University of Arkansas Top Questions

What are the most popular student activities/groups?


greek life is definitely really big on our campus, but so are athletics and other organizations. people from the community are always out at the games and showing their razorback pride. i know there are always a lot of alumni that come out for the games too. people travel from all over the place to see the razorbacks. once a fan, always a fan.


GREEK LIFE! sports, clubs.


students in dorms leave their doors open all the time. everyone is constantly coming in and out and meeting other people. athletic events here on campus are extremely popular. not only to students come out for the events, but people in the community come. people even come in from out of town for the games, especially football games.


Arkansas sports dominate everything. Football games attract 84,000 screaming Razorback fans. Greek life is also huge, and constitutes a large majority of the parties around campus. People here party all the time. A good party will always take precedence over class the next morning. Even when you don't drink, you go to the houses or the parties and hangout with the people who are. Depending on the season, you can also go camping(and drink) go to the drive in(and drink), etc. You meet the people you hang out with all over- for me it is the girls I live with in my dorm, some guys that went to school with one of my girlfriends, and a boy I sat next to in Calc last semester. It is SO easy to meet people here at every party to every day in class. And everyone is always willing to hang out and go do stuff, from going to the Union to get late night for dinner to going to a friends apartment. Last weekend I went to an apartment for a party, then a house bonfire party, then to a frat house. There are plenty of different places to go.

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