University of Arkansas Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst thing about my school might be the parking accommodations. Students purchase passes to park their cars in lots around campus--the more convenient, the more expensive. This is reasonable. However, every time there is a home football or basketball game, all students in nearby lots are required to relocate their cars to temporarily designated lots that are rather out of the way, then walk back to wherever they need to be to go about their weekend. Later they may be required to relocate their cars again out of the game day parking lots. Failure at any point to keep up with the parking system can result in expensive fines.


Nothing. Its a great School.


I think the worst thing about my school is how it handles feedback from students. Poor professors seldom incur any form of discipline, just a lack of rewards. On the flip side, professors who do well require significant amounts of positive feedback to receive any kind of benefits for positive work. Neither of these scenarios results in professors having a motivation to do their job well.


The size of the university can be intimidating and isolating at times.


There is not a standard of ecxellence at the school. More focus is given to sports than academics.


We have quite a few snow days that cause the University to be closed. This can make studying and learning difficult since we can not be in the classroom or on campus.


There aren't really a lot of activities or clubs at the school that interest me. There are usually events going on that are hosted by fraternities, sports games and things of the like going on, but none of them really interest me. For those with a nerdier outlook there is a larping group, but it is very disappointing. Unfortunately, there is not much going for the RSOs on campus, and I'm really not sure how one would get in contact with them anyways.


The worst thing about my school is all the hills on the campus because it tires me out.


The difficulty in finding classes. Just recently the U of A had to reduce the capacity of each class room, due to fire insspections, resulting in greater competiion for classes. This makes creating your schedule more difficult, especially for the students with less credit hours.


The worst thing would be not allowing students that begin to pay for out of state tuition to gain in state tuition when they perform really well their first year.


The focus on athletics seems to be much more important than academics. The school is tearing down parking lots to expand the football program and now many people have to park miles from campus just to go to class. The entire environment here is revolving around sports and games. I did not come here for sports. I came here for academics and to receive a good education. My money is going toward these athletic renovations instead of towards what happens in the classrooms. That is not where my money should be going.


The worst thing about my school is the amount of hills. There are severly high hills that are hard to walk up especially when trying to get to class. I know that college requires alot of walking, but the hills make it that much harder.


By using the word "worse" I understand that I should choose something among my University's facilities, resources, and overall system of operation that I found particularily unconvenient. The truth is, I love everything about my University, but if I had to choose, I would only wish that the cafeteria's could be open longer during the weekends so that we may take advantage of our meal plans and that the books would be cheaper or their buyback value higher.


The worst thing about U of A is the hills. The campus is very hilly and it will keep you in shape walking in between classes. You don't really think its that big of a deal when you are visiting, but then when you walk the hills every day, it is intense!


The parking! I wish there were closer parking options for people who live off campus.


The worst thing about my school is that some students don't stay focused as much as they should. For example, they choose not to go to class because they're tired, or stayed up all night, or are just too lazy to get up and go to class. Staying focused is one of the main ways to succeed in their lives.


The worst thing about the University of Arkansas is probably the weather. Since you usually have to walk everywhere on campus or take the bus, weather can take it's toll. In Arkansas, one day the weather will be sunny and beautiful, the next day cold and miserable. In the winter, it tends to snow quite a bit in Fayetteville. This means that you have to treck to class in the freezing weather and possible two feet of snow. I love this school, but the weather is an annoying thing that every student and faculty member has to deal with.


I wouldn't consider it a really terrible thing. But what should be improved is the amount of diversity at our school. It definetely needs to be more of a melting pot.


The most disappointing thing about this school is over-abundance of uncontrolled fraternity parties.


I honestly can't say anything about my college. It is a very nice environment to be around in and there's nothing wrong with it.


The lack of social events provided for those who are not invoved in Greek life. I am not in a sorority and my social life revolves around my athletic career. However, if more social events were provided, and used by students, I would find time to attend.


In truth, the worst part about the University of Arkansas has nothing to do with its academics; the worst part is the parking and transit department. It is such a hassle to have to know the dates and times of all home sport games so one knows when to move his car. They make it much harder than necessary by making it difficult to know which lots can be parked in for which games and by only opening the parking garage for free on weekends. It feels like they are just trying to make some extra money off the students.


IT'S FREEZING. People don't smile or say high when you walk by them.


there are alot of students and the classes are sometimes upwards of 150 people. the parking is really far away from everything also.


Because it's so Greek-oriented, sometimes people can be very cliquey and superficial. They care too much about what you're wearing and who you hang out with more than you as a person. This makes it hard to make friends, but only if you're not very outgoing.


My orientation was a little vague and even though they gave us almost all the information we needed they didnt give a lot of time to talk to anyone one on one about finance and how classes will be. Parking is a big issue as well tho. A lot of spaces are provided but you have to pay a lot more to get close to your dorm rooms.


Parking and Transit. The parking passes are expensive and the tickets are too!


no parking! bad food, racially segregated


Walking up and down hills all day to get to classes and dorms and to town is probably the worst thing about the University. It gets exhausting, no matter how many times you do it, and you have to do it in all weather, no joke. But it does build you up, and they have elevators in most of the buildings when you actually get there so you can catch your breath, but just getting there is hard.


stupid, lazy students


The worst thing about my school, in my opinion, is the dining halls. All of the food is the same and is really very bland and unappetizing. Also, so much money is given to the football team that sometimes it feels as though the regular students are being ignored.


The worst thing about my school is the emphasise that was put on having a social life when I originally enrolled here. It ended up getting in the way of school, and very badly damaged my grades, and undermined my potential.


I had a few teachers that were very hard to get along with and had very strong controversial views. This offended me, and I did not know who to go to over these issues because everyone thought these teachers were so wonderful. Also, I was part of an off-campus group and I felt that many times we were left out or short-changed compared to the on-campus group in the same line of study.


There is not a lot of diversity race wise, and most of the campus activities circle around fraternities and sororities. I used to be in a sorority, and I believe that both fraternities and sororities on this campus have an unrealistic view of how much a student can handle, meaning they fine you money if you dont make social events, even if you were studying for a test. This is why I am no longer in a sorority and dont agree with anything they stand for.


There tends to be a lot of emphasis on Sororities and Fraterneties. There are plenty of people who arent in them, but sometimes you have to search out those people to get to know them. But there are places and groups for everyone.


The school may promote diversity, but in reality there isn't very much diversity on the campus.


Very strict teachers will not help students easily.


The worst thing at the University is parking. The parking is terrible here, you pay for a parking pass, but where you are able to park is inconvenient. If you are not parked in the correct spot you will get a ticket or you will be towed. It is definitly the worst part of my college experience.


Some of the academic advising. Me and about 4 of my friends had to finish at least 2 hours of classes after graduation because of miscalculation of credit hours to graduate from academic advisers.


The worst thing would have to be the emphasis on sports and the fraternities and sororities at this campus. If you like that then this is a perfect place for you.


Lack of teachers there to teach, instead of there to research or progress their own careers.


Meal plans for on campus living. Transfer Credits do not count towards GPA

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