on a big project or hanging out with friends having a good time. People on campus can't wait for the weekend and many start early on Thursday or even Wednesday if its a slow week. Arkansas is a wet campus and typically turns is back on underage drinking as long as it takes place out of site and in a safe manner. Many first year dorms are dry but that doesn't prevent students from pre-gaming before heading out on the weekend. A large number of people on campus also smoke marijuana although other drugs are not prevalent and are typically not accepted by the general student population. Last weekend I started my night off by getting a half gallon of whisky to share between four of my friends. We drove over to a friends house Thursday night, which was close enough to campus to walk back later that night if we needed to. We hung out and played drinking games and were even lucky enough to find a ride home (there is also a "safe ride" program sponsored by the university which runs Thursday-Sunday morning. On Friday there was a Foo Fighters concert sponsored by the student activity association, after that the night ended up like Thursdays. On Saturday we partied at another friends house and were able to walk back on early Sunday morning. Most Fraternity houses have hall parties on the weekends but last weekend was kind of slow. Some people like to hang out in the dorms and play video games or watch movies on the big screen in the dorm on the weekends, there are also other activities that are hosted by the recreation center on weekends. I usually go out to eat off campus at least once a week and I also like to go shopping at the Mall and walking down dixon street to see whats going on.


Greek life is the most popular on campus. I am apart of Kappa Kappa Gamma and i love it! It is the best sorority for my personality! Peoples personalities play a huge role in which house is best for them. I am also apart of StuMo. It stands for student mobilization. It is a campus ministry organization. I love it, and all the people that attend. The honors dorm were i live, most students keep their room doors closed, but in other dorms EVERYONE leaves them open. I do not know why that is. Athletics plays a big role on campus, as i am sure it does on every campus. I met my closets friends either from Greek Rush or StuMo or because they live in my dorm. If i am awake at 2 on Tuesday, normally i am talking with my roommate or down the hall with other people. If i had a test the next day i would probably be studying. People party every night, but mostly Thursday- Saturday. I do not drink and there is plenty for me to do. I have not been pressured to drink either, it is great! Off campus i tutor little children and i do normally shopping!


Greek life is the most popular organization on campus. Athletic events are attended in mass. Partying varies from person to person, but I would say an average of 3 times a week. If you choose not to go out on a Saturday night there are always people on campus willing to just hang out. People go to movies, bowling and play putt putt.


Greek life, yes i leave my door open 24/7. athletic events are very popular and always entertaining. i met my closest friends through classes, dorm, and greek life. If im awake im hanging out with friends in the dorm.


Yes students leave their doors open. Athletic events are very popular. I go on dates with my boyfriend on the weekend and don't ever drink.


Greek life


Being involved in the Greek community makes a difference! I know not everyone is involved, but I don't know what I would do if I was not in a sorority!


Greek life is big! Being in a sorority or fraternity gives you the ability to network, make lots of friends, etc. I am involved with Kappa Delta sorority. I play lots of the intramural sports. I am also in community service organizations, because I like to volunteer. In the dorms I left my door open when I was in my room. It was a fun atmosphere. Athletics are BIG. They have guest speakers/concerts a lot. Anderson Cooper is coming next week, and tonight the Foo Fighters are coming. Last year John Mayer performed. That was awesome. The dating scene, hmm, I'm not so much involved in that, but I do have lots of guy friends, and since we have social functions with the sorority, I have to ask dates a lot for those things. I met my best friends here through KD and through the dorm, and through classes. If you don't want to drink, it's cool. I don't. There are things to do. Hang out with other sober people. There are lots of movie theatres, bowling, putt-putt, restaurants, Friday night Live every week at the Union. Most people go out a lot though.. it gets them in trouble. Drinking is very popular here.


greek organizations yes some what kappa delta talking don't know everyday very went to a party movie


The most popular organizations are the Greek organizations. I am involved with Kappa Delta Sorority. Students in my dorm tend to leave their doors shut, but it is understood that a friend can walk into a friend's room at any time (the hallways kind of smell... hence the closed doors). All athletic events are very popular. Guest speakers are mandatory for Greeks. I'm going to the Theater this weekend. Everyone dates everyone. I met my closest friends in my dorm. I am always awake at 2am on Tuesdays, and I'm either studying or making a Wal*Mart run with my girls. We have many traditions. People party pretty much every day of the week. Greek organizations are very important and make a great contribution to the community. Last weekend, I spent the majority of my time at the KD house in meetings. I never drink, so if you're looking for a good clean time on a Saturday, feel free to hang out with me and my friends from Cru. We go to restaurants, movies, ice skating, bowling, etc. I work off-campus.


Fraternaties and Sororites are the most popular organizations on group.

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